AWKWARD NURSE : Season 2 Episode 11 – 21

Episode 18

Mr. Devantes’ pov

Ryan was serious ..this will only happen over my dead body.arrrgh who is the stupid girl?
I called Anna on phone
” Anna!!
” yes dad
” why did you lie to me.
” actually
” send me the profile of that Clara girl
” what
” right away
” actually we no longer…
” am waiting ,don’t get me annoyed.
i want to know everything about her.
” ok dad
my boy rushed in
” Anna is being weak ,go to a.g.h.c and get me the profile of that stupid Clara David ,i guess making her an orphan will make her leave my son.
” yes sir
he rushed out.
” you Victor
” yes sir
” follow Ryan ,i know he is going to meet her
” yes sir
“if it’s unclear to shoot her from far without hurting him wait once he leaves you shoot her .
” yes.
” we need to act fast Ryan doesn’t give empty threats ,he will surely sign off his shares to Carlos.he wants to ruin his life .
” ok sir.
arrrgh Ryan is so stupid… does he think only R.D belongs to him.even if I didn’t tell him,even if I act cold towards him everything I own is under his stupid name.every single damn thing. and he wants to give it to Carlos,does he know what he is giving out? Does he know how rough his future will be? Who is Clara. Killing her will drive him out of this’s better he mourns her death at least his birthright will be secured. Get me her fucking profile so I will start by warning her parents with a bullet each,idiots!!!

Anna’s pov

omg, Clara….. i stormed out of my office leaving my door open .i ran into the matrons’ office.
” mada….
” Clara! Where is her profile
” what
” where is Clara’s profile
” Mr Dervantes worker just took it
” what
i stormed out of the office into the yard….
Ryan did you forget how your dad thinks. It is all my fault I forgot to tell you that your dad already know about Clara … Clara where are you… you are not safe …… run for your life
i stormed into my car I called Jake on phone
” Jake where is Clara
” I don’t know ,I will track her down
” I need Clara to meet me , create a scene for Clara to come to me before Ryan gets to her.
“ok.but where are you going to
” I am going to see Grande
” also send someone to follow Ryan
” come on his dad can’t possibly hurt him
” I trust his dad but not his dad’s boys
“if possible Ryan must never meet Clara ,they are following him around for sure
” ok I will look into that.I think it’s time Clara traveled Anna,she needs go go to Utica
” does she have someone there
“ok work on it
” Anna drive safely
i feel so weak ..i feel pains all over .all the signs Ryan listed I am getting them all.but I can’t die… i will surely visit Sam at the hospital later I won’t forget this time…if I die no one will fight for me. Daniella will marry Ryan and the merger will continue after all all Ryan’s dad cares about is his money …and growing his money.. i have so many reasons why I can’t fall sick again,I can’t get weak ,I can’t die.who will find mom, protect dad, defeat Tonia, pull Malcolm down, secure a.g.h.c .if I die I won’t be happy even in heaven cos it will be a painful death… living like a robot and dying like a that life, won’t I enjoy this life…i am saying all this cos I feel death so close to me…i feel like I won’t last the month . i feel so weak and pained ..but no one must find out…Tonia can’t find out I am weak if she does she will take a.g.h.c from me that’s more reason why am scared to visit Sam at the hospital Tonia or Malcolm none of my enemies can find out that I am dying..God help me I can’t die and I can’t visit coma again….i don’t know how you will do it but just do it ,do it for me. i wiped my tears and coughed out more blood.i wish I could tell Ryan but i don’t want him to love me out of pity.
I drove to sir Dervantes office.

Ryan’ pov

I arrived at a.g.h.c I think I can trace Clara from here . oh God where is that Clara’s best friend . finally I saw Diana rushing out my guards rushed after her they dragged her to me.
” Diana where is Clara
” sir Ryan Clara is gone
” where is she
” I can’t tell you that. You can’t be with my best friend anymore Clara is too fragile and you just keep hurting her
” Diana please … tell Clara to meet me at the beach.I will wait for 3
I want to tell her something important
I won’t hurt her anymore I promise
Diana walked away. Clara please come .I will wait for you till morning I swear.I will wait till you come. I headed for the beach.

