A NIGHT’S MISTAKE: Episode 11-The End


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{They are connected….two hearts with a great bond ??}


I swung around, amazed. “I didn’t do it! He was tryna….”

“Shut up and put your hands up! Don’t waste our time boy!” One of the four police men said, pointing a pistol at me.

I still could not believe the situation I’m into as I threw my hands up.

They came in and seized me,then handcuffed me.

I was pulled out of the room while Daniel was rushed out into a waiting van.

“I didn’t do it!” I yelled as they pushed me into another van then entered with me.

As soon as the doors were all closed,they drove off with high speed.

On the way to the station,my mind was on Alex. Surprisingly I wasn’t angry with her rather…I wished her safety wherever she ran to.

But no thing still baffled me. Why was her heart crying out to me?


I woke up with a cough and glared around. It was very dark and I couldn’t see a thing.

I moved my hand forward searching in the darkness for anything to touch. I found a door and pulled then stepped out.

I was still in Daniel’s house a d everywhere seemed to be so empty.

What happened previously in the evening came rushing back.

I gasped and ran upstairs to Daniel’s room but it was empty too.

I ran downstairs again and outside the house.

Security men were all over the place. No one knew I was there in the house and they took Ryan away as the culprit.

I was at loss of what to do. Feeling guilty,I slowly stepped out until the porch then took the backyard.

I was very good at climbing. I climbed the lowest fence and jumped out before any of the securities would see me.

Once I landed,I took to my heels and ran all the way home.


“Alex! Oh my goodness! Where have you been!” I gasped as she came into the house looking breathless.

Alex fell into a couch, catching her breath. “I’m…sorry mom..”

“Where are you coming from,Alex!” I yelled.

Alex sat up. ” I’m sorry! I…I…slept off.” She stammered.

I could tell she was hiding something from me. “No,you didn’t. Tell me what happened.” I insisted. It was almost twelve for crying out loud.

I was surprised when Alex stood up and rushed off to the direction of her room with a goodnight.

I was shocked at her strange attitude as I watched her run.

What’s wrong with her? “Alex? Are you okay?” I called but got no response.

So I walked towards her room to see her instead. Something is definitely wrong with her.


Angrily I paced around the lobby with my phone placed on my ear.

After a few minutes,I cut the call and turned furiously to look at Anna.

“I just finished speaking with inspector Dale.
That little thief must be dealt with. I can’t believe someone would break inside the house and attack my own son!” I said angrily.

Anna stood up pacing too. She had tears in her eyes.

Daniel was all I had too….he was an heir to me..the only boy I’ve got to manage my wealth and property when I’m retired.

The doctor came into the lobby and Anna and I rushed to meet him.

“Doctor… please tell me my son is fine.” Anna said in a hurry.

The doctor smiled. ” He’s fine Mrs Brooke. He’s perfectly fine.” The doctor replied.

” Are you sure about that?” I asked, glaring at the doctor.

“Let’s see in my office.” The doctor said and left. Anna and I followed him.

Inside the doctor’s office we sat and waited impatiently for him to open up.

“Mr Brooke…your son is perfectly fine…no damages but ….he’s been affected in the brain with excessive smoking of cannabis and the sort.

He’s still a child of about seventeen, I guess?” The doctor asked.

Anna started sobbing while I buried my head in my palms.

“You… Had no idea?” The doctor questioned.

I was suddenly ashamed. “I had idea but I’ve tried all I could coupled with the fact that I get really busy.” I said softly.

For the very first time,I could tell I’ve never been a father and a husband.

All I ever did was get pleasure outside home during work and in the process,I’ve made a mistake that kept haunting me over the years.

“What are we gonna do about it doc? Is my son gonna be okay again?” Anna asked.

” Yeah. We the help of a therapist..he will. All we need is to be there for him and calm him down when he’s high.

Everything is gonna he fine. Relax.” The doctor assured with a smile.


It was my first time staying inside a cell and most especially,being innocent.

I wondered how mom would feel if she found out where I was.8p

That was the main reason I refused calling anyone when the police men ?asked me to.

Mom would probably develop ban high fever and I don’t want that.

My mind travelled back to Alex. Even as I sat there on the cell’s bed,I could connect with her.

It had started to get me woirried. Why?

It was still very early the next morning when my cell gate was opened and a police man stepped in.

“You are needed at the hospital .” To try

I glanced and stood up then followed him out. We got outside the building and I was led to a waiting car.

I got in with two other police men before they finally drove into the road.

Half an hour later,we got to the hospital. People stared at me as the police men took me in.

“Is he the b@stard that hurt me son?” I heard a man say with anger as soon as we entered a room. I guess it was the doctor’s office.

“It wasn’t me. I can prove my innocence… someone else did…a ..a …” Suddenly I couldn’t mention her name.

“Who are you? And where the h*ell did you come from?

Why did you attack my son? What were you doing in his room!’ the man raved.

I was suddenly tongue tied. I couldn’t say anything. I just stared downwards.

“He has only one way to prove himself. Daniel is up I s’pose?” The head police asked.

” Yes he is.” A woman I guess was Daniel’s mother replied.

Together,we all went into the ward where Daniel’s room was.

We got in and there was Daniel sitting up in a bed. His head was bandaged all around.

He stared at me as I came in. His eyes seemed to spark up as soon as he set them on me.

“Danny,look at him. Was he the one who attacked you yesterday?” The woman asked.

I glared at Daniel and suddenly I knew he wouldn’t say the truth.

He nodded. “Yes,he is. It’s him. He attacked me with the bottle.” Daniel replied.

” No!, You can’t do this to me!” I said angrily.

The police men held me tightly from making any move.

I was bewildered. How could he hide the truth of what he did!

“He’s going to court, officer! I’m gonna sue this bastard for attempting murder on my son!’Daniel’s father barked.

No… this isn’t happening to me! Then I began thinking about Alex, Wondering if she could help me the same way I helped her.


I suddenly stood up from bed….. breathing hard. I wasn’t dreaming and someone was calling out to me.

It was him…Ryan. The guilt I felt was a heavy load in my heart.

It was nine am and very hot outside as I glanced out of my window.

I was supposed to be in school but who talks about school after committing murder and blaming it on someone else?

The guilt became unbearable with my heart filled with cries for help.

I swung my legs down from bed and hastily began dressing up.

I have to save him. I have to be there and take the blames cos they are mine not his. I have to hurry up and help him.


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