Chioma washed her mouth with the water from the tap in the toilet sink before stepping out of the toilet. Few distance away she jerked again going back to the toilet to throw up again…

“(sigh) what’s wrong with me?, seems am sick again” she said leaving the toilet

“oh no, I haven’t seen my flow… Am I pregnant??? No why did it happen now??”

She quickly took her hand pause and went out of the house to a near by pharmacy to get a pregnancy test device. About ten minutes later she returned with the device, luckily for her she wanted to urinate.

She did the necessary things needed and unfortunately for her, she was pregnant…..

“oh noo not now, not in this situation. I don’t want to give birth out of wedlock” she lamented inside the toilet. Suddenly the door of the toilets opened while she saw her sister starring at her.

“what’s the problem??” Amaka asked

“(tears flowing) am pregnant”

“pregnant?? Wow that’s good news na you are already engaged and will soon be wedding”

“(tears flowing freely) not any more sister. Jake took me to see his parents and they insulted, humiliated and chased me out of their house because I wasn’t from a rich home. They said that Jake cannot marry me” she said crying out aloud.

“Tell me you are joking??? After messing you up his parents are talking such rubbish he must marry you, thank God you are even pregnant. What did Jake say about this”

“he kept calling but I didn’t answer him”

“that family is very wicked, but believe me I will deal with them. Jake must marry you weather his parents like it or not, God will surely help you”

“(shedding tears) I have moved on but am going to ab0rt this child, I can’t give birth out of wedlock”

“Chioma don’t say that again, ab0rtion is a sin and it’s life threatening. Bear the child, I know it’s someone great who is in there and I promise to support in anyway I can, you are the only thing I have now” Amaka said petting her young sister.


Jake has been at a corner in Chevrolet bar for the past five hours drinking and speaking out inaudible words. He has consumed one and half create of beer which has made him highly intoxicated. He stood up and left the bar by after ten pm without paying as he entered his car and drove off.

Not up to 20 minutes he had been driving, he had collided with lots of vehicles, knocked down lots of people to the extent that police vehicle were after him. Finally he collided with a truck and the new Mercedes Benz jeep his dad bought for him was ablaze. Jake managed to roll out of the vehicle and staggered to no where in particular.

By 12am Jake finally got to his house through the aid of a young teenager. Mrs Madu and Cindy were still awake calling and waiting for jake outside the building when he entered with someone beside him into the compound….

“Jake!!! Jake!! What happened to you” Cindy shouted running to meet him while her mum followed.

“I think he needs rest, he is highly drunked” the teenage boy said.

“Jake!! When did you start drinking to stupor” his mum asked.

“by the way where is his jeep??” Cindy asked

“I didn’t see him with any car, he was staggering around the street so I decided to help him. I will be on my way now it’s already late” the guy said and left

“OK thank you very much God bless you”

Immediately Jake started throwing up all the drinks in his stomach which had a strong smell….

“Hmmm.. Jake stop this rubbish na” his mother shouted

“Jake see what you have done to yourself.. mum let’s take him inside he needs rest”

Cindy helped Jake into the house and took him straight to his room where she laid him to sleep.

The next morning, Jake woke up very late and his head felt like exploding, gradually he remembered what happened the previous night then it came to his mind that his vehicle worthing about 15 million had been destroyed. A knock sounded and a female voice asked if she could come in.

“come in” he said yawning while his mum walked into his room. .

“my son what came over you last night??”

“get out of my house, I don’t want to ever see you again”

Mrs Madu was surprised and looked around to be sure that she is the one he was talking to

“Jake… You are sending me out??”

“am not sending you out, am telling you to vanish before I do something bad”

“oh my God what have I done son.. This girl has bewitched you”

“shut up and get out of my room!!!!!!” Jake shouted while his mum fearfully opened the door to leave when he called her back

“wait mum…. I forgot to tell you that I will be leaving the house today to my new home which is not in Lagos with my wife chioma”

“what?? Jake enough of this rubbish” his mother shouted giving him a dirty slap “I can’t be a mother inlaw to that thing, that girl is not for you son, she is not your type”

“Mum I love Chioma with all my life and nothing can change that. I have been dating her since secondary school, mum that girl is an orphan no mother no father can’t you and dad make her feel that she now have a mother and father. Am a man mum 24years for crying out loud and I will do what’s right for me, am leaving the house so I can make a family with her else where”

“Jake tell me you are not in your right senses”

“let me give a warning, you and dad should not try anything funny like killing her, kidnapping her or any other silly thing because you will die. Chioma is not ordinary anyone who tries to kill her will die!!!!”

“Jake!!! Oh God my son is now useless so you want to marry a possessed girl”

“yes mum and am happy about that” Jake said opening some of his travelling box

“Pls Jake don’t go anywhere, you are my only son Pls I will talk to your dad tonight Pls son”

“better now you are talking like a mother. I will be waiting for your feedback mind you I have limited time”.

Later in the evening Jake was fast asleep when a phone call woke him up…

“(sleepy voice) who is there??”

“doctor, no doctor is on duty and there is an emergency of appendicitis”

“OK prepare the patient for surgery I will call Mark, I can’t make it to the clinic”

“OK doc”

He got dressed in a casual cloth, gave mark a call before taking the keys of his Honda pilot, went outside the building and drove out..

