WORLDS APART : Episode 71 – The End

?World’s Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Episode 73

Rosa’s Pov

How could you do this to me,how could you keep my son away from me for good 23 years telling me he died I said crying as I held Derrick shirt.

Who is your son Liam asked??

I turned to face him,how could I have been so stupid and blind not to notice,I released Derrick’s shirt and walked towards him, am your mom I said and hugged him.

Travis don’t let that woman get into your head,she killed your parents Derrick said and immediately, he pushed me to the ground. Mara and Mabel rushed to my side.

Mom what’s going on, how is he your son? Mara asked.

Dad tell me she’s lying. Liam said.

I would never lie to you, you are my child my first seed. I had you when I was 16, I was madly in love with your dad. I didn’t know how it happened but I got pregn@nt.

I couldn’t tell my parents about it because they would be so mad at me. I had to leave with Derrick, though I was rich because my parents were so rich. Since I was the only child, I had a lot of money.

We both moved to another town and started our lives. I was making sure we lack nothing.

After I had given birth to you, I ran out of money because my parents block my account when they found out I was with a guy.

When I became broke, your dad would drink himself to stupor and would beat me at any slightest mistake. He would send me out at night but even though he did all that, I still loved him. It was one of those nights I was out that I met James.

He was on a trip with his friends and had came out to buy something and met me and helped me.

The relationship between the both of us grew so strong,he took me to the hospital for regular check up,he bought me everything I needed,he refused going back with his friends just to take care of me,.

After I had you that was when Derrick discovered I had a close friend he beat me up almost till death,I almost lost my life giving birth to you at that young age,but he never cared.

On this particular day,you were already two years old then. I had to complete highschool and James was living in the same town. It was hard convincing his parents to be helping me. He did all these because of me.

I came back from school and after taking you from your school, I discovered your food has finished. Derrick was in, so I left you in his care, he politely agree. I was surprised and scared but I knew a father would never harm his child.

I came back only to discover our house was on fire, I almost ran mad but when I saw him standing out I felt relived but not seeing you I became scared,

Everyone was giving me pitiful stares. I asked of you and he bluntly told me you burnt with the house.

I was so devasted, I almost ran mad,then I was 18, and in a secret relationship with James. I call him to come pick me up, he was so mad and he told me that no matter how long it took I would pay so that’s it. I said crying.

So mom you mean Liam is our big brother? Mabel said and I nodded.

Dad tell me she’s lying Liam yelled at him.

Do you want to believe this criminal Derrick asked.

Liam’s Pov

My heart was on fire, my eyes were bl00d red and I was burning in rage. I don’t want to believe it’s true .

Don’t mess with my head I yelled at him angrily.

Have I lied to you dad asked.

I don’t know anymore, now tell me the truth, tell me you are not my father I said.

I am, I trained you, I took good care of you he said smiling.

You b@stard I yelled and shot him on his leg.

Liam what are you doing he screamed in pain.

You used me for your own selfish reason, you kept me away from my mom, you decived me you made me hurt my sister you deserve to die. I said crying.

It’s okay son, Mom said and hugged me tightly to herself. I huggeg her back and I cried in her shoulders. The woman he told me was my enemy is my mom and he’s my dad. He trained me brutally.

Mom I called as we pulled apart from her.

I can’t believe you are still alive she said cleaning my tears.

I love you I said and hugged her. Mara and Mabel joined.

You guys are having a happy ending without me dad said and we broke apart.

Freeze! it’s the police, drop your weapons and come out and that was when I knew we had been caught.

Let’s get going I said leading them out.

And where do you think you are going to dad said, and as I turned he was pointing a gun at us.

Dad stop this madness and surrender already I said.

Shut up he yelled at me and before I knew it, he shot the gun at mom and I quickly entered.

Liam mom yelled as she held me.

Mom you know I love you, I never wanted this to happen, am sorry please forgive me I said coughing out bl00d.

Baby please don’t die, we just met, mom said crying..

Am sorry I said and darkness over shawdowed me.

Mara’s Pov

Liam I yelled as I rushed to hold him from mom. His body was already cold.

Liam please don’t die I beg you with the name of God. Mabel said crying.

My son, his dad said crying and rushed to where he was.

Please wake up! He said crying.

You m0nster, I said and without thinking twice, I dragged the gun away from him and shot him. I shot him in his head until his bra!n fell out.

Mara that’s enough I heard someone said and pulled me into his arms and I knew instantly who it was. Jay! I said and hugged him tightly.

What did he do to you? Did he hurt you? He asked.

No please, help Liam. He’s dying I said crying. But as I turned I saw ambulance already taking him out.

Mara thank goodness you are safe Dan said as he pulled me away from Mabel and hugged me.

Dan I missed you so much. I said crying.

Am sorry we had to take long before we came, your boyfriend is a j.erk. He said smiling.

Come on let’s go Mara. Jay said and I walked out with him. Dad was outside, he hugged me while the corpse of the b@stard was taken away.

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