By Naomi Cindy B.


It was all your plan to have me when I was drunk, then pin the child of another man on me just to infiltrate into my family, it was Eunice who told me to take you in as my second wife back then yunno?

She was too kind-hearted that she couldn’t even stand a pregnant woman getting rejected, but what did she get in return?

You klled her and now you’re trying to kll me, your stupid daughter ruined my daughter’s reputation too!

I’m sure she sent Darrell to her and her her friend in highschool to do that, Darrell works for her!” Chairman shouted, he was already crying.

“What did i do to you? What err did I do to deserve this kinda wickedness from you Clara? Why!!!” He shouted devastatingly.

Jemima left Maxwell’s side immediately, going for Clara who was still kneeling.

She grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down, coming on top of her to whack her face with sI.aps and hts.

The cops began trying to take her away as Clara began crying.

“Wtch!!! I don’t remember commiting any sin against you so why? Why did you kll mum!!

She did nothing wrong wtch!!! Absolutely nothing!!! She was such a kind soul so why!!!” She cried, pvnching her again.

When they finally took her from bI.eeding Clara, she jumped on Dr. Greg and attached her teeth to his neck, bting him so hard there

“Arggggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled in pains as her teeth dug into him.

Max took her from him this time, but she replaced her immediately, pvnching Dr. Greg countless times on the face before stopping.

“Your license is getting seized, and if you don’t rot in jail, then I’m not Maxwell Milla, animals like you don’t deserve to reside with humans” he breathed, holding crying Jemima.

“File their cases right now, I’m not backing off anytime soon, I’m escorting them to jail” chairman said, wiping his tears.

“Darrell still hasn’t been found, but there’s no record of him leaving the country.

We’d leave no stone unturned sir, so he’s getting caught soon, we promise” the cop said again.



Jemima entered with Maxwell, then chairman came in behind with Francesca.

They’re all holding flowers, and when they got to a particular grave, they stopped.

Eunice Andrade-Kings was written boldly on top, and Jemima dropped her flower gently on it.

“How have you been mum?” She smiled sadly.

“I know I promised to come see you every year, and it hasn’t been a year since my last visit, but I just miss you” she sniffed, and Maxwell squatted beside her, placing an hand on her back.

“Don’t start crying again” he said, and she nodded, resting her head in his shoulder.

“I miss you so much mum, wish you’re here. I got a handsome caring perfect boyfriend, He’s so handsome” she said, and Maxwell smiled, dropping his flower too.

“I promise to take care of her for the rest of my life, you don’t have to worry, mother-in-law” he smiled.

Francesca dropped her flower next, and she waved like she’s seeing her.

“Granny Eunice, please stay good up there” she said, and chairman squatted beside her, dropping his flower too.

“I promised to always say sorry anytime I come here, and it’s still on darling, I’m so sorry.

If I hadn’t made the mistake with Clara, you’d still be alive with me right now” he sniffed, and Francesca rubbed his hair.

“Don’t cry, grandpa” she said, and he nodded.

They spent a lotta time at the site before leaving, and they met Sloane with Miguel in front of it.

“Sloane” Jemima smiled.


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