The next mornin, Jake and Linda went to the main building to greet his parents..

“wow who am I seeing” Jake’s mother exclaimed

“the honourable couple in town” Jake said

“wow linda how did it happen???”

“mum I told you that I will turn his heart”

“you are a genius, Chief must hear this chief!!! Chief!!!”

The guy whose work is to assist Chief In his movement brought him downstairs before placing him on the wheelchair…

“what is happening here??”

“Chief the charm that w!tch used on your son has failed, now he has realised his real wife”

“wow.. The true son of his father come and take a hug” Chief Madu said while Jake went to meet his father.

“mum, dad am really sorry for my stubbornness and for all I have cost you, I was blindfolded all through by that w!tch girl and I didn’t know that I have an angel like Linda. Linda am also sorry dear pls forgive me”

“that’s OK my husband am happy that you are now free from that girl’s spell”

“Jake that’s OK, come and give mummy a hug”

“son I hope you have thrown that girl out of this house”

“not yet dad, I want her to suffer and pass through pains with that b—–d she is carrying before I finally throw her out but by then she should be dead because I will so deal with her”

“that’s my son, now you are talking”

“we would be going to the clinic now, see you later” Jake told his parents before walking out of the building

“Chizzy summon all the maids and servant to my house immediately” Jake instructed the head maid.

“OK sir” she responded with immediate effect

In less than five minutes all the maids in the both houses assembled in Jake’s building….

“where the hell is chioma” Jake asked in an angry manner

“she went out with Cindy this morning”

“what??? Now you all should listen and listen good. As from today chioma must not leave this compound again, from today she is now part of the maids in this house and Linda here is your Madam, give her all the respect she deserves am I understood??”

“yes sir!!!” they said in unison


“from the ultrascan, the child is intact”

“thank God, doctor do you know the s-x of the child??” Cindy asked

“o yes, its a male child”

“(smiling) I told you” Cindy said to Chioma

“what she needs now is rest, she should stay away from strenuous activity and also register for antenatal as soon as possible”

“OK thank you so much, we will be on our way”

“have a nice day”

Chioma got home to hear the most insane news of her life, she waited for Jake to come back and he also said the same thing. Cindy couldn’t do anything about it since she was the only one supporting Chioma. Chioma had no means of contacting her people or going out to see a friend as she was held captive.

She begged Cindy to make a way for her to escape but Cindy pleaded with her to first deliver the child then she would find a route for her to run away to the village..


“I would like to ask you for something” chioma said to jake who was alone at the bar drinking.

“have you wash the clothes I gave you??”

“yes, I just brought them out from the washing machine”

“washing what???” Jake said angry as he stood up and slapped her “haven’t I told you that I don’t like machines washing my clothes. Go back and wash those clothes again with your hands”

“(teary voice) but those clothes are too many for me to wash with my hands, am heavy”

“sweet heart what’s happening” Linda asked approaching Jake.

“I told this idi0t that I don’t like machines washing my clothes, she should wash them with her hands and she is here blabbing that she is heavy”

“cmon will you go and wash those clothes and make sure they are sparkling neat”

“(crying) Jake, am carrying your son Pls stop treating me like this, I barely feed well and am getting weak. I came to tell you to permit me to go for antenatal money is not the problem just permit me so I can know my state of health”

“hey hey hey what’s all these, are you the first woman to be pregnant before I open my eyes and close it go and wash those clothes” Linda shouted.

“see let me remind you, am a doctor and from what am seeing you are fit and healthy. Wait did I hear you say my son?? Hmm you think I don’t know that Chinedu r@ped you and you got pregnant then you decide to make me the father of the child”

“(more tears) jake!!! May God forgive you and restore you to your right sense” chioma prayed painfully.

“get out, get out of here” Linda chased her away. “pr0stitute” Linda muttered

Chioma packed all the clothes to the back of the building where she sat on a small stool and started washing in tears. An hour later, she had washed half of the clothes and the time was past seven pm. Cindy came to take something at the backyard where she saw chioma washing a pile of clothes in the dark…

“sister chioma!!!!! What are you doing here and why are you washing these much cloth by this time”

“(sobbing) Jake said I should wash them”

“what the hell, what about the washing machine???”

