WORLDS APART : Episode 71 – The End

?World’s Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Episode 75


Next morning

Mabel and I were in the same car, Liam was driving us to college, Dan and Jay already left.

Yesterday was the most happiest day of my life, Jay proposed to me and Dan also proposed to Mabel, it seems as if they planned it.

Oh my God Mara, I can’t wait to get married Mabel said squealing like a baby.

You girls aren’t getting married now Liam said.

Why? I asked?

You are both still too young, marriage is not something you rush into, it’s a life time commitment he said.

I Know I grumbled.

He pulled at the driveway in school, wow college is more bigger than I thought.

You girls go check up on your house while I make sure of your admission Liam said and walked away.

Mabel and I squeal in excitement as we rushed to our house, it’s not the first time coming here though.

We rushed in only to meet Jay laying on the couch.

Jay I squeal in excitement and jumped on him.

Hi baby he said smiling as he dropped his phone showing his perfect set of teeth.

You look cute I said and kssed him and he kssed me back hungrily.

You guys can fk yourselves am out Mabel said and walked out. I continued the kss, it became so intense, he turned me around and pulled off my sh!rt. I was left with my br@ that was when the door opened and Liam walked in.

I broke away hurriedly and wore my shirt.

Jay groaned in frustration as he stood up.

Is this what I asked you to do he asked camly.

Am sorry I got lost I said.

And as for you he said and turned to face Jay, the fact that you proposed to her dosen’t mean you should always have sx with her he said.

Am sorry Jay said and raised up his hands.

Am done here Mara, you girls take care have fun and always remember to use protection am not ready to be an uncle yet he said and walked away.

I smiled, Liam is unpredictable, now shall we continue I asked and Jay kssed me.

Five years later.

I smiled as I watched myself in the mirror, can’t really believe today’s my wedding.

I had graduated from college last year am now a professional lawyer, Mabel an accountant, Ara a doctor, Anna always gave birth and also graduated with us.

Alivira was now a model same with Mabel and I, not until we got pregn@nt six months ago.

Liam got married last year to his best friend and she already had a baby for him since they were teenagers and he kept it from us. Mom and dad were so mad but it didn’t pass a week. The child is a girl and her name is Irene, she’s already 12.

Aunt Mara you look so beautiful Irene said entering, she was so pretty in the white gown she wore.

Irene shut up didn’t you see me Mabel asked.

Of course I did and you look angelic she said and Mabel smiled.

Girls it’s time Anna and Ara said coming in.

I smiled as dad held my hand and Mabel hands and walked us to the altar.

The scene was so cute just the way I dreamt my wedding to be.

Moment later.

Do you Mara andabel take Jay and Dan to be your husbands.

We do we said.

Now with the power vested on me I prounce you husband and wife you may now kss your bride he said and Jay smiled and kssed me, sane with Dan and Mabel.

Three months later.

Push!!! The nurse screamed.

I can’t! I cried as the pains were unbearable.

Baby just do this for me okay Jay said holding my hands.

You put me in this mess I said hitting him.

Now push the head is already out the nurse said.

Sweat formed in my forehead and I used all my energy to push and the next thing I heard was a cry of a baby.

Congratulations you gave birth to a baby boy the nurse said and I smiled weakly. I also heard another cry that was when I knew Mabel had given birth since we were in the same hospital. Congratulations to us.

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