AWKWARD NURSE : Season 2 Episode 11 – 21

Episode 14

Diana’s pov

omg the news of Mr Grande’s sudden sickness is all over the place .I wonder how it broke out and who ever did this wants investors to panic.Mr Grande called a meeting now who will handle the meeting , who will solve the problem he wanted to solve.just then Anna rushed into work she folded her hair in a clean bun . whenever Anna folds her hair she means business and when she means business she doesn’t give a damn!!. 5 guard followed her we all bowed. I wonder what is keeping Clara.

General view

The guard opened the door and Anastasia walked in ,everybody was surprised they were expecting Mr grande.
Mr Dervantes smiled at Anna who walked in without smiling she took her father’s chair…everybody bowed gently. she looked at Tonia and smiled

” please proceed ” Anna said
” before we proceed Anna, i thought Mr Grande held this meeting why are you here ” one of the major shareholders ,Mr Jonathan said
” Jonathan I am a true Grande ,when you see me you see my dad.
” but we heard Mr Grande is sick , shouldn’t you be …
“I am here to address the same issue my dad called for
” but Anna i think we deserve to know..
” Rachel
” madam
“get me the list of shareholders ..I will start this meeting by removing those who don’t think I am not capable of….
” no am sorry Anna,don’t take it too far,i was just being curious
Anna closed her file
” does anyone else have any of such questions.
no one spoke so Anna returned the file to Rachel who took it from her .
the M.D used his remote to switch on the projector the first preview was the hospital which was closed down in India .

” Anna this is big ,very soon the press will fight us” one investor said
” secondly this is a loss of investment and we can’t make a good come back because there is no empty land big enough Right now ” chief accountant said
” even if there was an empty land, we don’t have time, when will we finish building it and start moving’s not possible our loss will increase..” Liam said
” this is the issue we came to resolve Anna , what do you have to say..” M.Dasked

Anna closed her file

” send him in ” she said and Rachel opened the door a small boy walked in , around 19. he worked as a hacker in the research department. Anna’s favourite computer guru Chris.

he walked in

” isn’t he below the legal standard to be in this meeting ” jonathan said
” silence!, we are not in the market square
” Anna mind your..
” Rachel can you hand me the investors’ list again I ..
” I was just kidding Anna ,he is free to stay.
the boy sat facing a computer system
” do it, what I told you about , do it.” anna said to Chris.
” Ok madam , give me 10 minutes

” Anna nodded. and watched him with expectation.he slipped his ear piece in and played a music then he switched on his system. his hands and eyes were working very fast he didn’t talk he just chewed gum all the investors watched him quietly for a while.. he was very fast in typing .. finally he was done. Anna looked into his face with a question in her eyes
” did you succeed
“he nodded
Anna smiled

” tell the board your report” Anna said
” uhmmm good day ,so” he connected his system to the projective screeen everybody watched .
” I was looking for a hospital building in the whole Hindi . which has the exact frame and complex of the formal a.g.h.c.
” Ok ?, Liam said
” and I succeeded he screened the hospital it was new , empty and clean exactly like the formal a.g.h.c

” you did all this in 10 minutes ” another shareholder asked in shock.
” yes I did
” so how are we sure this hospital is not owned cos.” he screened another file on the projector ” we have less than 24 hours to remove everything from the formal a.g.h.c before government withdraws our license. MD said

Anna looked at Chris and he smiled giving her assurance.

” the hospital is for sale and I know that because of this merger we can afford it the secret bidding is tomorrow and nobody knows about this new hospital yet not M.H.C not D.C.E non of our competition so I believe and I can bloldly say the hospital is ours and a.g.h.c will continue from where it stopped in India.. he bowed and closed the system all the investors clapped for him and Anna. Anna smiled thank God she trusted him.

