ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20


By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 17

IT was over and I was back in school. I told Happy to move in with me and she agreed, trust me I always pay my dues. I can’t rule out the fact that I’m where I am today through her help.
A month after resumption, the class rep made an announcement that we’ve all been given Project supervisor. We are to go to check the list at the HOD’S office. We all went to the departmental office after the day’s lectures.
I checked my name and I was to be supervised by Doctor Williams. I was paired with three other students. The four of us decided to go to him to present ourselves as his project students.

After the brief introduction, he told us to go and choose three topics each, so he’ll be the one to pick one for us out of the three topics. He gave us his numbers and we gave him ours too. We all turned to leave and he told me to stay back. The others left and I was left alone with him.
Firstly, he took his time to scan me from head to toes. From my Givenchy orange jump suit to my Fossil George brown copper wrist watch and down to my Dior sling back heels and bag.
“Anike! I’ve had eyes on you since 300l and I’m happy that fate brought us together at last. I’m happy you are one of my project students.
I like you and I want to date you” he said after sizing me up.
“You want us to date or you want to sleep with me?”
I said that because that’s his specialty, sleeping with female students.
“Wow! I know you are sound academically but I never knew you are this blunt. You are very correct I want to sleep with you. I want to see this gorgeous body clothes is covering” He said smiling seductively.
“Sir with all due respect that will not be possible”
“Then be prepared to have an F in this project and you know what that means”
“Sir, please I can give you anything you want other than my body” I went on my knees pleading.
“See big girl like you kneeling down. Get up my dear, kneeling won’t solve this. Just give me what I want and you even sweat to get an A in this project”
Doctor Williams should be in his early 40s, no doubt he’s handsome. Female students threw advances at him. He had history with quite a number of them. Why he wants me to add me to the lists is what I don’t get. I don’t dress provocatively, I rock expensive wears, fine but not seductive ones.

I stood up, ready to leave, since my pleadings didn’t work.
“Meet me this weekend at Cascade Hotel, room 106”
“You will wait till eternity” I said and left his office.
I went straight to the HOD’s office and I met some of my course mates. I told them I want to change supervisor. But they all warned me not to try it that I’ll attract unnecessary attractions to myself from the other lecturers.

I was mad, I determined not to give up easily. I seek counsel from another lecturer in the department and said the same thing. I even told him my supervisor wants to sleep but he advised him to keep on posting him, he said the man is mouthed in the department, he might not allow me graduate if I don’t thread carefully.

I asked him if I could report to the HOD and he said
You want to use monkey to harvest banana. You want to report a flirt lecturer to another flirt lecturer”
I gave up on my pursue of changing supervisor. So I decided to play along, I won’t say yes, I won’t say no. I’ll just keep on posting him.


On Saturday, I was in Abuja with Prince. My supervisor called and called. Prince noticed I wasn’t picking my calls.
“Why are you rejecting your calls?”
“It’s not an important call”
“Your admirers won’t let me have a quality time with my Princess” he said going through his tabloid.
“Prince it’s my project supervisor”
“Pick it then, maybe he wants to discuss project”
“He’s waiting for me in a hotel as we speak”
“When did that start?”
“This week”
“And you didn’t tell me”
“I thought I could handle it”
“By not picking his calls! When will all this male lecturers stop this their sexual assaults”
“This one is even worse”
“What’s his name?”
“Doctor Williams”
“Junior lecturer?”
“No, Senior lecturer”
His call came in again. “Pick the call and record your conversation” he said and I obeyed.

I received the call and recorded our conversation.
“I’ll call your VC” he said when I was through with the call.
“You know the VC?” I was surprised, he never mentioned it.
He nodded dialing his number.
“Is there anyone in this country you don’t know?” He didn’t answer me, he had already placed the call.
He spoke with the VC on phone. I heard him gave him my details (department and level) then he mentioned the lecturer’s name too.

He disconnected the call. “He said you should report to his office, 11pm on Monday”
“VC’s office! Please I don’t want this case to get to that level”.
My almost five years in the university, I’ve never stepped foot in the VC’s office.
“Well, it’s too late, the VC is already involved” he said. And I wished I kept my mouth shut.

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