By Naomi Cindy B.

Immediately he dropped her, he grabbed her slim waist and pulled her close, kssing her slowly.

She kssed him back just as slow, enjoying his full taste again. She didn’t realize how much she missed this till now.

She missed him too much, and she hung her arms on his neck like that, deepening the kss without minding the presence of the kids.


“Whoaa!!! Take a look at our power couple!” Warren shouted, and everyone faced them.

“Whoa!!!” Sloane screamed, covering her mouth with her palms.

“Oh M Gee!” Cypress shouted, and Oliver laughed.

“Sweet” he said.

“This is so cute!” Francesca gushed.

“Aww!” Miguel chuckled.

They weren’t even hearing the comments, they’re so lost in each other right now that the only sounds entering their ears is the sound of their erratic heartbeats.

Maxwell tightened his arms on her waist, devouring more of her lips as their tongues fought.

He missed this as much as she does, or even more, and he couldn’t get enough of it as usual.

When he finally broke it, they were both breathing hard, locking gazes

“I love you” he smiled affectionately, rubbing her hair.

She brought her right hand to his face and caressed his cheek slowly.

“I love you more, cupcake” she smiled, and they hugged tightly.

Thirty minutes later, they’re already out of the water, they stayed beside it since it’s already dark, but thanks to the bright mansion lights, it’s like daybreak.

Maxwell prepared the grill for the barbeque with the guys while the girls did videos and snapped pictures.

“Frances come lemme get a selfie of you!” Jemima said, grabbing their phones together.

Francesca quickly wore her pink hat and posed cutely beside the pool, looking away as Jemima snapped her with their phones at once.

“Fk, My baby is so adorable, I’m posting this straight on my IG” she smiled, checking out the picture.

Francesca rushed to her to check it, and she began jumping immediately.

“Mum I’m so pretty! Snap another one please!” She rushed to pose again, and Jemima laughed as she resumed.

“I’m a fking good photographer, so trust me to give you good shots Sloane” Cypress said, bending funnily beside the pool as she gave Sloane different shots.

“Clean and fresh, they’re all going to my feed” Sloane winked, lowering her hat.

“Trust me” Cypress replied, bending more just to snap it perfectly.

“Ladies are so problematic” Warren said by the grill.

The barbeque is just some minutes away from getting done.

“They take centuries to bath, they take millennium to make up, and they can snap pictures for decades” Maxwell replied.

“Not all though, Cypress doesn’t wear makeup and she’s beautiful like that, she’s not a fan of pictures too, and I guess she doesn’t take long to bath” Oliver said.


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