By Naomi Cindy B.


Sloane walked to her and hugged her so tight, and she immediately did the same.

“Everything is over so quickly” she whispered.

“I’m just so happy I’m surrounded with people who love me, what’d I have done without them” Jemima said, and they broke the hug.

“We promised to stop keeping secrets from each other since highschool remember?” Sloane said.

“Yeah It’s still valid, I love you Sloane” Jemima replied.

“I love you too, Jemima” she said, and they hugged again.

Maxwell smiled, and Miguel went to Francesca.

“I’m glad we’re of the same bI.ood, but too bad our dad is a bstard” he said.

“Bastard is too presentable for him, he’s a scum of the earth, I can’t wait for him to get caught, and if he doesn’t, then I’ll become a cop when I grow up and catch him myself” Francesca replied.

“Me too” Miguel replied, and they hugged.

“So I heard I’m your senior with two days, you should start calling me big sis from now on” Francesca said, and Miguel smiled.

“Yes, big sis” he said, and Francesca laughed.

They broke the hug , and he laughed too.

“Big sis my foot, your name is Francesca”

Chairman smiled widely, releasing a loud exhale.

“Y’all deserve a vacation, go on a one day vacation” he said, and they faced him.

“I’m not joking, I’ll watch over the company till you guys return, and Sloane you should find someone to watch over yours too, y’all must leave for the island today, come back tommorow night, then Maxwell gets inaugurated as the CEO the day after that” he said, and Maxwell smiled as Jemima walked to him.

She hugged chairman tightly, and he quickly reciprocated.

“I love you, dad”

“I love you daughter, do things that make you happy from now on, please” he replied, and she nodded as they tightened the hug.



“Wow! Isn’t money really the king of humans? I wasn’t expecting it to end so quick, chairman is a man” Lincoln said, dropping his tab on the table.

“They might have been vindicated, but that won’t return the followers they lost” CleoSpeedy replied from the stairs.

“Stop talking like you don’t know how it works, the hypocrites who unfollowed her cos of the video will surely follow again within two days, let’s bet it” Lincoln replied.

“Whatever, I’m only interested in Maxwell right now anyways” CleoSpeedy said, coming down.

“Don’t you think it’d be too dangerous to mess with him? He’s getting more powerful everyday, and now that the chairman is behind him, I’m somehow intimidated” Lincoln said.

“I had plans to kll him before but maybe that’d be too extreme for someone who has a powerful chairman behind him” CleoSpeedy replied.

“So? What are we gonna do? I must admit it I’m scared, we both know he swims better, and if he wins the tournament, then I’m leaving Paris for life” he stood.

“He needs fine arms to swim, right? I only need to mess with his arms, then we’re good” CleoSpeedy smiled, and the doorbell rang.

Lincoln quickly went to get it, and a sour look formed on his face when he saw Molly.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, and she frowned

“Excuse me? That question in my boyfriend’s house? Stop joking” she said and made to go in, but he pushed her away.

“Lincoln!” She gasped.

“The fact that we fked once doesn’t make me your boyfriend, did I ask you out?

Come on get out of here! Go back to your boyfriend” he rolled eyes and shut the door on her face.


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