WORLDS APART : Episode 71 – The End


Four years later.

Mummy mummy wake up I heard my four year old son said.

Do you always have to disturb me I asked.

Kendra is crying and dad already left Kris said and I sprang up immediately.

Kendra is my second child she’s two, Jay can’t keep his hands off me so we are bound to make more babies.

Why are you crying I asked my little girl.

Chris told me am fat she said.

Chris is the son of Mabel. Mabel already had three children, the second were twin babies; Daniel and Daniella. Ara had a girl Christabell and Anna also had two; Kathrine and Chris, Liam only had Irene he said he doesn’t want much babies but his wife was pregn@nt.

Come on baby you are pretty I said cleaning her tears.

I told her but she wouldn’t listen Kris said.

Aunt they are waiting downstairs Christen said coming in.

Who I asked.

I don’t know she said smiling.

I walked down the stairs only to meet a big party.

Happy birthday everyone screamed at once, oh I forgot today was my birthday, Mabel and I.

Guys you are unpredictable I said smiling as I hugged Mab.

Happy birthday girl Ara and Anna said and hugged me.

Thanks girls I said smiling.

Evening time.

We sat at the beach everyone of us, the kids were with our parents.

I smiled as I recalled the childhood memories, memories that can never be forgotten.

I never thought of having a family, but here I am now in the midst of those I love, having a caring sister, a loving husband and best friends in the world that are best thing that has ever happened to me. I remember my fight with Jay at highschool, we were worst though we broke up twice in college but love prevail, I love him and he loves me.

What are you thinking Jay asked as he wrapped his hands around me.

I turned and looked at him, he looks so manly now, you are so cute and I would never stop loving you I said.

I love you too he said as he carried me to our secret tent he built somewhere safe.

Have fun and make more babies Danny screamed behind us and I smiled he never changed, still my forever best friend.


Brought to you by Authoress Yole ??

Love you all???


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