ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 20

The next day I set to leave for school when Happy stopped me on my way out.
“Wow! Slay mama, you are looking gorgeous as ever. Who are you wearing today?”
“Happy I’m not on red carpet, why all this questions nau. See I’m not in the mood” I smirked
“I’m sorry for bothering you o, I just love the dress”
“I’m sorry I snapped, it’s just that I haven’t gotten over yesterday’s drama”
“I thought as much”
“OK, I’m wearing Balmain fitted Dolman top, a palazzo pant and a Valentino sandals. Don’t worry I’ll place an order for you too since you like it
“No o don’t worry, with all the expensive clothes you bought for me last month”
“I’m not complaining, am I?”
“Thanks, you are a darling” she said flashing her teeth.
“I’ll place the order later in the day or do you want it for your boutique?”
“Both, once I wear it, then my customers too would love to buy it”
“OK let me order for you first, then if your customers likes it, then I’ll give you the name of the store so you can buy from them, they sell in stocks too”
“Oh…Thank you my slay queen” she hugged me inhaling my Fancy night fragrance.
“See you later, I’m running late for lectures” I said and left hurriedly.

After the day’s lecture, I went to the VC’s office to thank him for the previous day. Unfortunately for me, I met one of the female panelists. I got to know her name through the brief introduction.
“Our Olori! (Meaning queen)how are you?” Prof Mrs. Alabi asked.
“Fine ma” I replied and bowed in respect.
“Which one is Olori again? The VC asked her.
“Admiral is a prince nau, have you forgotten? If he becomes King tomorrow then she will be his queen?” she said smiling at me.
(I’m sure the VC has given her the full gist on my relationship with Prince)
“You are right, but that’s the last post he’ll take, he always say it, that he will never let that mantle fall on him”
“King or no king, you are his queen already jare” she said.
“If you need anything of which I know you can’t need anything from me but in case you do don’t hesitate to come to me”
“Yes ma, thank you ma”
Even prof Mrs want to get acquainted with him. I’m very sure she needed a favour from Prince and want to get it through me because she exchanged number with me.
“My regards to Admiral”
“I’ll do that ma”I said my goodbye to them and left the office.

After much plea from Prince, I decided to lift my ban on our relationship and we were back together. Though I didn’t get to see him because he was out of the country.

Days later, He called and asked how my day went during our conversation and I told him I had a not too good day.
“A commercial bus driver bashed my car”
“Are you OK, hope you are not hurt?”
“No, I’m fine, it’s just the car”
“Ok, have you called a mechanic?”
“Yes, I called my mechanic who joined us at the scene. He said it will cost me close to #100k to fixed the damaged part of the car. I had to let the bus driver go because where do I expect him to get #100k from. I already transferred the money into the mechanic’s account and he promised to fix it. He said he’ll be done in one week” I explained.
“One week! so you’ll be taking cab for one good week?” he asked
“What other choice do I have. I’ll just get a cab man that will take me for a week” I replied.
“OK” that was all he said.

Surpringly, the next day, I came back from school and met two of his staff in my compound. His PA is with him, I think that’s why he sent them to my place.
Then my gazed shifted to the car that was parked in my compound.
We exchanged greetings and one of them handed me a car key.
“Your new car madam, from Admiral”
“What! This man is just..….” I said surprisingly not even knowing what to say. He bought me a brand new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.
I checked out my new car and I almost cried because of excitement.
I told them to come in so I could entertain them but they said they can’t wait, they needed to be in Abuja.
I called Prince when they left, I was just on phone with him and I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t expecting it at all, I mean I did not see it coming. The other car is just a year old.
“Do you like your new car” he broke the silence.
“Prince I’m speechless, I love it thanks so much”
“Ok, I’m glad you love it”
“What should I do with the other car at the mechanic workshop?” I asked him.
“It’s your car you can do anything you like with it”
“Thank you!”
“I’ll see you soon, I’ll be back next week. I really miss you”
“I miss you too, I’ll be expecting you”
“I love you my Princess”
“I love you too my Prince” I said and the line went off.
I lied on my bed, I think I’m the luckiest girl on earth. I couldn’t ask for more.


My Mum visited me some months later, I tried to make her not to come, but she was adamant. She came and saw where I was staying.

She checked out everywhere. She got to my kitchen and saw all my kitchen gadgets. She opened my freezer and shook her head. She proceeded to my store, she saw my foodstuff that I can’t even finish in a year and She stood for minutes in awe, she then came back to the sitting room.
“Anike, look at where you are staying, see your sitting room, she said pointing from 42” plasma TV to my home theatre and other expensive interior décor that caught her attention. She continued.
“An ordinary student. You even have a brand new car. Some people who have worked for years did not even have half of all the things you have in this apartment”
I just stood quietly staring at her, I dare not sit because she’s also standing.
“Anike….. Omo Eni oose agbafo o? kaso wale. (Meaning: your child is not into laundry and he’s bringing clothes home)
She continued. “And if I ask now, you will say it’s Admiral, is it possible for one man to do all these for you. I’m sure you are into runs, because that’s the norm among you girls of nowadays.
“Mummy I’m not into runs…
“Then swear on your father’s grave”
“Mummy!” I stamped my feet on the tiled floor.
“I’m sure there’s something between you and that your Admiral that I never met”
“Mummy, I’ve told you times without number, that man is my guardian Angel”
“OK, we shall see, sha don’t destroy your future, I beg you in the name of God” She said and left me in the sitting room. My mum left for Lagos the following day.

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