ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20


BY: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 19

“Well that’s Admiral Gabriel Alawode on the line” VC revealed to them.
They all stood up immediately to acknowledge him.
Prince continued.
“I should have revoked your certificates, so you won’t be able to lecture in the four walls of any university in this country again or throw you in jail and allow you spend the rest of your miserable life in prison.
But I won’t do that, I’ll wait to hear your deserved verdict.
One more thing I’m the small boy that digs that gold. Just FYI” He said and the line went off.
“What! Did he just say that” I almost said that out. He never made our relationship public, except for those who are close to him. I promise myself right there that I’ll make him pay for what he did to me in the presence of my lecturers.
The two female panelists’ gaze shifted to me and I don’t like the look I saw. Those two were rooting for me some minutes ago.
I bowed my head, because I don’t know who to face. But I raised it immediately giving them the ‘I’m his girl so what’ look.
“Please read the final verdicts please and let’s get out of here” The VC said Checking his wristwatch.

One of the panelists read. “From all indications, all evidences pointed that you are guilty and you are hereby suspended for six month.
You are to turn over all the academic materials in your possession. All the courses you take is to be handed over to another lecturer.
You are also stripped of all facilities the school provides for you.
Also your project students will be given to another supervisor.
When you resumed after 6 months, no study leave and no sabbatical leave for one year.
And if any female student report any sexual assault, then you’ll be fired with no benefits and your lecturing career will be over.
We were all dismissed after the verdict. I met PA outside.
“Are you OK?” he asked
“I’m not OK” Though Doctor Williams deserved what he was served.
“You know you’ve saved a lot of female students from His claws”
He was right, he can never force himself on any student again.
But that was the least of my worries.
“Prince actually open up about my relationship with him in the presence of everyone in that conference room” I told PA.
“He was pissed Anike”
“Pissed! Good! And I’ll show him what it means to be pissed”
“Anike take it easy, he did all this to get justice for you”
So I should go and embrace him or give him a medal as the best boyfriend of the year?”
“Anike, I knew about your first night with him. I was in the room that morning when you are bathing and I saw the sheet Or do you think guy who did the laundry won’t tell the other staff about the sheet? I will go miles for someone like that too”
“See another embarrassment” I thought.
He continued. “ You know the way all the staff in the house treats you, they all love and respect you. We all thought Admiral brought a prostitute into his home but you proved us wrong. I see the way you treat the staff. You even threw a birthday party for one of them at the staff quarters. You think Admiral is blind, he sees everything and who wouldn’t guide such woman jealously”
“I’ve heard you, that reminds me, why did the panelist stood up when they heard his name?” I asked inquisitively.
“That’s because Admiral is the Chairman of the University govening councils”
“This same university!”
“Yes, he was appointed three years ago by the federal government”
“As usual! he’s always everywhere” I said with sarcasm.
I blamed myself for not going through the school calendar booklet. I would have seen his name there. The only one I took time to read was the one we were given in 100l.
I wasn’t feeling good for lectures, so I decided to go home. I thanked PA for his help, I offered to drop him off at the airport but he said he came with a cab driver.

On my way home in my car, I tuned into a radio station. I just needed something to lighten my mood. Luckily for me I heard a song I liked ‘I’m the one’ playing and I settled for that.
Yes! I’m the one, my lecturers should deal with it.


I got back home and changed into a pink camisole on a sky blue short. Later in the evening, I gave Happy the gist of the day she returned. She like the way everything went. She didn’t feel bad one bit for the lecturer.
Prince’s call came in, I stood up and went to my room to receieve his call, there I can shout at him and pour out my anger on him.
“Prince, what’s the meaning of the stunt you pulled earlier. You threw me under the bus!”
“I’m sorry, It wasn’t intentional. You know I won’t say such on a normal day”
“You think sorry will fix it. Why were you even on phone in the first place. Prince must you be there, can’t you allow the VC handle it?”
“You won’t understand, I’m mad over you”
“Do You know the kind of picture you’ve painted for me. How will I walk with my heads up when I see my lecturers”
“I’m sorry I slipped!”
“Keep the sorry to yourself Beau, because I won’t let this slide”
“I need a break till I clear my head. Goodbye!” I said and hung up on him.
“I will punish him a little” I said to myself.

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