ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 12

Some minutes later, my mummy who was quiet all through came into my new room.
She sat on my bed. “Anike, who is this good Samaritan, that did all this for us without even knowing us?”
“Mummy I told you everything, he just decided to help me after hearing my story, nothing more”
“How did you meet him?”
“I met him through Happy, my nice room mate I told you about. He is Happy’s Uncle”
I couldn’t believed I lied easily to my mum, I never lied to her and she always believe every word that comes out of my mouth.

“Anike, hope you’re not keeping a sugar daddy because of us?”
“Mummy he’s not my sugar daddy, will you talk to him, so you could be rest assured?”
“Yes I will” she answered.
I thank God Admiral gave me the permission to allow her speak to him. I put a call through to him. He disconnected and called back.
“Good evening sir, my mum will like to speak with you” I told him.

I gave my mum, the phone, he told my mum, he just wanted to help since he had the capacity to do so. My mum thanked and prayed for him, She said she would like to meet him to thank him in person but Admiral Alawode told her not to bother. She passed the phone over to me, when she was done talking. I thanked him too.

My mum was a bit confused rather than convinced. A sugar daddy wouldn’t have spoken to her the way he did.
“Anike, swear to me that, there’s nothing between you and that man, Mummy there’s nothing between us (at least for now) I said that in mind He’s just God sent Mummy”
When she left my room, I called Happy and explained everything to her.

Tinuke called me later that night and I told him about Admiral Alawode, she was not happy with the decisions I took. But I told her, I had to do it for my family. She knew my mind was made up already. She adviced me to quit once I get what I wanted from him.

On Sunday we attended a church very close to the house, although one of the security men insisted on taking us to the church, there were two cars in the compound.

After service, we started planning for the next day, my siblings had to go back to school.

On Monday morning, the driver took us to one of the schools around, he said the school is one of the best in the area.
We got to school and was taking to the admin block, the admin gave us some forms to fill. He asked for their classes. Okiki is in SSS 1 while Adekemi is in SSS3 he gave us the bills, Adekemi’s bill was much because of the NECO and WAEC fees. We were to pay in bank. I ask if I could make the transfer online since I have the mobile app on my phone He said I can make an online transfer which I did. He connected my phone to the printer and printed out the transfer details.

My siblings were given uniforms, cardigan, sport wears, books and some text books. He called on the office assistant to show them to their respective classes, while i returned home with my mum.

We got home and I started preparing for school, I already miss today’s lectures. I informed my mum that I was leaving. She prayed for me and thanked me.

“Anike if you need anyone to talk, I’m here and please don’t sell your body because of us. Please if he wants something else from you, don’t hesitate to tell me. We can easily return all the things he gave us ” She said crying.
“Mummy why the tears again? I’m fine don’t worry about me” I hugged her and picked my bag.
“Admiral Alawode called me. He told me he had booked a return ticket back to school for me.


I got back to school in the evening. Happy gave me a warm welcome and went into details. For the very first time she prepared a meal for me.

“So he didn’t touch you, that man really surprised me o, I never knew he was this gentle, I know he is nice but never thought he could act cool around a girl like this”
“I was surprised too, that reminds me. What did he say about me?”
“He said he likes you immediately he set his eyes on you, that you are charming. He said he expected to see someone who will dress to kill but he said you looked very homely and he loved the simplicity about you”.

“Really, I thought he wasn’t interested in me, although he was indifference, I can’t say whether he likes me or not”
“Maybe he wants to make sure he makes you happy first before sleeping with you”.

“Happy, you won’t believe the president called him and they were chatting and laughing”
“I told you, he’s one of the top rated people of this country”
“Thank you so much, Happy. You don’t know what you did in my life”.

“You are welcome, please don’t disappoint me. I don’t want him to call and start complaining, anyway I trust you won’t fall my hand”.

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