THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 21-30


(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted)

Episode 21

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
I woke up the next morning, feeling light headed and all. I just felt so weak.

Probably, it’s because of the dream I had. I really needed to warn Owen.

I brushed my teeth, took my bath and got ready to leave.

“Cali” Nina called and came to me.
She was also done dressing up.

“Are you alright? I heard you scream in the night”.

I sighed despondently and took my bag before turning to look at her.

“I’ve just been having some cr@zy nightmares, Nina. about my brother. I dreamt he’s gonna die tonight if he attends a party. I need to warn him”. I replied and her brows arched in surprise.

“Huh??? That’s…..terrible. And I think its likely to take place if it isn’t prevented because it’s part of your banshee gift to foresee death” she replied and my worries increased.

“But, what do you do? We aren’t allowed to leave the institute” she stated my fears and I exhaled deeply.

“I think I know what to do. Come on” I said and she followed me out of the room.

We got out to the passage and started walking out and close to the exit, we bumped into Diane.


“Hey! Don’t tell me you were leaving without me” she said with beady eyes.

“Sorry. I just needed to do something fast” I replied tiredly.

“Huh? What’s that?”

She joined us and I told her all about the dream on rhe way.

Then, my intentions.

I actually wanted to go to the directors and ask them to contact my mum on phone so I can tell her of the dream.

“Woahh. Are you sure that’s gonna work?” Diane asked.

“Well, it has to because I need to warn Owen by every means possible”.

We walked for a long time before getting to the director’s building and thankfully, we were able to wheedle the grumpy securities into giving us pass.

We got to the reception, made use of the elevator and got to the fifth floor where we could address one of them.

“Are you sure about this?” Nina asked as we approached the office.

“Its my brother we’re talking about, girls. My only sibling. So, I have to do everything I can” I replied as we finally stood in front of the office and knocked on it.

The door was glassy and transparent and I could clearly see the inner view.

It was just a chubby man sitting in front of a big desk, working on his system.

“Come in” his voice echoed and slowly, I pushed the door and went In.

Diane and Nina had agreed to wait outside for me.

The man rose his glasses a little to look at me as I walked in.

“Young lady. Is there a problem?” He asked, sounding a little strict.

Although, his calm face belied his strict tone.

“Um….good…good morning,sir” I greeted a little anxiously.

He didn’t reply but just kept staring at me.

“I….actually have a request to make” I added.

“Okay..go ahead. What is it?” He asked and took his eyes and hands back to his system.

“Actually” I started.
“Its about my younger brother at home. I’ve been having some nightmares of him dying at a party. And the last one I had last night, I figured it was taking place tonight.

“So..please, I need to warn them about it. Its part of my banshee powers to sense death and if he goes for any party tonight, He’s likely to die. Please, help” I concluded pathetically and he stopped to look at me again.

“So, what exactly are you asking for?” He asked and I gulped hard.

“I….I know it’s against the rules to leave the institute. So, I wanted to plead with you to give me access to your phone so I can reach my mum, please” I said.

“It isn’t just against the rules to leave the building, its also against the rules to have contact or any means of communication with any member of your family, friend, whatever…as long as they’re outside the walls of the institute” he said and my heart skipped.

Oh my God!

No, no. Please.

“So, I’m sorry, you can’t leave” he added and returned to his system.

“But…” I got lost in words.
“Please, sir. Its really important. It’s my brother’s life we’re talking about here. He might die”.

“And I’ll be sincerely sorry for that. These rules weren’t just created for nothing. They have a reason and we must stand by them.

“We have a special day for family visiting. But till then, no communication and that’s final!

“If that’s all, you can leave now” he said coldly and I felt tears and anger build up in me.

I gritted my teeth and stormed out of the office in anger.

“Cali!” Diane and Nina called as I walked pass them.

They ran after me and caught up with me.

“Hey, Wat’s up? What the heck happened??” Diane asked and I stopped walking.

“Damn the institute! I never asked to be here. I just woke up one f**king morning, discovered I was a Diãmônd and they f**king abducted me. They took me away forcefully and now, I can’t even reach my family anymore. I’m supposed to just stay in here and watch my brother die???” I spoke with so much anger and they watched silently.

A tear came scrolling down and Diane pulled me in a hug.

“Hey, its okay. Come on” she hushed.

I sniffed and dried my face.

“Let’s go” I mumbled and we walked out together.

We took the elevator, walked pass the reception and finally got outside.

“So, what will you do now?” Nina asked as we ambled along, but I didn’t say a word.

She started discussing it with Diane and I just listened.

Suddenly, I saw something that gripped my attention.

A truck, packing up some things.

I stopped walking as I stared at it and Diane and Nina did same.

“What’s with that truck?” I asked.

“Oh! They usually come once in a while to take care of the trash” Diane replied and my eyes beamed.

That means they’d leaving the institute – going out with the trash.

“Don’t even go there – Cali” Diane said like she already knew what I was thinking.

I shook my head and looked at her.

“Seriously, Diane. I think this is the only opportunity I have” I said.

“Whaaaaat??? Are you thinking of leaving the building on your own???? Cali!!” She exclaimed

“Hey, I think its dangerous” Nina also said.
“If you get Caught, you’ll….”

“I don’t care, okay? Saving my brother’s life is far important than any of the f**king rules. So, I don’t care” I replied rather irascibly and handed my bag to Diane.

“Please, you should understand how important this is to me. I’ll just rush home, warn them and return as soon as possible. No one would notice” I said and she scoffed.

“What do you mean no one would notice? It’s almost impossible for a student to leave the institute without being caught. Cali, I’m scared for you”.

I looked at the truck and noticed the men were done. They’d closed it up and gotten into the front seat.

This was my chance.

“I have to. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine” I said hurriedly and ran away from them, going to the truck.

Thankfully, the area was quiet and I couldn’t find any student around.

I looked around to be sure Diana and Nina were the only ones watching and without a second thought, I jumped into the back of truck, getting mixed up with the trash.


The odor was so bad and irritating, but what to do? I needed to save my brother.

I shut my eyes and prayed everything goes on well and immediately, I felt the truck get turned on and started moving.
?The Blåck Diãmônds?
Hidden Pov:
I faced the window with a glass of wine in my hand when suddenly, the door opened and even without turning, I knew it was her.

She was the only female opportuned to come to my room.

“Sir” she called humbly.
“We’ve just received an extremely important news from one of our spies. The banshee just left the institute on her own”.

I twitched and turned to look at her and she lowered her head immediately.

Hm. It doesn’t matter if she’s older than me. No body looks me in the eyes.

“When did this happen?” I asked.

“Just few minutes ago. Should we send the boys after her?” She asked and I smiled and emptied the wine in my glass.

“Don’t worry” I said.
“This time around, I’ll be going after her myself”.

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