ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20


By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 15

Hours later he offered to show me around the house. It was a cool evening. It was a nice tour, the house was really big, the staffs too have there own lodge. He showed me around the garden, he had two swimming pools. We returned into the house, and went into his bedroom. He sat on the couch and I sat next to him.
“What time do you have lectures tomorrow?”
“ 8am”
“I suggest you go back today so you won’t miss your 8am lecture. I’ll call PA to arrange for your flight ticket.
“Thank you sir, you are the most considerate and selfless person I’ve ever met.
He transferred #500,000 into my account, I hugged him this time. He hugged me back and kissed me on the forehead. He told he’ll be traveling tomorrow morning and will be back in two weeks.
“See you soon my beautiful princess, have a safe trip” he said and pecked me on the cheeks.
The driver announced he was set and followed him out.

I got back to the hostel in the evening, my room mate was not back. Prince called me, I told him I just got in. We talked for more than hour before he ended the call.
Happy came back in the morning while I was preparing for lectures.
We exchanged greetings. “How’s Admiral Alawode” she asked
“He’s fine”
“Any show?”
“No show”
“Why is he doing all this?”
“He said it just about s-x”
“He’s really working on you o, I think he doesn’t want you to have you just for s-x. He wants you to love him, he’s really love starved”
Happy was right, prince wants to have my heart not only my body. But how can I fall in love with a man old enough to be my father.

I left the room and went for lectures.
Prince called everyday and we talked for two hours minimum everyday. During the period of two weeks he transferred close to #800,000 into my account. I spent wisely, I saved most of my money.
I had to learn from my Mum’s mistake. I only sent money home and I also transferred #100k to Happy. We talked about so many things, we spoke freely to each other. He told me things I never knew about navy, I almost wish I join the navy. He said I can apply once I am a graduate, he will get me in easily but I told him to get at least one of my siblings into the navy instead. And he promised to do so. Atleast I can secure the future of my siblings too. We discussed politics, his personal businesses, my academics and all. I always asked after his children too.
He said he missed me and I said I missed him too. I miss you” I don’t know where that words came from, but I’m sure it’s from my mouth. I think I’m going to miss him. And my heart is gradually warming up to this wonderful and charming man. He’s really getting into me and I can feel it in just two weeks.

Two weeks later, he was back, he invited me over that weekend and I was in Abuja. He was so pleased to see me, so was I. He hugged me and planted a dry k!ss on my lips. A current ran through my spine.
Take care and have a safe trip” he said smiling.

One of the staff took my hand bag to his room. I followed the guy, I needed to change to a comfy foot wear.
I joined him shortly, it was almost time for dinner.
“Let me get to the kitchen” I informed him.
“To do what?” just talk to the chef if you need anything”
“I want to cook for you, don’t you get tired of the chefs’ food (he has two chefs)
“You want to cook for me?”
Are you scared? I’m not that bad”
“No I was just surprised, that’s very thoughtful of you”
“Just tell me what you want, and I’ll prepare it, you know I can’t make different dishes like your chefs”.

“I made to leave and he followed me. “You want to come into the kitchen, your men are around o, what will they say if they see you in the kitchen”
I’ll just keep you company, he followed me, I couldn’t imagine what was going on in the mind of his staffs who saw us.
I made jollof spaghetti and garnished it with chopped beef, chicken, fish, carrot green peas. I served it with chilled ice tea. The chef offered to help me set the table but I declined.
“Wow, it taste great, you are a damn good cook”
“Thank you”
“I hope you’ve not committed yourself because I won’t mind eating your food whenever you are around”
“That’s not a problem, I’ll gladly oblige you.
Later in the night I showered and changed again in the bathroom. I wore my robe and lied down on the bed. He showered and joined me. He cuddled me as I lay in his arms
“Anike do you want to be with me? Or let me put it like this do you like me enough to be with me?”
“Prince….I like you already. It’s been a month now we knew each other and you are practically everything to me. A father, helper, friend, confidant and a companion. I now enjoy your company, you should know that I like you already”
“You don’t know how happy I am to hear those words from you” he said and pulled me closer. I felt so secured in his arms that I slept off.

The next day, Saturday morning. After breakfast, he took me out to catch fun. He promised to take me to some resorts outside the country when I’m on holiday. He asked if I have an international passport and I told him, I have. My Dad got it for me before he died.
“That reminds me, I have a conference meeting in south Africa this week, but you can join me on Friday, then we’ll come back on Sunday. Please say yes”
“Yes, I’ll come”
“Good now arrange everything”
We got back to the house, I just took fruit and went to bed.
“Are you sleeping already?” he asked when he entered the room.
“No I’m still awake” We gist about the places we went to earlier, he said some funny things and I hit him playfully.

We started rolling on top of each other. He stopped when he was on top of me. He looked me in the eyes, I saw desires in his eyes, I knew he wanted me. I closed my eyes and he k!ssed me with burning passion, his big hands were doing wonders on my body. He made to undress me and I held his hands.
“Prince! Wait!”.

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