“he said I shouldn’t use it to wash his clothes”

“oh my God Jake is a big m0nster, a woman carrying his son!!!” Cindy said angrily folding her fist “sister leave those clothes, let’s go inside”

“pls let me just wash them, I don’t want his troubles this night”

“never, I can’t leave you to wash these clothes, isn’t the mosquitoes biting you??? Come let’s go” Cindy said taking Chioma along with her.

“Hey Nkechi, go to the back yard you will see some clothes go and wash them with the washing machine” Cindy instructed a maid she saw on their way

“yes ma”

“I have washed it earlier in the washing machine”

“and he said you should wash them again with your hands.. Ahhh I think my brother is under terrestrial manipulation,, don’t you think that Linda is using juju(voodoo) on him”

“Hmmm that is exactly what am thinking, Linda is very dangerous”

“exactly… Anyways I bought you maternity clothes, and by tomorrow a private doctor will come to administer the necessary drugs you need for antenatal and other things.”

“oh Cindy thank you very much, you are a sister, I don’t know how to thank you for everything you have been doing for me am so grateful”

“you are welcome, am doing it for my brother’s wife and my nephew who is on the way coming”

“Good evening uncle”

“Amaka how are you?”

“am fine,, how are you doing too”

“am coping all alone, I think it’s high time I found a wife.. How is your new work place”

“Hahaha… Uncle yes oo you need to find a wife now… Work is fine ooo”

“that’s good, chioma doesn’t even call me again for over six months now and i tried to call her last week but her number is switched off”

“uncle that’s exactly why I called you ooo, did she change her number without letting us know”

“that’s not good, how do we get her now”

“not to worry uncle I have a friend that would help me get her new number or contact her”

“OK, no problem kwanu goodnight”

“good night kachi bo”
The next day a doctor from Cindy came to check chioma and gave her some injection and medications and also advice her to eat properly and adequately for her sake and also for the baby. Cindy did all her best to take care of chioma including clothing, feedings and other things.

Finally it was remaining seven days for chioma to put to bed according to the date given to her by the doctor….

“Good morning”

“Cindy good morning dear how was your night”

“my night was great and urs”

“cool.. Thank God”

“how is my boy doing??”

“this boy will like play alot, he is kicking me seriously”

“haha.. I can’t wait to see him”

“(smiles) am still looking for a name to give him”

“that’s not a problem, I have lots of names for him”

“wow.. That’s good, we will talk about that when you come back from work”

“Yea… Concerning the baby cot I think that’s the remaining item, I will buy it today”

“Cindy God bless you so much, you have done a lot for me”

“sister don’t mention, this child can’t be neglected since his father doesn’t care about him, I care”

“(smiles) thank you… Let me get water to drink”

Chioma walked out of the maids room downstairs where she slept to the dispenser in the sitting room to drink water when Jake walked pass her

“Good morning” she greeted while Jake paused and turned around

“how dare you greet me you w!tch, do you want to give me bad luck for the day??? Eh eh”

“am sorry”

“you are sorry??” Jake said and gave her a strong kick to her belly

“arhhhhhhh” she shouted in pain and fell immediately and blood oozed all around the floor

“idi0t next time you will learn not to greet me again” he said and walked out

Other maid who heard her shouting ran out immediately

“Jesus!!!!! Blood see blood … Aunty Cindy!!! Aunty Cindy….” Chizzy called out as the blood was becoming uncontrollably

“Blood of Jesus!!!!!… What is this, no no no ooooooo, chioma stay with me, stay with me” Cindy shouted out in fear as chioma was passing out.

Immediately Linda came downstairs to see what was happening…….
“ahaaa nemesis has caught up with you, time to die with the b—–d In your stomach” Linda said laughing out loud while Mrs Madu walked in immediately

“jeez, what is this, Pls take her away from here I don’t want someone to die in my house” Mrs Madu said dodging the blood flows in the floor

“pls chioma stay with me, Pls get me the gateman let’s take her to the hospital”
The gateman came and assisted them in taking chioma to Cindy’s car while she drove off immediately…….

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