Diana’s pov

Ryan is waiting for Clara ,i wonder what he wants to tell her.should I tell Clara ,anyways I know they deserve a chance to be together. I will surely tell Clara when I arrive home. I strolled out of the hospital and took a cab. I headed to Clara’s house. I am sure she is at her new job right now .I will wait for her .

Anna pov

I arrived at Mr Dervantes office and stormed inside in a haste. He sat with his legs on his table.his gun sat on the table it is always there. I walked up to him
” Dad
” Anastasia why did you lie to me
“I didn’t lie,I told you that my marriage to Ryan is secure and Clara is not a problem.
” how Is that… his phone rang he picked up and put it on speaker..
“tell me Victor
” we located her house ,we are there now.her mum is outside while her dad is inside.a young girl is outside and one is inside although between both of them none is Clara.
he looked at my face my heartbeat sank.
” Dad hear me out please
” sir who should we kill first as warning
“hold but stay there
“Anna if what you have to say is not convincing I will tell them to do what they have to do because I can’t sit back and watch my only son give his birthright to Carlos.
what!! Was that Ryan’s plan? Is Ryan drunk? What about his future?
“Dad Ryan won’t do that cos Clara won’t go anywhere with him.
” how are you sure
“I promise you dad Clara is travelling, It’s my duty to secure this marriage …Clara will leave this city just give me time don’t hurt her
“what if your plan doesn’t work? What if she elopes with Ryan and he successfully denounces his birthright
” no Ryan won’t ,I won’t let that happen I don’t want to marry Carlos but not only for my sake I care about Ryan’s future I can’t let him do this dad. trust me
“ok Anna you have 8 hours,I am watching you ,Clara and Ryan.
“ok dad ,thanks.
” 8hours,Clara is dead
I stormed out.God what if Clara gets drunk in love and decides to follow Ryan’s plan ,that’s why I can’t let them meet i rushed into my car.I called Jake
“tell me
“ok the first step to making her move was firing her from the new job and it was successful.
“the second step is chasing them away from home
” good
“but I don’t know if there is any assurance we can stop her from meeting Ryan
” has Ryan told her to meet
“he told her best friend and she is in their house I am sure she is waiting to tell her.
“is there no way you can send Diana out of the house
” am working on it.
he dropped the call.gosh you both really deserve to meet again Clara..I know how much need you have for him.but I swear this might be your last.if you decide to follow Ryan you will eat pain.I don’t know how I will tell you this and you won’t think i am jealous.

Clara’s pov

I can’t believe I got accepted,it feels like a dream but i got a job. Just now one of the workers came to me
“Clara David right
“yes ” I said smiling
“ok,the manager is calling you
“ok. I walked out and moved into his office
” good day sir
” actually dear,your services won’t be needed anymore
“you are fired
“but I just …
“we are sorry
I wiped my tears and rushed out this is painful and embarrassing when did my life become a joke.
I walked for a while then I sat on the roadside and tears just streamed out Anna why are you so cold towards me? Why do you hate me so father’s debtors are coming tomorrow how do I pay them? Where do I get the money? It started raining but pain didn’t let me move.I sat quietly crying my heart out soon i was so wet and I thought the rain would wash away my pain.that was when I noticed two boys following me.ever since the hospital and even now when I stopped here they are still hovering around .are they really stalking me? I stood up and walked slowly in the rain.if they are killers they should kill me cos my life is useless. people watched me from stores and houses.they wondered why I walked in the rain ,they don’t understand that pain had made me psychotic love had made me lose my mind. missing Ryan has dried me up inside.I am just an empty vessel walking the streets in the rain. soon I arrived home.
my mom sat outside with Lia. I bowed and walked past her.she knows better than to ask me why I am wet ,I will just start crying afresh.
I met Diana on my bed
“Clara Ryan is waiting for you
” what
” Ryan is waiting at the beach you missed him so much go to him.
I wiped my tears
“forget the past Clara just go to him,if nothing else just hug him cos you missed him…hug him like your life depends on it.
I stormed out even with my wet cloth ..God I missed you so much Ryan.
and just like Romeo and Juliet Clara died for love and Ryan killed himself. she really love him like psycho.

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