SPEECHLESSNESS : Episode 31 – 41




“Whitney, what are you doing here?’ Noel threw at his ex girl friend angrily closing the file he was working ON.

“I’m here to see how you’re faring since you’ve refused to pick my calls, anyway I’m so sorry for what happened between us at the hotel………..”she said apologetically

“ooooooh please don’t remind me of what I’ve been fighting so hard to forget, you know what, just pick your handbag and leave my office, I don’t ever want to see you again, I regret the day I met you, you made me loose a precious jewel, please I don’t want to use force on you, as you can see I’m not in a good mood today, and I don’t to push you out of my office, just leave “he rebuked her.

She was taken aback by his outburst

“Baby I said I’m sorry, it was just a mistake, I never meant to hit you “she said moving closer to touch him.

He was fed up with her unrepentant behaviour, he thought of how to make her leave, he knew how stubborn and persistent she could be, he quietly stood up and walked out of his office leaving her behind and she rushed after him.

“Baby, please forgive me, I will make it up to you, I’m now ready to marry you just to show you how sorry I am” she said smiling sheepishly

“You’re insane, I will never marry someone like you, I have somewhere important to be right now, I don’t have time to listen to you” he said walking away.

She watched him entered his car and zoomed off. She never knew it would be that hard getting him to forgive her, she wondered what would have made him forget her so easily.


George was so happy to have his aunt around, His mum couldn’t get enough of her sister, they spend their day going round Lagos, they even paid Mirabel a surprise visit in school. Mirabel was excited to finally meet her mum’s lost twin sister, she spoke to her cousins on the phone and they promised to be home for Christmas celebration.

His mum and aunt prepared a delicious meal for dinner. They planned a small farewell party for him since he would leave the country the next day for Canada to further his education.
He was filled with joy as he watched his family eat with love and oneness. Seeing everyone in this mood, he decided to break the news to his parents,

“Dad” he muttered

His dad looked up from his plate of food

“Did you just call me? “his dad asked sipping from a glass of water

“There’s something I would like to tell you and mum” he said picking his food with fork

”we’re all ears, “his mum said

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to study abroad anymore.

His dad dropped his fork immediately in shock

“Are you out of your mind George? You’re supposed to leave the country tomorrow and you’re telling me that you can’t travel again, I need an explanation“ his dad said softly feeling disappointed

“Dad, I’m sorry for making you spend so much, but I don’t want to travel anymore, I will do my masters here in Nigeria”

“Have you really thought about this son? Do you know the implications of what you’re saying?“ his mum asked him

“eeerm, if this is what he wants then leave the poor guy alone, he has the right to decide where he wants to study or not, I think he’s man enough to know what he wants” his aunt chipped in

“No, no, no, no, this is not America, do you know how much I’ve spent on him? I’ve paid his tuition fee and for other necessary thing he needs, he should have told me about his decision, why did he allow me to spend this much before saying this, I don’t have anything to say yet, until tomorrow when you don’t leave, then you will know what I can do” he thundered pushing away his food.

“I’ve lost my appetite, you better talk to your son” he threw at his wife and went upstairs angrily

There was quietness on the table, no one spoke to each other, his mother spoke up

“George please I don’t want you and your father to quarrel over irrelevant issue, think about the money we’ve spent so far, your dad has told his friends you’re leaving tomorrow to further your education abroad, now you suddenly changed your mind, your father is not happy with you,just go to his room and apologise to him, tell him you will leave tomorrow“ his mother advised him

“why are you bothered about the money you’ve spent, you haven’t even asked why I changed my mind, please I need to be left alone, I need sometime alone, excuse me” he sprang up and went to his room, he hurried down seconds later and they heard him drive out.


“Noel, it’s getting late, I think it’s time you go” Debbie told him as he cuddled their baby

“But I’m not yet done playing with my prince, I won’t mind sleeping over to sing him to sleep” he replied

“I don’t want my fiance to meet you here at this hour of the night”she took the baby from him and handed him to his nanny

“I need to shower and sleep,i had a hectic day at the embassy “she said dismissively yawning

Noel understood the message she was passing across, he stood up and adjusted his shirt, he bade her good night and turned to leave,she walked him to the door ,but he stopped half way

“Please can you grant me a favour? “he asked her amidst tears

She turned away trying not to have eye contact with him.

“What favour? “she asked him avoiding his eyes

The next thing he did surprised her, he hugged her so tight

“Stop it, someone might walk in on us” Debbie said trying to push him away from her

“I’m sorry for all I did to you, you’ve punished me enough by rejecting my love, please don’t punish me more by taking my son away from me, I need you and him in my life, I love you so much, I was a fool but I’ve realised my mistake, please don’t separate a son from his father”he said in tears

She pushed him away forcefully,

“Get out!!!!!!, Don’t ever come back here again, you’re over stepping your boundary, “she said running up to her room


George has been driving for hours, he still doesn’t want to go home, he checked his time and it was 11pm, his phone rang again and he ignored it, he checked it and saw 40 missed calls from his mother and 20missed calls from his aunt, he sighed and dropped the phone, he didn’t check before making a U-turn all he heard suddenly was someone screamed and collapsed in front of his car,

He was trembling in fear as he alighted from his car and carried the girl into his car, he ignited his engine and zoomed off. He saw a hospital close-by and took the victim there.

She was quickly attended to and the doctor was called in immediately, he thought of who to call and remembered his uncle. He called his uncle to inform him of what happened. He waited impatiently for the doctor to come out, he was sweating profusely, he was pacing up and down the hospital when he was asked to deposit some money and he quickly did.

******* The doctor finally came out and told him that the accident victim only sustained minor injuries, and she fainted out of shock. He told him that she would be better the next day and advised him to go home and rest.

He thanked the doctor and headed to his uncle’s house where he planned to stay for sometime.

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