By Naomi Cindy B.



Clara was handcuffed as she was led out of the house by three cops, and she was looking so defeated as she got taken to the police car waiting in front of the mansion.

She was pushed into the car which moved immediately, to the cops station.

They arrived shortly, and she was taken in.

“Mum!” Tatiana shouted from where she’s sitting, she made to stand but was held down by the cops.

“Mum!’ she made to stand again, and more cops held her down.

“Mum make me understand! How the fk is Dr. Greg my dad!!” She shouted.

“Moritz submitted the screenshots of his chat with you, and the transfer details of the money you sent him for the edition.

Magnolia confirmed that the original video is hers in her statement, and she aired the original video in her blog already, so miss Tatiana, you have no right to talk right now unless you’re asked to, it’s not advisable” a cop said, and she calmed down.

Dr. Greg was brought in immediately, handcuffed like the others.

Chairman came in with Jemima and Maxwel, and chairman took his sit in front of Clara who was looking like she has a lump in her throat.

“How dare you try to poison me after everything you’ve done, you connived with your lover to have me poisoned?

You’re wicked than I thought” he said, and Clara swallowed nothing as he faced Dr. Greg.

“Still remember the day I came to the hospital for a DNA test with Tatiana’s hair?” He said, and Dr. Greg’s face went down.

“I gave you the hair for the test, and you left the office, forgetting to take your phone along.

Your phone began ringing immediately you left, and as a boss who cares about his subordinates, I took the phone to come give it to you at the lab, but then I saw you entering the store room instead of the lab.

I got suspicious and followed, stayed by the door to eavesdrop, and I heard everything you talked to Clara about.

She told you to forge results for me to hide the fact that Tatiana is your daughter, then she told you to get me poisoned multivitamins” chairman said, and Dr. Greg began sweating.

Clara began shaking, and Tatiana’s eyes wouldn’t stop becoming bigger.

“I planted a voice spy on your phone that day, and I’ve been listening to every call you’ve been making with Clara since then, I found out about how you klled Eunice and made it look like heart attack from there, I submitted the recordings already, so don’t even try to deny” chairman continued, and Jemima covered her mouth as she began crying again.

“You were trying to kll me with the poisoned multivitamins too like her, but I got real multivitamins that day before I got home, so the drugs you’ve always been making me take before eating are real, I never took your poison, i submitted it to the cops” chairman said again, and Clara went on her knees.


“I went for test in another hospital with the hair after leaving the hospital that day, and it was really confirmed that she’s not mine.

She belongs to Greg, but I only played along since then to make you believe I’m a fool, whereas you’re the real fool” chairman smiled sadly as he wiped the tears on his face.


Clara tried touching his legs, but he kcked her away, and she fell on the ground heavily.

“How dare you!!! The one night stand I had with you back then was planned too, right?


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