A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 21 – The End

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 21 – The End



Story by : Okegbemi Ebenezer.
As I opened it, I saw this figure standing in front of me.

“What!!!, you…what are you looking for here…. You!!” I almost collapsed but my friend who was confused held me…

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I didn’t know that I had to do all that early morning rushing because of someone like him.

“Who described this place for you” I questioned as I regained my composure.

“Ehmm, ehmm, Alisa, ehmm” He said standing at the door post.

“What is ehmm, ehmm, Mr. man, she dey ask you who describe this place for una but you dey ehm ehm, abeg leave if you no get better thing to do this morning” My Friend shouted at him.

“I know but please hear me out first” He said rubbing his two palms together as a sign of pleading and bending his legs a bit.

“You, ahrgh, I don’t just want to see you in my life” I shouted at him and almost bang the door on his face but my friend Bisi held it a bit.

I knew she was curious to find out what might have happened that made me so bitter. I was holding my forehead as I was feeling a slight headache. I helped myself with the chair that was beside me.

“Please, I am not ready to hear anything that you have to say, just leave this place or else I will scream that you are trying to harass us” I said to him while Bisi supported me and we made a move to send him out.

“But Alisa, it will be good if you can hear me out, please” He begged kneeling down on his two knees.

With his move, Bisi felt a little compassion on him and asked me to allow him to speak up since he might be having something important.

“You mean Banji would have something good to say after all he did to me” I Shouted which was shocking to Bisi.

She looked at me, then at Banji who was bowing his head.

“Okay, since I am the only one that is in darkness now, I think you guys should start vomiting whatever you have swallowed, no more shouting and begging. Mr. Banji, can you please get up and speak” Bisi said to both of us as she sat on the bed and rested her chins on her palm.

“Ehmm(Coughs), My name is Banji, I was a lesson tutor to Alisa some years back now but something got mixed up along the line which was as a result of my foolishness and lust” He began.

“Okay, I now understand, so what is the thing that happened or is that all” Bisi quizzed him further as she adjusted to listen to the story.

“In order to satisfy my lust, I made use of her and took away her innocence which later resulted into pregnancy…hmmm” He paused and shook his head.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 21 – The End

I was weeping where I was seating, my eyes were swollen, it was as if I should pin him down and kill him straight away.

“It was the work of the devil” He added as he looked up a bit.

“Sir, Mr. Banji, so it was the devil that made you to have carnal knowledge of a minor, why are you always shifting the blame on the devil. Was he the one that told you not to silence your lustful thoughts when you were planning it in your brain?” Bisi asked him with hatred in her voice.

“You are right but I was also ignorant then” Banji said to her.

“Ignorant you say, a whole Sunday school teacher. Her parent trusted you but you killed the trust, they gave you a minor that you can also call your sister to tutor but instead of giving knowledge, you were busy looking for what is not lost underneath her. Bro, abi Sir, you are a shameless person” Bisi said to him as she was staring at him.

“Am sorry, please forgive me,” Banji began to weep like a baby.

“See what you are saying in your mouth, don’t you know your acts caused me to lose my womb and my family” I burst out crying.

“What!!!” Banji and Bisi shouted together.

“Alisa, you mean you lost your womb because of this wicked man” Bisi screamed.
“What!!, you mean you lost your womb and my boss is dead” Banji screamed louder and hit his head on the floor, it was oozing out blood but who cares.

“You mean, madame and your siblings are dead, ahhh, I am finished, can I ever made it again” He shouted rolling on the floor, the suit he wore was roughened, he was rolling like a baby.

“Yes, I have no one to call my own, things were tight. Since the outcome of the result that I had damaged my womb because of what you gave me to drink then, my parent no longer trusted me and this made me to seek solace outside where I became possessed with the spirit of snake and as a result of that, I was used to kill my own family, I destroyed them but all was because of you, you made me a loser, Banji, you promised me heaven and earth just to have your way with me.” I ranted with tears in my eyes and voice cracking.

“I trusted you more than anyone because you were the only one I could tell anything that was happening to me, you know when I was having feminine issues, I tell all kinds of stuff I should have kept as secret because I saw you as a big brother who I could trust but you betrayed me” I cried the more as I was talking. He was also weeping like a baby with mucus on his nose and the blood dripping from his head.

The white T. shirt he wore inside the coat was already drenched by his blood. Bisi was already weeping also, she could not believe I hid something like that from her for so long.

“You gave me a poison telling me it will cure my sickness when I got pregnant despite the fact that you promised that you will take responsibility and after that you fled when you were being searched for” I added.
“Am sorry, I was not myself then, am sorry, I have realise my mistake. Please forgive me” He prostrated on the floor as he held my leg and was begging seriously.

“You want my forgiveness now, after you have destroyed my life, is that how it is done” I asked him.

“Please, I beg in the name of God, have mercy” He pleaded and that annoyed me more.

“You are begging me now with God’s name right. You said the same thing when you wanted to sleep with me. you said the same thing when you gave me that drink now you are repeating it. Please stand up and leave” I shouted at him.

Bisi noticed that with the way blood was coming out of his head, he might begin to lose consciousness, she then tried to make clean his head up first but Banji had began to lose consciousness because he had a deep cut on the head.

“You need to take care of your head first, Mister” Bisi said to him while she tried to take spirit and cotton wool to stop the blood and in a short time it was stopped.

Still Banji was pleading and weeping like a baby.

“Alisa, I know I have offended you a lot and no amount of begging can erase the pain I had caused but please forgive me” He pleaded holding my legs and prostrating on the floor.

“Alisa, it is true I had made a mistake but I have paid some price” Banji said still prostrating.
“It is true I fled but life was not all I had imagined…please listen to my own story..

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 21 – The End

To be continued…..

Do you think Banji made the right move making the decision?
If you are to be Alisa, will you forgive Banji for all he did to you”.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 21 – The End

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