WORLDS APART : Episode 71 – The End

?World’s Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Episode 74

Semi final

A year later

Mara’s Pov

I sat in my room, going through a novel I picked from the library, the title was “Married to the dev!l’s son” and am gonna get the second one “the ritual to the bea$t” how much I love such stories.

I had graduated from highschool and all of us decided to attend same college.

I remerber what happened a year ago, thank God that b@stard was gone, our lives had been peaceful since then.

What’s up sis, Mabel said entering my room.

Where are you coming from I asked?

I told you I was gonna visit Dan she said smiling.

You had sx with him I scolded.

Come on its not bad, and you also do have sx with Jay she said.

Talking of Jay, he travelled after highschool for a business transaction. I don’t even know why, it was hard convincing him to go to college. And as for Anna, she got pregn@nt and Charles had to get married to her. They both got married two months ago, newest couple in town.

Are you listening to me, Mabel said breaking me out of my thought.

Am sorry I said.

Oh you miss Jay she asked with a smirk on her face.

And why do you have that look I asked.

It’s nothing I guess you miss him so much I can’t even imagine been without Dan for a week she said.

You are impossible I said smiling.

Am not she said.

Your face looks like a cockroach I said teasing her.

Am gonna tell bro Liam she said standing up, and suddenly he entered. Speaking of Liam, he had survived the accident. Surgery was carried out on him, they removed the bullet successfully. Though we almost lost him and I really appreciate he didn’t die because mom was the happiest person on Earth.

Dad was so excited when he found out he was still alive. He had taken him as his first child.

Liam was convinced to live with us because he couldn’t live alone because of his health.

It was hard convincing him because he was adamant on staying alone claiming he could take care of himself. Mabel started crying that was when he agreed.

As for mom and dad they are always on trip leaving us all alone and I love it that way.

What are you gonna tell me he asked coming in.

Mara called me a cockroach Mabel said behaving like a bab. I already prepared my mind because he was gonna scold me.

Mara why did you call her a cockroach he asked.

I wasn’t serious I was just joking with her I defended.

I don’t care all I know is that you are being rude to her please don’t ever call her names again Liam said making her smile.

Whatever I scoffed in annoyance.

Bye sis Mabel said smiling.

Don’t ever enter my room again I said.

Oh least I forget goodnight bro she said and stared kssing him all over his face making him blush.

I love you Mabel said going out finally.

Can you leave now I asked.

Mara sorry I had to scold you he said.

Oh that’s what you always say, sorry because she’s your favorite and you are always taking sides with her, even though she’s wrong I said.

Come on Mara you know Mabel is a cry cry baby he said demonstrating. I smile. Mabel had changed drastically, she cries at every given time, she’s always going out with Liam.

You are so funny I said laughing.

Thanks baby now you have a visitor he said.

A visitor I asked because Ara had gone to the Philippines with her parents and coming back next week because of school.

What are you thinking Liam asked breaking me out of my thought.

Nothing I said smiling.

Now you have a visitor, get your big a$$ down here he said and I smile. Liam is a real w0manizer he changes girls like clothes. But he had this particular girl he treasure he said she’s his best friend but they do have sx no feelings attached. I loved the girl, she was pretty.

I walked out only to see Jay leaning on his car and pressing his phone, he changed his hair colour, so fking cute. I didn’t know when I screamed and ran to hug him.

My bby grew so big he said pressing my a$$.

I missed you I said crying.

I missed you more he said and kssed me.

Have fun Liam said and walked in. I was surprised because he let me go, he never likes seeing us with guys.

Come get in Jay said and I entered. He drove straight to his new mansion, on getting there he parked the car outside.

He carried me immediately and started kssing me r0ughly not even giving me any space to kss him back.

I didn’t know we were in his room until my back touched the b.ed.

He pulled 0ff his cl0thes hurriedly and I found myself pulling mine.

He came to me kssing me,he pulled 0ff my p@nt and raised my l.egs to his sh0ulders and he thru$t in without warning.

Jay! I cried out in ple@sure.

BBY am sorry he said and bent to kss my l!ps.

He continued thru$ting in and out that I felt my building quickly. I so much love this guy.

Jay! am gonna I cried out. for me bby he whispered into my ears and I let out everything immediately .

We fell off panting heavily.

How was it he asked as he put on his clothes.

You are always good I said smiling.

I love you so much, you don’t Know how much I love you I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side please marry he said kneeling beside the bed bringing out a ring.

Yes I will marry you I screamed happily and he wore me the ring and kssed me.

I love you he said.

I love you too I said.

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