“come in” a female voice said reducing the volume of the TV “Jake!!! Welcome”

“thanks my queen, how are you?”

“am OK what about you”

“am great, you don’t look good hope you haven’t been crying??. You don’t have to worry everything is in control and soon we will get married”

“(faint smile) jake am not moved by this marriage thing again, you can keep the engagement ring to yourself. Whenever you are ready to behave like a man come and see my people”

“(looking confused) sure am coming to see your people very soon but you can’t reject the engagement ring. Those boys out there needs to know that you are engaged..

“(forming hard) am not interested, by the way am pregnant”

“(standing up from his sitting position) oh my God tell me you are not kidding??? Thank God you are finally carrying my baby. This comes for a celebration we need to go out and Grove the evening to the fullest” Jake said in great happiness.

“am so tired ooo I can’t follow you anywhere…” chioma

“my queen, my one and only chi mummy, sweet baby Dora Pls don’t spoil the moment for me. Cmon let me help you get prepared so we can leave it’s almost late”

In fifteen minutes they were ready and left the house. Jake took her to one of the best place in town, it was a garden made for only lovers. They played, drank and talked about so many things, the fact that chioma was pregnant for Jake made her start acting bossy toward jake.

By past 11pm they were still intimate with the play, it was late but they were not willing to go. At a point chioma decided to go home, jake carried her to the vehicle before he ignited the engine to take her home.

He pulled up at the front of chioma’s house, alighted and went to open the door for her…

“my queen, my love for you before was 100 percent but because of this child you are carrying it’s now 200 percent.. Bae I can’t do without you” he said and planted a deep k!ss to her mouth. He looked into her eyes again and k!ssed her r0mantically, she responded and they started k!ssing and smooching passionately for some minutes before disengaging….

“I love your lips” Jake muttered

“I love your style” she responded

“(smile) you are forming boss lady for me right because you are carry my prince”

“of course, try any rubbish I ab0rt the child”

“What?? Pls don’t do that if you don’t want to kill me and I promise I won’t f–k up”

“good for you.. I would have loved you to carry me inside but it’s late just go home and rest”

“I don’t mind, let me carry you inside”

“(smiles) my king go home and rest… See you tomorrow”

“bye dear pls come to the clinic tomorrow you are highly needed”

“I will try”

“Jake why did you come back home late today again” Cindy asked

“haha.. So you were out here waiting for me, you are a good sister ooo… Well I was with my queen”

“aunty chioma?”

“exactly, let’s go in we have lot of things to talk”

“Cindy can you imagine mum and dad said I won’t marry chioma that she is not my type”

“I don’t get…not your type as in?”

“I don’t know for them, maybe they are expecting me to marry a president’s daughter or a governor’s daughter. But not to worr, I have made them scared and mum said she would get back to me”

“Haa I don’t understand mum and dad I mean there is nothing wrong with aunty Chioma, she is kinda beautiful and wife material. Mum came to look for you”

“oh, I will see her tomorrow morning. Guess what??”

“erm I can’t guess ooo… Tell me”

“chioma is pregnant for me”

“ahhhhh” Cindy shouted “congratulations bro you will soon be a father.. Am so happy for you, so when are you going to see her people”

“very very soon”

“OK bro… Nice one”

“Yea dear… Am so happy thank God”

“wait ooo where is your jeep??”

“Haaa that’s a long story dear”

“Hmmm ok ooo your food is on the dining table”

“haha.. Am so over filled with joy and happiness but what did you cook??”

“I didn’t cook oo hmm mummy employed a cook for us so she cooked yam and sauce”

“hmm… Ok”………

The next day Jake was already set for work when a message came to him that his mother and father wanted to see him.
“dad, mum you sent for me”

“yes sit down” his mother said

“Jake you are the only son we have, and we would do anything for you to be happy. But this decision of yours to marry that girl is something we don’t like, you threaten to run away and forsake us because of that girl and we can’t afford to lose you. After pleading with your dad yesterday we have accepted, you can marry the girl…” Mrs Madu said coldly

“yes!!! Yes!!! Thank you mum, thank you dad I really appreciate”

“hold it there young man, you have betrayed and disappointed me and I will never forgive you. In this your marriage I won’t support you in any financial or fatherly way.” Chief Madu said angrily rolling his wheelchair away.

Jake was boiling in anger but kept calm studying the scenerio
“your dad is not happy with your marriage and he won’t bless you that’s a cursed marriage” his mum said and left.

After few minutes of standing in anger he stormed out of the house.

While Jake’s parents were angry at him, he was busy planning his marriage, thank God for Cindy who supported him in all ways. She was really angry towards her parents’ attitude over Chioma.

Two weeks later, Jake went with one of his uncles to Itolu to see Chioma’s uncle. They were highly welcomed and made their intentions known. Chioma accepted Jake’s hand in marriage and in the next week came their traditional marriage. The traditional marriage was really a blow, everyone in Itolu knew that Omeluora one of Itolu’s son was having his traditional marriage despite that his father wasn’t involved in the marriage. Different people came from different places and it was known to Chioma that Jake was a famous person. Cindy and Jake convinced their mum and she attended the marriage ceremony.

Everything went well and their marriage was blessed by Mr Olugo Chioma’s uncle.

The next day, they went back to Lagos by flight and Jake started making preparations for the church wedding……

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