“Tito are you telling me that I can’t get a very influential lawyer to win this case”

“Don mic, that’s not what am telling you. We bought a lawyer with 8million for us to win the case which was a murder case but on that day barrister Ben lother spoilt everything. My brother was imprisoned and later killed”

“Hmmm so what do I do now??”

“I suggest that we should call the number on that letter or probably call chioma and opt out for negotiation”

“what?? Negotiation no way I can’t do that”

“no problem, you want to go to court abi no problem… Do what you like but don’t say I didn’t tell you” Tito said and left the room

“Chai.. This chioma just spoilt things for me. Let me give her a call”

Chinedu kept calling chioma but she wasn’t picking up, after several attempts he gave up and decided to end the case amicably.

“good evening, pls is this barrister Ben lother”

“you are speaking with his personal assistant how may I help you”

“Ermm am Don mic and I will like to speak with him”

“he didn’t tell me anyone of that kind will be calling him”

“OK am Michael Chinedu I think he should be expecting my call”

“Michael chinedu?? Oh now I get he is busy now call back later”

The next day chinedu spoke with barrister Ben lother, he pleaded with him to drop the case and let everything be settled amicably. They later reached an appointment to meet in two days time including chioma…


Jake was to accompany chioma to the venue on her meeting with chinedu and the lawyer. He was half dressed when he heard screams from the main house.

He quickly wore his clothes and dashed out of the house to the main house.

“mum what’s the problem??” he asked while his dad was taken into the care by his driver.

“your father is sick, he has been vomiting blood”

“blood?? Oh my God… Ermm which hospital”

“the family hospital”

“OK I will meet you” Jake said going back into the house. He had no problem since he was serving in same hospital. Some minutes later he ignited his engine and left….

Jake went to chioma’s house to pick her up before they both left together. They got to the venue and met chinedu waiting, barrister Ben lother wasn’t there yet.

“Good morning” chinedu greeted surprising them as soon as they sat down

“morning” Jake replied

“the lawyer is yet to be here”

“Yea.. He is on his way”

Fortunately Ben lother showed up, took his seat before bringing out some documents

“well.. Mr chinedu here has opted for a negotiation, he wants the case ended but before we proceed I would like my client to approve the dropping of the case. So miss chioma what’s your view on this issue”

Chioma sighed before looking at Jake and he gave her a go ahead sign…

“erm.. I have to hear your negotiation first before I approve it” chioma said

“(clearing throat) barrister has told how much is the fine for dropping the case for a negotiation and I have paid for that. Am ready to give out all of that picture that I have only if chioma can pay me back all the money I have spent on her in the past and present. Am a gentle man and I don’t like all these court stuffs”

“hmm… Chinedu how much did you spend on chioma state it” Jake said

“from my estimate last night I spent a total of 1.8million approximately on her”

Chioma’s face was tensed, as chinedu finished his sentence..

“fine, I will pay in two days time” Jake said surprising chioma, chinedu and even the lawyer

“Jake!!! You will pay??” chioma asked in a low tune

“hmm interesting, Mr chinedu negotiation settled, so when are you releasing the pictures and also deleting them wherever you saved it”

“as soon as he pays the money I let go the pictures”

“very good… Jake before you pay the money the both of you should make out time to report at my office before any transaction”

“no problem” Jake said while they all exchanged handshakes.

“thank you so much dear, I almost melted when he mentioned such a huge amount of money but you rescued me. Jake am forever indebted to you. I love you so much”

“my queen don’t mention at all, I told you that I can die for you.”

” thank you dear”

“Ermm.. My father was rushed to this hospital this morning, he is having some complications do I need to rush to the hospital”

“oh… Am sorry, let me come with you”

“my queen just go home, rest and enjoy yourself everything will be fine”

“OK if you say so.. This is your Atm card I didn’t spend much”

“oh.. Never mind hold it and still enjoy yourself today”

“oh thanks my king… See you later” she said and left


Everything ended well, Jake paid chinedu the money and chinedu surrendered every of those pictures he was with. Barrister Ben lother made chinedu sign some documents that he wouldn’t be seen with any of the pictures and also will not pest chioma’s life again.

Jake was done with his service three months later and his dad who is presently in the wheelchair erected a very big hospital for him. Jake is the owner of hallmark hospital and maternity and he is running the hospital properly…

“hope you like the meal??” Jake asked

“the food is OK but I feel like vomiting, you know it’s my first time of eating Chinese meal”

“oh don’t vomit, you will get use to it”

“how is family, dad, mum, cindy”

“all fine, Cindy has been disturbing me to see you”

“(smile) I miss her, it’s been long we saw”

“you see girls, both of you are in Lagos and still missing eachother”

“Hahaha… You are funny” chioma said drinking from the wine glass when suddenly Jake went on his kneels

“so many years ago I met a jewel, a rare gem and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, kind and good hearted, intelligent and unique. I don’t need anyone to tell me that she is my missing bone, the woman of my life and the mother of my children. Chioma will you marry me???” Jake said opening a box of gold ring.