Anna looked into her Mic

” I believe the major issue for this meeting has been resolved ” Anna said
” what about Chicago ,are we out for good. another investor asked
” at the right time , we will penetrate Chicago again. Mr Dervantes added.
Anna smiled
” that being settled anything else?” Anna asked
” Anna we won’t have peace until the new hospital is secured ” one investor said.
” also about the merger , why isn’t Ryan home yet , we are all waiting for your wedding.and most shockingly why are you still in your fathers house” Jonathan asked
Anna got short of words
” well
” well my little daughter in law is the fearful type , she can’t just go to his house and stay alone he has to come first , right Anna ?.
” yes that’s right but if that is what is needed to give members of the board security I will move to his house as soon as I can.
“Ok.we believe the wedding will kick off immediately Ryan returns cos am already panicking ” Jonathan said
” everything is in place , no need to fear the meeting is adjourned.

all of them stood up and bowed to Anna. she stood up nd rushed out.Rachel ran behind her.Jake was already in her office she sat facing him

” tell me
” Ryan will be home soon he is rushing his surgery he just completed it.
” what
” Clara will soon arrive New York remember investors are watching, they can’t meet in New York .people might see them together remember you have enemies everywhere and your investors are always complaining ..if the history of Ryan and Clara gets out, there will be panics and you know what that means

” Ok.. till she arrives first Jake

” no madam , Clara’s family has to leave the city cos Mr Dervantes can’t find out about her too

” Jake until she arrives first.

Anna’s pov

who Is informing Malcolm I really suspect that investor who brought up this issue he might be Woking for Malcolm.i suspect Jonathan.i called Ryan’s Dad
“what is it
” I hope my dad talked to you about all Malcolm has been doing
” we were on phone when he fell sick,how is he
” fine ,i really think that Mr Jonathan is the mole in a.g.h.c.he kept bringing up questions ,he is scaring me I don’t feel safe with him
” I will look into him but I hope you know Malcolm has more than one mole
” am fishing them out
ok.Mr Dervantes dropped the call.

Mr Devans pov

Anna is such a smart girl ,just the same person I suspected.I guess Malcolm forgot that I am still behind Anna or is it because I kept quiet .I already sent my boy to investigate that idiot.he called me

” tell me
” it’s true ,your suspicion is true.Jonathan works for Malcolm
” good.
” what do we do
“nothing .just secure his address.
ok sir.

minutes later my boy walked in

” did you secure his address
“yes Jonathan is home now
“good kill him
“yes sir
he walked out my secretary walked in.

” sir I successfully collected the amount you requested from a.g.h.c.
” good ,now procure the drugs
“yes sir.
she walked out…. I am enjoying this merger now more than ever.just then one of my boys walked in with a young girl’s very mole in m.h.c he dropped it on my table.

” sir I think you should reduce your transfers
“Malcolm thinks your son will break of the merger soon.he said the merger is shaking
” what , what is this…. I pointed to the pics
” sir I had been hearing Malcolm talk about your son for a while now
“my son Ryan
“yes for some weeks now
“you heard Malcolm talk about my only son for some weeks now and you are just telling me now.
” actually sir i….
I picked my gun and shot at his leg.he limped and fell
” cont
” ahhh ,sir i wanted to confirm first.
” what did you confirm.
he pointed to the picture I picked it up
” who is this toy.
” ahhh , that’s .. that’s Clara David Malcolm’s boys had been monitoring your son Ryan for few weeks now.
” what is she… who is this girl.
” sir check out the next pics
I picked the second picture and what she and Ryan in a club , Ryan is carrying her on his back,they went to a suite ,he took her to such an expensive restaurant.I angrily threw all the pictures to the floor.

” what the hell is this ,is Ryan dating this girl.
” yes sir Malcolm thinks so.and he said Ryan will surely break off the merger because he loves this common girl…. ouch forgive me sir.

” guys take him away for treatment before his legs bleed him to death
” yes sir.
some boys carried him out. how can Ryan be so stupid ,what is he thinking,this little boy keeps disappointing me , does he think he has a future with a commoner ,over my dead body . my phone rang

” tell me
” done ,Jonathan is dead.
” good.
I dropped the call , my other boy Victor walked in , he is my most trusted boy.

” Victor how do I tell this Clara girl to leave my son I kill her mom or her dad.
” sir let’s not act fast ,Ryan is a man maybe it was just for fun…. I mean we all do it , I think he is just using the girl to pass time as we both can see sir she’s very very hot. I think he is just using her to dump her later.
” that’s the problem ,my son is not like that…Ryan is principled .if he is sleeping with her it means he is in love with her.
” sir why don’t we call Anna ,she went to visit him right ..well if he didn’t want her anymore I am sure he must have told her.
” good idea cos I don’t have time to take chances .in the meantime get me info on that girl
” ok sir.
I called Anna on phone.
” hello
” Jonathan will not bother you again
” thanks dad
” is anyone else bothering you
” no it’s all good
” what about did he take the marriage
” well….
” this girl clara David who is she , what is she to Ryan.
“yuou say?

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