ANIKE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 18

On Monday morning, I left my apartment dressed in Versace three quarter sleeve blue blazer on a yellow sleeveless pencil dress and a matching Gucci ankle strap heels and a Marc Jacobs baguette bag. I left in my car for the School Senate building.
I reported to the VC’s office. The VC’s Secretary asked if I was given an appointment and I said yes. She looked at me from head to toe.
“Are you the student the VC is expecting”
“I’m sorry o, it is just that you don’t look like one”
I just smiled. She doesn’t need to tell me. I know I slay.
I waited a while she called him on intercom. She told me to go in and I entered confidently.
On a good day, I would have been scared to enter into the VC’s office but that was before I met Admiral Alawode. I’ve met so many powerful people in this country through him and we’ve dined and wined together.
“Good morning sir”
“Anike from Admiral Alawode”
“Yes sir” I bowed.
“What can I offer you?”
The VC offered me a drink. I smiled
I’m OK sir
Relax, Admiral is my boss” He called his secretary, who asked me what I want. I just said malt and she served it.
I was sipping my malt when a man walked in and he informed the VC that the Panelists are ready.
“Sir, am I facing panel?”
“Yes, do you have the evidence with you?”
“Yes sir, it’s on my phone”
“Now let’s go”.

We left and entered a conference room close to his office.
The panel consisted of just 10 people, 6 men and 4 women. I only recognized few of them. The Dean of student affairs, Dean of Faculty of Science (my faculty) My HOD and Doctor Williams the culprit who was on suit. Each had a table microphone in front of them.

It was like a court settings. We were both called to take the stand. Each stand facing each other.
“Name please?” one of the panelists asked.
“Anike Adams”
“Matrix number?”
I was asked to narrate what transpired between both of us. I said my part of the story.
He was asked if my allegations were true or false and he said it was false.
“Any evidence Miss Adams?”
“I have an audio recording on my phone” I replied and handed my phone over.

My phone was connected to a sound system and the recording was played.
Doc: Anike, I’ve been waiting for you in Cascade Hotel for the past one hour now.
Me:Sir, I told you I can’t do it. I can’t sleep with you.
Doc: Come and tell me that to my face
Me: I will never sleep my way to get grades, Never. I did not do it in lower levels, not now that I’m in final year.
Doc: What are you feeling like, I even tried to consider you because you are tush and that’s why I wanted to bring you to an hotel. Do you know how many students have s*xed in the office on my table?”
Me: That’s them not me.
Doc: Why are you feeling so special, did you have gold on yours?
Me: Yes, it’s gold.
Doc: But those small small boys can dig it right? I give you 30mins to meet me here now or else consider yourself having an extra year. Cos I’ll make sure you have an F in your project.
Me: You know what? Do your worse sir.
And the recording stopped.

“Doctor Williams, do you have anything to say?” The panelists asked after the voice recording ended.
“That recording is not real sir, it was fake”
“Will you shut up? Do you know who she is? You have bitten more than you can chew and this time around, you will pay for all your past s-x escapades with the female students” in this school.
Mr VC sir, we have verified the recording.
“Hold on a sec” He made a phone call with one of the phones on his table. Then Admiral Alawode’s PA came into the room.
I was like what is going on here and what the hell is he doing in this room. I left him in Abuja the previous day.
He handed an envelope to the VC and the VC pass it to one of the panelists.
They read the first one. It was an evidence from the telecommunications and it gave the details of our conversations on Saturday.
“The details here with me states that you called Anike Adams’ number 16 times. She later picked the call around 6pm on Saturday. True or false?”
“True, but I wanted to discuss project with her” Doctor Williams replied.
“You called your project student 16 times, that project must be an emergency!” one of the female panelists said.
(Trust women nau, they are good at stepping on control P. She already took it personal)
“She has not submitted her project topics” he replied.
Has the other 3 project students submitted?”
“Yes they have”
“When did they submit” The Dean of student asked.
“This morning” he replied.
“Smart move” he smiled and adjusted his glasses.
“Where were you on Saturday, 5pm to be precised?”
“I was in my house”
“Here is the ledger of Cascade Hotel, it says you checked into the hotel at 5pm on Saturday.
“Yes, I forgot I was there to relax”.
“And in your phone conversation with Miss Anike Adams, you specifically told her you are in Cascade Hotel waiting for her”
“I called to…..”
The other female panelist hit her palm hard on the table , thereby interrupting him.
“Do you realize the VC is on seat? And you are still standing there wasting our precious time here.” She fired at him.
“You still dare to deny, you good for nothing b—–d.”
Jesus Christ! That was Admiral’s voice, he was on phone all along.
All the panelists turned to face the VC, the voice came from the phone on the table. It was so audible since the table was having a microphone.

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