‘’honey what is the problem’’ Linda asked

‘’cindy just told me that chioma has given birth to a b—–d’’

‘’really?? So she still survived it. pls honey I would like to discuss something with you’’

‘’Ok dear whats that about??’’

‘’I don’t want that girl in my house again’’

‘’hmm but you know I married her but I don’t love her anymore so where do you want me to send her to’’

‘’Jake are you out of your mind, I said I don’t want her in this house again’’

‘’ok fine … anything for you baby let me tell Nkechi to arrange her things she would now be leaving in the boys quarter ‘’

‘’boys quarter is ok for her but I don’t want to ever see her here again’’


‘’Cindy as I was saying, am not going back to that house again from this hospital am going to Enugu with my child’’

‘’no now pls don’t leave, I wont allow you to take Derek away’’

‘’am not taking Derek away, you can come anytime to see him’’

‘’pls if you take him away now its going to be hard for him to believe we are his people because he is too tender. Why don’t you allow him grow with us then you can go with him if you wish’’

‘’cindy there is nothing you will say that will make me change my mind, according to Jake he is not his son but Michael’s son so pls leave us to go’’

‘’Chioma this is also my son pls leave him with me and of course you are still needed to breas-t feed him’’

‘’I said no, am leaving with my child’’

‘’if you say so no problems, you can settle the hospital bills and go to wherever you want to go to’’ cindy said slowly regretting her statement.

‘’Cindy!!! Even you, off course you know I don’t have a kobo’’

‘’(regretting) not really, I want you to stay you will stay with me in my room and I promise you won’t have anything to do with being a maid again trust me I know how to get jake’’

‘’its alright, my God will help me out of this situation’’ Chioma concluded.

The next day in the evening, Chioma was discharged from the hospital, she and Derek journeyed home with Cindy. They got home and Chioma was directed to her new home, she felt a bit happy that she wasn’t going to stay with Jake and Linda again. Cindy also joined Chioma in the boys quarter so she wouldn’t feel lonely.

Few month passed by, cindy did all her best to stop chioma from being a maid and of course she was successful. She also persuaded Jake to let chioma have freedom of movement to go wherever she wanted to go but not before begging chioma not to run away. Chioma decided to stay till Derek was over one year old before she would go to Enugu. Cindy bought a new phone for her and did everything just to make her happy……


Chioma was on her way returning from the supermarket when a young guy called her from a car….

‘’hello pretty pls can you offer me little of your time’’

Chioma looked back again to be sure if she was the one he was calling, when it was clear to her she then went to meet the guy’’

‘’Good afternoon’’ she greeted

‘’afternoon, forgive my approach earlier am Emmanuel but you can call me Nuel’’

‘’ok am chioma’’

‘’wow chioma… nice name, do you live around here because I have been seeing you of recent’’

‘’I live down the street’’

‘’okk but where exactly’’

‘’am sorry I can’t tell you, I don’t know you’’

‘’oh hahaha well am of no harm beside that am a very popular doctor in this resident alpha hospital’’

‘’are you the owner of alpha???’’

‘’yes, I have been seeing you and you are looking so attractive. Let me just go straight to the point I like you I would like us to get married’’

‘’haaaaa… you don’t even know me and you are already telling me of marriage is that how you behave, pls am not interested’’ she said walking away.

‘’ok am sorry let me drop you off’’

‘’leave me alone!!!! Am not interested Mr doctor’’ she shouted increasing her pace

‘’oh d–n.., sorry’’

She stopped a bike immediately which took her straight home. Derek was awake already and crying so she prepared food for him, after eating he was now smiling and playing with his mummy’s hair on the bed. Some hours later after Chioma finished cooking, a knock landed on the door and it was Cindy knocking.

‘’Cindy welcome, how was work today??’’

‘’my sister stressful as usual, where and how is my boy’’

‘’he is inside the room playing, he loves to play so much’’

‘’hmmmm just like his father, Jake played a lot during his childhood day’’

‘’whatever I prepared spaghetti your favorite ‘’

‘’wow thanks sis, let me freshen up before eating we have a lot to discuss’’

Cindy returned to the sitting room some minutes later with Derek in her hand
‘’sister pls help me dish my food I have no strength’’

‘’ok you have no problem’’ chioma said going to the kitchen and returned back later with a tray containing hot plate of spaghetti, a table water and a tumbler..

‘’thanks, sister chioma I want Derek to start school at 10 months what do you think’’

‘’that’s a good idea, am ok with that but its in four months time’’

‘’oh yea I know, my boy is really growing up look at how big he is getting’’

‘’(smiles) thanks to his aunty’’

‘’no no thanks to his mother. You are really taking good care of Derek, very caring and has all attribute of a mother.. how I wish my brother will get back to his senses’’ cindy said sadly

‘’thanks cindy if I don’t who will???’’

‘’hahaha that’s true..ehn I met a friend today who directed me to one of her pastors, I want to call him to come here for a family prayer maybe his prayers will bring Jake back to his senses’’

‘’hmm that’s a very good idea dear but even if Jake comes back to his senses, I won’t still forgive him or have anything to do with him. Jake has left a very big hole in my heart and its not going to be easy to close it up, in general am just tired of men’’

‘’you mean if he realize his mistake and ask you for forgiveness you won’t accept him back??’’

