AWKWARD NURSE : Season 2 Episode 11 – 21


By Chidinma Jerry M

Season 2 (Episode 15)

” who is Clara
“I dont know
“Evan didn’t say anything about her?
“No! I and Ryan are fine …he didn’t talk about her and I don’t care about any other girl he is using for fun all I know that he loves me very much
” good my dear
“ok dad
“good luck on the new hospital
“thanks dad.

I dropped the call

” Victor you were right , she is just for fun
“ok ,should i continue investigating Clara
” pend it for now … I am going on a trip so I need you to check the road for me
” ok sir.
” you all can leave , send in the girl
” ok .

Anna’s pov

I returned home immediately after I was done with office work .Sam was attending to my dad I sat quietly waiting till he was done with my dad so. He walked out to me

“Anna let’s talk in private
” ok.

we walked into my study and I sat facing him while wiping my tears

” Anna your father’s immune system is failing…do you think he might have being taking poison from home.
” no I made sure he doesn’t. His food is ordered privately and it’s from a sure source.
” then I don’t understand why his tissues are getting damaged if this is not poisoning I don’t know what it’s not visible in my tests
” what are you saying?
” Anna I gave him some drugs…let’s watch but be careful about your dad Anna watch everything he eats if he takes the poison again serious breakdown will start. He might cripple him for life
” ok but I’m sure it’s not poisoning.
” if so he will be okay.
I smiled
he looked at me for a while then he stood up and walked to me.
he took my face into his hands and looked into my eyes, then my nose, my lips he looked at me for a while
” Sam stop,what are you doing
” Anna wait…. shut up
he moved my hair and looked at my shoulders he gently shifted my cloth. Does he want to see my bra too..
” do you want to see my bra?
” do you want Ryan to kill me?.
he raised his hands to my hair and gently touched it then he moved from me
” Anna we need to meet at the hospital
” Anna we need to meet am serious
” what’s wrong you are scaring me
” no don’t be … but we really need to meet Anna don’t forget ok
” sure but dad is alright now right?
” yes
he rushed out while dialing his phone to make a call I looked at myself in the mirror. What was that.

Mrs. Tonia’s pov

Malcolm’s agent won’t pick so I called Malcolm .
” tell Me Tonia
” he is sick again. I carefully added the poison just when he wanted to shatter your plans
” good I hope he dies this time
“yes he will,it will cripple him first
” good I hope Anna won’t find out it is poison
” no she can’t suspect that cos all his food is being monitored by her .
” haha she doesn’t know that the poison is all around him
” yes
” how is Anna taking this? Is she weak and crying.
” she is crying in her room but when she comes out you can’t see a tear in her eyes. Malcolm Anna is not someone who will fall easily or get weak easily it will take a little time
” time or no time.her father’s death will be my domination against her
” good
” she thinks she will buy that hospital tomorrow well she had better come and prove to me if she is smart enough to buy that hospital from me.
” I know you will buy it before her Malcolm
“I will.
” how is Isabella
” Isabella is getting useless .. just when I needed her to sign off some powers to you so you can help me fight Anna from within she started acting more psychotic
” Malcolm she will sign it.
” when Tonia
” I think I gave her too much of that drug… we won’t drug her again until she comes back to her senses and sign it.
” And after that
” after that we kill her.
” nice thinking Tonia
” yes just don’t forget your promise
” I won’t. Don’t forget how much I helped you in the past, remember I know the secret behind Daniella Tonia you can’t fail me.
” don’t try to blackmail me Malcolm
” I won’t ,i placed you here and I can expose and remove you.. I told you before once Grande group succumbs a.g.h.c is yours Tonia .It will be called. T.G.H.C. I smiled .

I dropped the call.

Clara’s pov

Finally I arrived New York. I I sat quietly on a pavement having thoughts to’s time to go back to living my life.

I took a cab and headed home the first sight I met was a crowd of men and women harassing my family.I rushed in.
my mom stood with my dad

” mom,dad. what’s all this
“actually Clara your dad is owing them
“but how
” Clara we will talk later for now we are trying to make them leave
i took the file from my’s the file where the men wrote their total cost.
i turned to the oldest
” I don’t need greeting I need my money.
” actually we don’t have this money now but i will pay you in 3 days time.
” then it is a deal
” yes
” if we don’t get our money a member of your family will be arrested.
” till then yongam

they turned and walked away.i turned to my dad already stormed inside he was never a man of many words.

“mum how did we get into this
” actually Clara Anastasia demolished..
” dad’s shop.
“yes she did.he is owing those men from there
i placed both hands across my face and sat on the bench outside my mom walked inside. tears tried streaming I wiped it off. Clara must you cry about everything? Anna I thought leaving Ryan was enough, why do you want us to leave this city too? why are you so cold? I already said i was wrong. i stood up and walked slowly into my room.

Liam’s POV

my boy just walked in
” tell me
“Clara left New York
” where is she now?
” actually we don’t know
” what is that? How to keep an eye on someone is now difficult
” we lost track off her when she left Africa. My guys who were suppose to trace her from New York had not seen her yet
” does this mean she had not entered New York
” no it means they missed her
“get out

omg I miss that girl so much that i just can’t concentrate on anything. I wish I know her house. such a lively angel! i fell deeply for Clara after just 2 days with her.. she didn’t only occupy my being she occupied my thinking.i discouraged myself because I knew she was in love with Ryan but Anna strengthening the merger might mean Ryan doesn’t love her too and if she comes back before Ryan, it means they broke up.right now I want to be the next lucky man if Clara should choose someone else even if it’s just for rebound,even if she will use me to move on I don’t care I just want to be around her.i wish to be the only man in her life right now.and if Anna weds Ryan.i want to be that man who will hold Clara.i want to make her dreams come true even If she doesnt love me I want to love her. i am looking for Clara. Where is she?

Anna’s pov.

i was going through important files in my office. I am happy because I know my research team must have bought that hoslital by now just then Rachel rushed in

” tell me
” madam there is chaos in the research department
” did they already purchase the hospital
” no we don’t know how Malcolm found out but he logged in Anna he is about buying the hospital.
” what? But he doesn’t need that hospital
” we both know he wants to stop you from purchasing it.
I started coughing again .why is fear trying to overtake me
” madam what’s worse is all investors are in the hall
” what?
“I think Tonia called a meeting Anna ,they are all waiting for the announcement of the new hospital. Tonia wants to embarrass you publicly.

” what!!!!!!

Diana’s pov

omg the chaos is much investors were busy shouting” where is the new hospital.
in two hours we will lose our license to remove any property from the old hospital. our money and resources buried. All this is on Anna.

just then she walked out wearing a white suit she looks good. I know you can do this Anna fighting !!! . just now the press rushed her Jesus Christ! Where are her guards the heat was heavy.I hope she doesn’t get hurt.and she no longer have rushed out and the press threw questions.
” Anna what are you doing about the hospital in india? Too much is at stake.

” Anna how could you be so careless to watch government close down a patient filled hospital? Now you have less than two hours before you lose the license to move anything…how will you get another hospital so fast .

” m.h.c seems more trustworthy than a.g.h.c!!!

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