A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 31 – The End

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 31 – The End

By Rejoice U Jason

?Chapter 31?

“It’s Master Zaki” The man said and everyone gasped

Helen gasped and her sword dropped from her hand

“What did you say?” Helen asked

“It’s Master Zaki”

“H…H…How?” Helen was dumbfounded

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A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 31 – The End



In an isolated area

Master Zaki stood with two men. He was aware that the Princess would go to the cemetery to visit her brother’s tomb. His plan was to end her there and if that didn’t work,he would use the war as backup plan.

“I want this work done with immediate effect. She is an expert warrior and she is also fierce so you must take many men with you” Zaki said

“Okay master Zaki. How do we sneak into the cemetery then?” One of the men asked

“You are a professional assassin. You should know how to do things like this” Zaki said

“We will think of something” The second man said

“I don’t want any mistakes okay?”

“Okay sir”

“You will receive the second payment after a job well done” Zaki said and left

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 31 – The End


“That can’t be true. Uncle Zaki loves me alot. He can never think of harming me” Helen said

“Calm down Princess. He might be right” Jaden said cause he has been suspecting Zaki too

“Don’t tell me that. The man is lying. You better tell me who sent you for real” Helen held the man’s neck

“I’m telling you the truth and nothing but the truth. Heaven bears me witness”

“Oh shut up”

“My Princess_” Kira wanted to say something but Helen cut her off

“Not now Kira”

“Helen,why don’t we investigate?” Stanley suggested

“There is nothing to investigate here. Can’t you see he is trying to frame my uncle?”

“Then let’s prove him wrong since your uncle is innocent” Stanley said

“Let’s take him to the palace” Jaden said

“Yes that would be better. If he is tortured mercilessly, maybe his brain will reset and he will tell us the real person that sent him” Helen said

They picked him up and brought him out of the cemetery,threw him into the car and headed for the palace

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 31 – The End


Jaden was the one behind the wheels. Getting to the palace,the gate was opened and they entered. Helen came down and brought the man out

“Go call my father” She ordered one of the guards and he ran into the house to call the king. The King was with his wife and Zaki at the time.

The guard came in and delivered the message. They all came outside and Zaki frowned upon seeing the man. He and the man locked gaze and a signal was passed more like a threat.

“What is going on here?” King Darius asked

“Good evening Father,mother and Uncle Zaki. As we all know,today is my brother’s death anniversary and I normally visit his grave on a day like this” Helen said

“Yes. What happened?” Queen Zara asked worriedly

“We were at the grave when suddenly,some hooligans came out of the bushes there are and attacked us”

Queen Zara gasped

“They did what!!!. Hope you are not hurt?” The King asked

“I would have been dead by now if not for Prince Derrick, Stanley and Kira”

“Why would they do a thing like that? Who sent them?” Queen Zara asked

Helen chuckled

“I asked who sent him and he said it’s Uncle Zaki” Helen said

“What!! Me?” Zaki acted shocked


The King and Queen were equally shocked. Queen Zara gave Zaki a questioning look while the King was silent

“W..why would I do a thing like that? For what reason?” Zaki said

“Well, let’s hear from the man himself” King Darius said

“Talk to the King” Helen ordered him

The man looked at Zaki again and Zaki communicated with his eyes to kill the man’s family if he said anything

Jaden was quiet all along. He was watching Zaki and saw everything Zaki did to threaten the man. He realized that an evidence will have to be presented for the royal family to believe.

“Young Man,who did you say sent you?” King Darius asked

“No one your majesty” The man answered

“No one? Didn’t you say it was master Zaki?” Stanley asked

“It was a mistake. I thought that if I say that,you would let me go” The man lied

“Really? Guards!!!” The King was angry now

What even annoyed him is that his brother was “wrongfully” accused of what he didn’t do.

The guards came and stood before him

“You’re going to take this man to the dungeon but before that,He will tell us the real person that sent him” The King said

“Your Highness,I didn’t know the person cause he wore a mask. He came and met my guys and I that he wanted revenge on the royal family and he would pay us a lot of money to kill the Princess I the cemetery”

“How did this stranger know she was going to the cemetery today?” Queen Zara asked

“You know the war is tomorrow. That’s why that deceitful King has been trying his best to harm the Princess. First it was to take her to the middle of the battlefield and now this?” King Darius complained

“That war must go on father. It’s time to show him that we are not afraid of him. Because not only did this man accuse Uncle Zaki but spoiled my visit to Bro Diego’s tomb” Helen was angry for those two reasons

“Guards!!! Take him away. His fate will be decided Later” The King ordered and the guards took him away

“Sorry for the accusation Uncle Zaki” Helen smiled

“I’m still angry over that but it will be fine don’t worry” He said giving her a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. Also, angry within himself that his plan failed

“Prince Derrick and Prince Stanley,thank you for the help you rendered to my daughter” The King said after they had gone inside and sat down

“It’s our pleasure your majesty” Stanley smiled and Jaden nodded

“And you Kira,thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve been with the Princess ever since her traumatized state and you helped her alot. You are not her maid anymore but you still stuck close to her. You’re still helping her. God bless you and whenever you’ll be going to your new home, May the peace of God be with you”

“Amen. Thank you your majesty” She said

Helen stood up

“Permit I and Kira to leave father,I have to go wash up” She said looking at her blood stained gown. That was her favorite gown but now she’s going to trash it.

“Granted” The King said smiling at her

She pecked Jaden’s forehead before leaving with Kira

“So how is the preparation for Kira’s introduction going?” King Darius asked Stanley

“It’s going well your majesty. I will take her to see my parents after the war” Stanley said

“That would be lovely. And Jaden, I’ve met with your father and we have discussed. Preparations for your engagement will commence immediately after the war”

“Okay my King”

The King smiled

“We will have to go now. I need to rally up my warriors for tomorrow” Jaden said

“There is no problem. You may go”

Stanley and Jaden bowed then left

Zaki had not said anything all through but sat down there. He stood up also

“I have to leave now” He said

“Are you still angry? Please calm down. Things like that do happen sometimes” The King said

“I know your majesty. I will be fine” He smiled

“If you say so. You may go”

“Thank you” Zaki bowed and stepped out too.

He entered his car and drove out of the gate. Jaden and Stanley were waiting outside the gate for a cab. He glared at Jaden and drove off.

“Jaden,are you sure that man is innocent?” Stanley asked

“My point exactly. But it seems the royal family won’t believe until they see evidence. They trust him alot” Jaden ruffled his hair

“So what are we going to do now?” Stanley asked

Jaden thought for a while

“I have an idea” He brought his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. The call went through.

“Hello Sam,I need your help”

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 31 – The End

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