ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 21 to The End

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺


💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel🌹🌹

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author

Episode 22

Myles’s POV
How on Earth am I supposed to know what to cook and what to do?… I’ve never cooked before, all the foods I’ve eaten are either from a cafeteria or mother… My eyes located a packet of cornflakes on the kitchen table and I smiled.

“How are they doing this thing?”. I asked myself. It looked easy but how??
I washed the kettle and hissed.
“Was there any need in washing the kettle?”. I asked myself.

I put water on the fire and allowed it to boil for 5 minutes… Then I added 30 spoons of milk and 10 cubes of sugar in the boiling water and turned off the gas.
I waited for about ten minutes and waited for it to be warm.. Then I tore the cornflakes into the milk already turned in a big bowl… At least it looks like cornflakes.. I said checking the picture on the packet.
I chuckled to myself and didn’t want to taste it.
“Honey, do you need some help there?”. Ellen’s mocking voice asked.

“No, I gat this”. I replied and dished everybody’s own in a small plate… How am I going to say it…

“Everyone, here’s your meal”. I said and shook my head.
“Noooo…. It’s not rush, let it be something like Bon appetite, your dessert is ready, the Horace international food”. I said and jumped up and carried the well designed tray with flowers.

“Bon Appetite, your desert is ready, the Horace intentional food service” I said and everyone laughed.

“Dessert?”. Ellen asked… “Sounds interesting”. Skyler said and Cindy tried to laugh but she couldn’t.
It was her mind was troubles with something…

I dropped the table on the table and everyone gasped..
“What’s this?”. Ellen asked mocking me.

“Why is the face like dog food?”. Skyler asked and I chuckled.

“Here at HORACE international food, we provide you with the best nutritional and you know quality food”. I said and they laughed.

As mother tried to touch it, she shivered.
“Why is it warm?”.
“Mother, we give quality food, you guys should try it”. I said almost sweating..

Ellen dipped a finger in the food and tasted it.
She ran to our toilet. .
Cindy tasted it with a spoon and ran outside.

Skyler tasted it with a finger
He ran to the visitor’s toilet obviously forgetting his way to his toilet.

As mother wanted to taste, I screamed “No mother, there’s no more toilet to use”.

End of Myles’s POV

Sadie’s POV
“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” Rita asked me.
“Of course, I am” I replied.
“Can’t we blackmail her?”. She asked.

“No”. I replied.
“Cindy is smart, she can deny it, she has all the evidence, we need to ransack her room in the Horace house for the evidence”. I said
“Is it possible?”. She asked.
“Mara, come in”. I said and a young girl entered.

“It is possible, she will go and work as a maid for them and she’ll kill Cindy or bring back the evidence”. I said and Rita shook her head.
“I doubt it will work”. Rita said.
“It will”. I replied and smiled..

End of Sadie’s POV
Ellen’s POV
“What was that?”. I asked after we had gathered there to watch the family series titled… “Crazy Couples” by director fehimuan….
“It was cornflakes”. Myles replied.

“It was disgusting”. Skyler said and Cindy laughed.
“Can you cook?”. I asked…
“We heard a knock on the door and I opened the door.
A young girl came in with a bag…

“Hello”. She said and I nodded.
“My name is Mara and I’m from the cleaners association of America, I was assigned to take care if this house as a maid, here’s my permit”. She said and gave me her Id.
“Mara Agero”. I said and chuckled.
“Come in”. I said and she entered the house…

Cindy’s POV
I paced round the room scared, what if I get discovered, now that Sadie is around, she’s more brilliant and evil than Rita, nothing is compared to her wickedness… She can kill someone with a knife heartlessly and I was now scared.

“Cindy”…. I heard Ellen’s voice and I turned back.
“Yes”. I replied.
“You look worried, tell me what’s the problem?”. She asked and I smiled.

“It’s nothing”. I replied.
“I noticed you haven’t said a word since morning”. She said and I smiled.

“Tomorrow’s your wedding”. She said and my heart beat.
“I had totally forgotten”. I said and she folded her 🙏💯hands…. “Even you forgot your wedding”. She said and I laughed.

“I don’t think I can get married tomorrow, the truth is I don’t love Skyler”. I said and she gasped…🙋🏻‍♀️

End of Cindy’s POV

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