WORLDS APART : Episode 71 – The End

?World’s Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Episode 72

Rosa’s Pov

I sat at the living room waiting for the police, Dan and Jay were here with me.

Derrick had called demanding for a ransom for my daughters.

He said James and I should handover all our companies to him in exchange for Mabel and Mara.

Ma, are you ready the head of police asked as they entered.

Yes I said and nodded, though I was scared because Derrick told me not to bring the police because he’s watching my every move.

Rosa are you sure you wanna do this James asked.

Of course I want to, I had to give him the documents and that would be fake and before he realizes the police would catch him.

Please be careful Jay said.

You guys shouldn’t worry about me and let me go and get the fake documents I said.
I got into my room only to see Derrick sitting on my bed.

You! I called shocked.

Don’t shout, your room is soundproof he said smiling and that was when I knew I locked the door.

How did you get in here I yelled at him.

Well am letting you go for peace to reign said and stood up.

My daughters I said and was about going after him when an hanky was place on my nose and I passed out.

Jay’s Pov

Don’t you think she’s taking too long I asked.

Yeah I think so let’s go check on her Dan said.

I climbed up the stairs to her room only to meet an empty space.

Ma’m I called, but no response.

I walked towards the table and that was when I saw a note paper…

Your wife and beautiful daughters are with me, they are gonna satisfy my sxual urge it read.

This b@$tard! I yelled angrily making everyone run in.

What’s going on Mr James asked.

He got here he already kidnapped her I said rushing out.

Where are you going Dan yelled behind me.

Am going after them I said and entered my car and Dan followed.

Liam’s Pov

Dad so what are you gonna do with them now I asked.

Am gonna kill them he said.

What dad! You already have her, there’s no way you are killing Mara and Mabel I said.

Am not your father dude, that woman killed your parents. Now you are gonna make her pay he said. I wiped the tears in my eyes. Well dad had adopted me after Rosa had killed my parents because of greed am gonna make her pay.

Mara’s Pov

Mara help! I heard someone yell but I was deeply asleep.

Mara! I heard someone call and my eyes snapped open and that was when I saw an elderly man trying to take Mabel away. He was with two huge men.

What are you doing? I yelled as I ran to meet him and flung his hands away.

You got some nerves huh he said and sl@pped me. I bet his hands showed on my face.

Mara, he wants to take me away Mabel said crying and holding me tightly.

I see, your pr0$titute of a mother didn’t tell you who I am, am supposed to be your dad but that btch chose him over me.

You can never be my father I yelled at him.

Tie her up he said to the guards and they picked me up immediately.

They spread my l.egs and hands on the b.ed and handcuffed me.

Am so gonna fk you while you scre@m. He said.

Please stop you are old enough to be my father. I said crying.

Well am not he said and came to meet me on the b.ed and pulled 0ff my g0wn leaving me with my p@nties.

Am begging you please let her go Mabel said crying.

I cried but instead he t0re 0ff my p@nt, this man had no feelings, he d!pped a fnger inside me and started fngering me.

Please stop I cried in p@ins but instead he tried kssing me and the door burst open and Liam entered.

Dad what the fk are you doing he said and he pulled him away.

Let me be son, I wanna enjoy her t!ght pv$$y he said smiling.

Dad you are going insane now lose her up he yelled at the guards and they did.

I quickly wore my g0wn since the p@nt I was we.aring was already t0rn. I was so ashamed of myself.

Mara are you okay Mabel said as she hugged me.

Am fine I said sniffing my tears.

Travis I told you not to let your emotions in the way his dad yelled at him.

You are not even my dad you just took care of me. Their mom was the one that committed the crime, don’t drag them into this he yelled at him angrily. ust then the door burst open and mom was pushed in.

Mom! Mabel and I yelled at once and ran to hug her..

Boss the police are already on their way here we need to leave one of the huge guys who brought mom in said.

You b@stards how did it happen he screamed at them angrily.

Derrick please let my daughters out of this mess mom said crying while we held her tightly.

So I should let you go after you killed my parents Liam yelled at her angrily.

What I never killed anyone mom said crying.

What do you mean by that you killed his parents the man said.

Liam I trusted you as Mabel’s bodyguard how could you do this to us mom said crying.

You are asking me that sht Liam yelled and brought out his gun and pointed it at us.

Wait Derrick tell me what am thinking isn’t true, just tell me he isn’t my son mom said crying.

And what if I say he is. He said smiling dev!lishly.

How could you? Mom yelled and rushed holding him tightly by his neck while he just smiled.

Liam, Mabel and I looked so confused.

How could you do this to me, you kept my son away from me for good 23 years and you said he died mom said crying.

Who is your son Liam asked and turned to face her.

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