By Naomi Cindy B.


Granny stood from her chair and walked to him, placing an hand on his back.

“It’s not your fault, don’t start blaming yourself” she muttered, but he only cried more.

“She got hurt” he said tearfully, staring at her bandaged forehead.

“It’s not your fault treasure, stop feeling guilty” granny patted his back repeatedly, and he closed his eyes as tears ran out again.

Jemima’s eyes opened suddenly, and granny immediately let go of Maxwell.

“Mima you’re awake!”

Maxwell turned his teary eyes to her, and she spranged up when their eyes met.

She crawled so fast to him in bed and hugged him tightly, like he’d run away if she held him less tight.

“I’m so sorry Max, I promise not the keep anything from you again, I promise with my life so please… Don’t leave me, don’t leave me baby, please don’t…

“Did I mention breaking up?” He said, and she sniffed, letting go of him to stare into his eyes which were still wet.


“I’d be stupid to do that after promising you that I’d never leave you, I’m not a liar” he whispered, holding her face in his palms firmly.

“I’m so sorry, you got hurt cos of me” he said again, and she began crying too.

“I’m sorry for keeping it from you, it’d never happen again” she said, and he nodded before pulling her into a tight hug, climbing the bed with her so he’d get closer.

He was caressing her hair as it stayed on his chest, and their tears began drying up.

Granny smiled satisfactorily.

“I’ll find a way to clear all the mess, chairman and Warren left to find the source of edition already, I need the find Darrell myself” Maxwell said, breaking the hug after a while.

“You’re leaving me here?” Jemima replied, holding his shirt tightly.

“Granny will keep you company, I’m not running away, I have to really do this.

Darrell is currently wanted by the cops, but I have to help the cops too, I can’t just sit when your reputation is getting tainted, you’re losing followers and fans, and the company is in danger too” he said, and she hugged him again.

“I really don’t care about all of those, so far I have you” she said, and he sighed.


She broke the hug, and he kssed her forehead.

“I’ll be right back” he smiled, and she caressed his face before releasing him.

He left the ward, and Francesca came back in immediately, with Dolores though.

“Cesca!” She gasped, and she ran to her, climbing the bed to hug her.

“Mum why did you hurt yourself!!!” She began crying.

“I’m so sorry baby, I promise not to do it again” Jemima replied, tightening her arms on her.

“I believe my mum, you’re not a slvt so why hurt yourself? Mum” she cried again, and Jemima broke the hug to hold her face.

“Daddy will take care of it ok? Just stop crying please” she said, and Francesca nodded before hugging her again.


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