By Naomi Cindy B.



Darrell is currently chilling by his pool with two bches, scking on their bbs one by one while they giggle. They’re fully nked, excited by every of his touch.

“I’m rich!!!!” He screamed, revealing his neck veins as he grabbed a bottle of champagne and poured it all into the pool.

“Once again I’m rich!!!” He shouted, and the bches began caressing his skin, begging for his dk.

He was about to suck on them again when his phone rang, and immediately he saw it’s it’s Tatiana, he laughed again and swiped green.


“You can’t leave that house like I said, the cops will never find the house no matter how much they search, so stay low till everything clears off” she said.

“How many times will you call to say that? I’m fine here and I’m not coming out ok? Rest!!” He shouted and dropped the call.

He laughed loudly again, showing off all his teeth as he began scrolling online, enjoying the chaos he created.

The hate comments and posts about Sloane and Jemima is still on, and the video is still trending.

“fk, can this get any better?” He grinned and was about to leave online when a video suddenly caught his eyes.

He stopped, and a frown formed on his face immediately he played it.

“My name is Beverly Williams, the only daughter of Don Williams, the textile god, I’m recording this to tell y’all about what I’ve been passing through with the man who called himself my father. I was locked up and used as his sx toy as he pleased, and he only gave me food when he pleased too, my dad took my virginity and klled my boyfriend, he destroyed everything good in my existence, and I only had the chance to run away some weeks ago when he was jailed, but even in jail, he’s still after me and my savior, please help me, I’m…

Darrell stopped the video immediately, and he jumped out of water.

“Where are you going?” His bches asked, but without looking back, he entered the house and changed into pa.nts and a thin clothe before rushing out of the house.

Be was still watching the video on the tab as he entered a car and drove out of the house.

“Where the h’ll is she making the video from?” He muttered as he drove, still watching it.

He hasn’t driven for ten minutes when a car knowingly drove into his car, causing his head to hit hard on the wheel.

He passed out immediately, and Williams man came out of the other car.

Darrell was bundled into his car, and he took him away.



The spicy chicken soup she was having tasted so great that morning, and it’s still like that till a news came on TV, a statement from Magnolia about the video.

Her eyes widened immediately, and she spranged up.

“How did she detect it’s her video? I made the editor draw some flesh from her body so it’d look slender like Jemima, so…how did…

She tuned into another station, and same thing is airing, the statement by Magnolia, and she’s also planning to sue whoever used her video for such.

“Shit!” Tatiana spat and dialled Darrel’s line, but it’s off, so she made to dial Clara’s, but her call came in immediately

“Mum! Mum did you see the news?” She quickly asked.

“Magnolia’s statement? That’s unimportant right now, she didn’t detect that you’re behind it and there’s no way she’d detect, so dress up right now and come to the company, chairman called a board meeting and wants you to be there!” Clara gushed.

“Don’t tell me I’m becoming the CEO already!” Tatiana gasped.

“Dress up and come!!” Clara shouted, and she hung up to rush upstairs.


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