WORLDS APART : Episode 71 – The End

?World’s Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Written By Authoress Yole

Episode 71

Liam I called shocked.

Oh my God Liam Mabel yelled and ran to hug him why I just look at him angrily.

Liam how would you leave me stranded,I thought you said you where my big bro she said crying.

Am not your big bro he said angrily.

So you just pretended to be someone else and I can’t believe I missed you so much and I have grown to love you. I yelled at him.

Mara please don’t shout at him,as you can see he’s here to save us. Liam I want to eat pancakes, beef and susage. You know you promised to take me out, but you left but I missed you so much Mabel said and tried to hug him, but he shifted back.

Mabel get back here I said angrily. I was still finding it hard to believe.

What’s wrong and Liam why are you behaving strange? Mabel asked.

Mabel stay the fk away from me.

You won’t hurt me, take me out of this place am hungry Mab said.

Mabel am not the Liam you know and I never loved you,it was just an act he said.

What the fk are you saying you bl00dy b@stard Mabel yelled at him crying,before I knew it he pinned her on her neck chocking her breath while she was struggling to breath,that was when I saw the be@st in him,I quickly picked a stick I saw and used it to hit him hard on his head and he released her making her cough.

You b@stard he said and sl@pped and I fell to the ground.

Why are you doing this,how much did they pay for to do it,I would pay you thrice the money,just let us go Mabel said crying.

You shut that disgusting mouth of yours,no one paid me to do this,am having back my revenge,why don’t you ask that useless mother of yours to tell you what the fk she did to my parents he yelled at us and tried grabbing Mabel’s hair but I quickly pushed his hands away. Don’t hurt her if you want to harm anyone it should be me I said and Mabel hugged me crying.

Oh I see you both have grown so close, you now even protect her mara,I always had a hint that the both of you are twin sisters, but Mara I never had you in mind, I like you naturally but since you are from the James family I hate you he said.

And I hate you more, I hate you with passion and I would never forgive you for this.

You got some nerves right I bet you both aren’t leaving here alive he said and walked out.

Are you okay I asked as I turned to face Mabel her grip on me was very tight, her breathing was heaving, what the fk she’s having a panic attack.

Mabel breath it’s me I said holding her but nothing happened.

Mabel breath don’t die on me I yelled and just then Liam entered.

What’s wrong with her he asked as he rushed to us.

Mab breath it’s me, am not hurting you he said and she started inhaling breath immidiately she started breathing normal and tears fell from her eyes.

Mara am scared she said and held me tightly.

It’s okay I said patting her softly and what are you doing here I yelled at Liam.

Whatever he said and walked out.

Mara are you sure we are leaving here alive? Mabel said crying.

Mabel stop crying, you almost had an heart attack I said.

Am sorry she said, just then Liam brought in food.

Eat and get ready to die,you both aren’t leaving here alive he said and walked out.

Mara am hungry Mabel said.

Go on and eat I said and moved the food closer to her.

Are you not gonna eat she asked.

Nope you eat first I said and nodded.

I watched as she ate, when she was done,I ate the rest and she rested her head on my lap and slept off.

Jay’s Pov

I stood in anticipation waiting for the police, to be sincere am loosing my patience already.

Any news Dan said coming in.

No am waiting for the head of police,am loosing my patience I said.

Why don’t we find them ourselves,am done waiting for the police Dan said.

Then how are you gonna track them I said.

I put a tracker on Mabel’s hair, it’s been there for years now,Dan said and I remember four years ago, Dan and Mabel had a serious clash and Mabel left home for a long time and we had to search her for five months before we found her.

What are you thinking Dan said.

Nothing I starmered.

Now let’s get to work he said.

We were about entering the room when the police entered.

Any news I asked.

Yes sir our tracker had tracked the person and it was seen that they are outside the town. He said.

Good, now let’s go I said.

No sir we can’t go now it’s already late he said.

What the fk are you trying to say or tell me, my girlfriend had been missing for the past one day and you tell me to calm down, now we have finally known their location and you want us to wait I yelled at him angrily.

Sir it’s not like that.

Just shut up I said angrily.

Just calm down and let’s listen to him Dan said.

I can’t and am leaving now I said.

You can’t go we have to plan out everything, you can just rush in there, that’s you aren’t coming alive.

I don’t care I said angrily.

You are already mad Dan said.

Am more than mad I said.

Sir please listen to us the police said.

Ok fine tommorow I said and entered my room.

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