WORLDS APART: Episode 21-30

?World’s Apart?

? unknown identity?

Episode 21

Mara’s Pov

I walked into the class wearing a hoodie on my face, I walked to my seat and sat down.

Mara am really sorry Anna said rushing towards me.

It’s not your fault dear, thanks for the job anyway the pay is good I said. Just then Danny, Jay and Mabel walked into the class, students were screaming, a girl in my front even fainted .

Look whom we have here, what happened to your face Mabel said mockingly.

Mara what happened to your face Danny asked starring at me while Jay just left.

I kept my head down I didn’t want to complicate things.

Mara don’t tell me you are the girl in the coffee shop Jay poured hot tea on. He asked visibly annoyed.

No something burnt my face I lied, I didn’t know when he pulled off the hoodie.

Fk Jay did this to you? He asked angrily.

And what’s wrong with that, she deserves it anyway Mabel said smiling with her friends.

You shut the fk up Danny yelled angrily at her and I could see the shock on everyone’s face.

Dan please don’t do anything silly I said holding his hands.

He looked angrily at Jay, the n!gga behaved as if we didn’t exist, come with me he said and dragged me out of the class till we got to his office, a wow escaped my mouth, it looks more like a room.

You can make yourself comfortable he said pionting at the couch.

I sat on it and rested my head backwards, wow this is the second time am sitting on this apart from Jay’s house.

Mara I wanna go get you drugs and a cream to clear your face so stay here and rest he said and walked out.

I rested my head on the couch and before I knew I slept off.

Danny’s Pov

Where did you take her to? Jay said storming out of the class.

How is that your fking business I yelled back at him.

Dan you don’t want us fighting right he said starring at me.

Do I look like I care, for goodness sake you made me love her, now you hate her just because she pecked my cheeks, it’s not as if you guys are dating I yelled angrily at him.

Stay away from her, am warning you, he said.

And if I don’t? I asked.

She’s all yours I don’t even care anymore, I don’t date church rat he said and left.

Yeah that’s your business I can see you are already senseless, I wish you could go for sense surgery I said annoyed.

Danny stay away from that girl am warning you he said and walked off.

I scoffed, that’s impossible.

Jay’s Pov

I turn back and watch him leave.

He’s trying to say am the bad dude here, how dare him, Mabel is his girlfriend and not Mara.

You all might be wondering why am treating Mara this way, I wanted to kss her that morning and she declined and instead she went to kss Danny

The fact that she stole my heart is giving me goose pimples.

The jealousy in me is making me treat her like that, I really don’t want to see her with another guy.

Mabel’s Pov

I walked behind Dan as he walked inside his office.

Dan where are you coming from I asked.

And how is that your fking business, since when did you become my monitoring spirt he said pissed off.

Sorry Dan I just wanted to tell you something I said biting lips sed.uctively.

Just say it he said quitely.

I want sx I said as I bit my button lips.

Come on Bea we had sx last night he said camly.

But that’s last night, am h0.rny and I need you now I said annoyed.

Babe calm down, I need to take care of someone, now please don’t get mad at me he said pleasingly but I wasn’t having any of it.

Is it because of her I asked.

No please don’t take it that way he said.

Babe it’s over between us I yelled at him and ran away ignoring his calls.

Derrick’s Pov

I sat puffing out smoke from the c!grate.

Have you gotten the report I asked my private investigator.

Yes sir and she’s still alive and she’s here in New York he said.

Thanks I said as I cut the call, sh!t I screamed and pushed off the drinks on the table.

How did it happen, I thought she died.

What’s wrong dad my son said coming in.

Son, she’s alive I said through gritted teeth.

Then calm down dad I got a lead on that he said.

What do you mean? I asked confused.

Don’t worry dad, I play my card well and the company would be all mine.

Rosa am gonna break your home for making me go through pains I said.

Liam’s Pov

I walked inside the house to Mabel’s room, I could hear sniffing and crying and I knock on the door.

You guys should leave me alone I don’t want to talk to anybody she yelled from inside.

Mabel open up its Liam I said camly and the door flung open immediately.

Liam she called and hugged me tightly.

Babe what’s wrong I said carrying her in.

I broke up with Danny she said sniffing.

But I thought you guys were doing great and his birthday is two weeks time I said.

Yeah he chooses to take care of Mara because Jay poured hot coffee on her.

What! Why he did do that? I asked shocked.

I should be the one he’s caring for and not her, how dare he. She yelled and tears poured out from her eyes and I hugged her.

Mabel calm down i said petting her.

Liam i hate her, she took everything away from me, she took Jay, she took Dan, even my Dad wished she was his daughter and not me and she’s trying to take you away from me I would make her pay she screamed as tears poured down her eyes suddenly her parents ran in.

What’s wrong darling her mom asked.

Get out the both of you, I fking hate you she screamed and started throwing things away but I held her back.

Liam take me away from here she said crying.

I held her hands and walked her out of the house amidst her parents’ stares.

James’ Pov

I watched them walk away she was clinging tightly to him, I know my wife still in shock that she chose his bodyguard over us, well am not surprised I have been seeing them together lately.

James you are letting her go I heard my wife say but I ignored her and walked into my room.


Red did you find anything I asked anxious.

No boss he replied.

ok you keep and eye on that girl I need to know everything about her and anything she’s doing I said and cut the call.

The truth must come out one day nothing is hidden forever and if I find out my wife has a hand in it am not gonna forgive her.

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