By Naomi Cindy B.

Maxwell walked in majestically, and the clapping became louder as he stopped by the door, looking at the faces of everyone with a bright smile.

If anyone told him he’d grow to the level of becoming a CEO, he’d have denied with all the energy he’s got, but here he is right now, CEO of the largest company in Paris.


His eyes met with Jemima’s, and the smile on his face grew wider.

He met her just months ago, and he could swear that that was when his life began turning around.

Every good thing happening to him is all because of her, and he won’t stop respecting and giving her that acknowledgement till forever, she’s his lucky charm so rare.

Jemima smiled back, and they held eyes as he began walking to his seat.

The clapping continued till he arrived, and he took his seat before the others did.

“Thanks for welcoming me cheerfully y’all. I’m not perfect, nobody is, but I’ll try my best to make Skyline grow immensely, please let’s work hard, and support me till the end, I hope we all get along” he said shortly, and another round of applause followed from everyone.

“Welcome on board, Mr. Milla. I can still remember when you came to my office to beg for my presence at a meeting, who’d have thought you’d end up being my boss?” The chief director said, and everyone laughed.

“You still like sponge cake? We’re getting it together soon” Maxwell replied.

” Thanks, boss” the man replied, and chairman chuckled.

“And on the seat of chairwoman, my daughter will take over” he said afterwards, and Jemima stood amidst claps too, smiling prettily .

“I’m sorry about the incident the other time, though it’s not my fault, but I still have to apologise since it happened cos of me.

I promise that from now on, I’ll only do things to push this company forward like I do before, and as the chairwoman, y’all will enjoy some juicy benefits, look forward to it” she said sweetly.

” Whoa!!! ”

She was choked with hailing from the directors, and she was chuckling as she returned to her seat.

“Shall we party tonight? To celebrate this” chairman said.

“Was just about to say that” Jemima replied.

” A party for me? ” Maxwell blinked.

“Tell the staffs and workers, at 8pm tonight, the inauguration party is on! ” Chairman said.

” Yes!” Jemima gushed.



Maxwell entered his new office for the first time and sighed, lessening the grip of his tie on his neck.

He has been spending time with the staffs, getting to know them more since he left the introductory meeting, and it has been hectic.

“Can’t believe I’m completely swamped up on my first day, how will the rest look? ” He muttered, touching the golden slate that has his name on the desk. C. E. O Maxwell Milla.

He smiled as he traced his fingers on it, loving the authority it carries.

He was still on it when his stomach rumbled.

“Hunger?” He asked himself, and Jemima came in immediately with two packages of lunch.

“Tada!” She raised both joyfully.

“Gem” he smiled, and he ran like a kid to him, hugging him with the packages.

“You’re finally here” he pouted.

“It’s stressful, right?” She broke the hug to look at his tired face.

“A lot” he tilted his head, and she smiled, dropping the packages before holding his face.

“Don’t worry it’d only be like that today” she caressed his cheeks, and he smiled, pulling her into another hug.

“Let’s eat, I brought lunch” she said, pulling him to the couches with the packages.


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