‘’Never, Jake is a perpetual begger he is always begging and still sinning again. Honestly am tired of him and I don’t have any single feelings for Jake again, he is free to come and see his son whenever he feels like but the relationship is over’’

‘’hmmm sister you are serious oooo so do you mean that I shouldn’t bother to call the pastor??’’

‘’I didn’t say so but its for the betterment of your brother and not me’’ Chioma said firmly.

‘’hmmm if you say so’’ cindy replied as she swallowed the masticated spaghetti in her mouth.


‘’whatsup Nuel’’

‘’sammy am cool, I saw your text’’

‘’yea,I wanted us to chill out since I know you would be free today’’ Sammy said filling a list of what he would be wanting on the table

‘that true so how was your day??’’

‘’boring since am off day’’

‘’that reminds me you leave at madu crescent right??’’

‘’yea any problem with that’’

‘’uhmm not really, there is this lady I have been seeing in that area for the past one week now but I couldn’t figure out her exact residence she is chioma by name fair in complexion do you know her???’’

‘’hmmm chioma fair in complexion I don’t think I know her you know that street is very long over 200 houses’’

‘’yea that true’’

‘’so whats with you and the girl??’’

‘’well I like her and I think she is the right woman for me’’

‘’hahaha nuel so you finally want to marry??’’ Sammy asked as the attendance filled the table with lots of drinks and meats of different kinds.

‘’is it a crime to marry???’’

‘’don’t mind me, I thought you weren’t interested in women things’’

‘’really so does that mean I wont marry…. Anyway am ready to get married’’

‘’wait a minute you said chioma fair in complexion’’

“Yea, is there any problem’’

‘’the chioma I know is fair, she leaves in Madu crescent but I don’t think she is a single lady’’

‘’hmm the one am talking about is very young and she should be in her early 20s or less she is not married’’

‘’ok I only know of a married Chioma in that street, I think I even have one of her pictures here’’ Sammy said bringing out his phone.

‘’nawa ooo you want to kill me with food’’

‘’haha bro eat joor we are chilling out, this is her picture’’ Sammy said showing it to nuel

‘’oh my God this is exactly who am talking about, how come she is married??’’

‘’[smiling] hmmm she is ooo, she is the first wife of doctor jake’’

‘’what?? You mean doctor jake of landmark hospital’’

‘’exactly, she is even a mother with one kid’’

‘’you don’t mean it seems you know much about her pls gist me’’

‘’she is the daughter inlaw of the owner of our street that chief madu’’

‘’oh that chief that also helped to build the estate….. wow but how will jake leave such a lady to marry another woman’’

‘’hmm bro I cant say ooo that’s his problems, I so much hate that his new wife’’

‘’was she not the one who insulted us when we went to rent that dialysis machine from his hospital’’

‘’yea she is the one, I even heard that he seriously maltreat his first wife’’

‘’something must be really behind his hatred for his wife but the good news here is that am in love with chioma’’

‘’like seriously you don’t mind marrying someone’s wife well the bad news here is that Jake seriously hates her and doesn’t want to see anyone around her especially men’’

‘’cut the crap, that’s bullsh!t since he hates the girl I love the girl’’

‘’bro lets leave that and talk of better things’’
The fact that Linda is pregnant really made her felt on top of the world, as she oppressed Chioma with her protruding stomach even with foul words such as ‘’you think you are smart be getting pregnant and giving birth, am also pregnant and am carying the king of this family not that b—–d you call a child’’ chioma never listened to her or got angry as she kept on living her happy and a bit free life….

Few weeks later, Chioma was in the supermarket buying some stuff she, Derek and cindy would be needing. She kept her two filled basket on the desk for payment and her goods were being calculated and the cashier told her that her money was 18 thousand two hundred naira, she was about bringing out money from her pause when a voice said from behind

‘’ I will pay for it’’

She turned back to see the Mr Nuel who has been pestering her life for over a month.

‘’You again?? I have money pls don’t pay for me’’

‘’pls chioma don’t cause a scene here just allow me’’ he whispered

Chioma saw she was creating a scene so she kept calm patting Derek who was tied to her back. Nuel paid for both his own and her own before helping her to carry the bags containing what she bought …

‘’thank you very much for your kindness pls give me my bags I have to be on my way now my baby is not comfortable’’

‘’oh no I can’t let you go home in this hot sun with this handsome boy I mean is too handsome for him to be under the son, let me drop you’’

She looked at him for some seconds before accepting him to take her home. Nuel assisted her in removing Derek from her back and opened the car door for her to enter.

‘’your son is very handsome I must confess, what is his name??’’ Nuel asked igniting the engine of his highlander


‘’hmmm Derek nice name, how old is he?’’

‘’Almost seven months old’’

‘’good boy how are you…. Chioma why do you always avoiding me’’

‘’uhmm am not avoiding you, I only don’t know you and beside I have personal reasons’’

‘’wow personal reasons like??’’ Nuel asked driving into another street

‘’am trying to stay away from men, I mean I don’t want to have anything doing with men and relationship again’’

‘’really….what made you took such a decision, ok is it because of Jake and Michael??’’

‘’[Surprised] do you know me from anywhere and how did you know of Michael??’’



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