“(blushing) oh my God… Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Jake I will marry you” she shouted In excitement as little tears of joy formed in her eyes”

Jake gently inserted the ring in her engagement ring finger while they hugged eachother…

“am so happy” she said smiling at him.

“am more than happy. That not all my queen” Jake brought out a white envelope and handed it over to chioma while she quickly opened it

“oh my God, you gave me an employment in your hospital??”

“yes baby, quit going to that hospital where you work and resume at hallmark anytime from nextweek as one of the top nurses”

“my king am so so happy, you have done a lot for me thank you so much”

“my queen don’t mention, I don’t want us to waste much time. In two weeks time we will be going to see my parents then we go to see your uncle and his kinsmen, pay your bride price, the traditional marriage and the church wedding. After all this we will move out of the country to any place of your choice for our honeymoon by then my baby should be there” he said pointing to her belly.

“(smiling) nice plan you got, I can’t wait to carry your child, our daughter”

“Nop, he will be a boy”

“hmm… Its a lie it will be a girl”

“let’s see na…haha”

The next week chioma resumed work and was well respected, the other nurses liked her so much because she happens to be their superior in position and even at that she is still humble.

The day came for her to go see Jake’s parents but inside her she was so much afraid because of his father.

“wow Jake, you came back home so early today” his mum said about to go out.

“Good morning sir, good morning ma” chioma greeted.

“Jake who is she???” his dad asked in his wheelchair.

“erm dad, mum this is Dora obi the most adorable girl on earth and my heart beat. This is her the woman I want to marry”

“shut up!!!, shut up,!!! Hey young lady didn’t he tell you he is already engaged with someone else” his mum shouted.

“mum!!!!!? Engaged with who?? For God sake this is the only girl I know and I want to marry her, do you know how many years I have been building this relationship??… Dad say something”

“excuse me Dora or whatever they call you who are your parents and where are you from” Mrs Madu asked

“(tears forming) erm erm my parents are late, I grew up in the hands of my uncle”

“Hmmm where does this your uncle live”

“(tears dropping) my uncle is at Itolu”

“Itolu??? Hmm seems she is from our village” Mrs madu said while Jake went to console her

“wait wait Jake are you stupid??? Do you want me to disown you?? How dare you bring chioma into my house and still changed her name to deceive us” Chief Madu barked angrily almost standing up from his wheelchair

“who is chioma ???” Mrs Madu asked

“the girl who tried to as$assinate us some years back but failed, that is who Jake brought into my house for marriage”

“what?? What are we still waiting for let’s call the police immediately” Mrs Madu said fetching for her phone. At this point tears flowed freely from chioma’s eye as she turned around to leave.

“you better get out of my house before you rot in jail. Look at her poverty stricken thing” Mrs Madu cursed.

“chioma!! Chioma Pls don’t go wait, wait” Jake shouted but she didn’t listen, she ran out of the house with full tears…

“(crying) thank you for the embarrassing, I understand that your family hates me. I know am not rich thanks for the insult. You can marry whoever they want you to marry” she said throwing the engagement ring at him before leaving the compound.

Jake was blank and felt like running amok, he didn’t believe what his eyes just saw. He dashed back into the house with anger..

“dad!!!!!! Mum!!!!! What’s wrong with you both… Why have you vowed to always spoil my joy???. Did you know since when I started dating this girl? From secondary school. Pls dad and mum I can’t survive it if I don’t marry chioma”

“that will never happen in this house, over my dead body will she be my inlaw” he dad shouted.

“Jake I can’t have that wretched thing as my daughter inlaw. You need rich and big girls, like the governors’ daughter, senators’ daughter etc to start your life”

“really??? No problem I will surprise you all” he said angrily leaving the main house to his own house.

He got to his house and changed into another cloth before driving out of the compound.

Chioma went home immediately, she was willing to cry out a full bucket of tears but she held herself and stood strong, that’s her fate and she have to take it. Jake kept on calling her and sending text which she ignored and later switched off her phone because reading those messages will make her cry.

Jake on the other side was tired of the world, he felt like killing himself, he had little tears in his eyes while he was in a bar drinking himself to stupor.

Later in the evening, Chioma realised that there was no food in the house, though she was not hungry rather she was over filled with sadness and disappointment but her sister will soon be back from work and she would be hungry. Chioma stood up from her lying position heading to the kitchen when she jerked, she quickly ran to the toilet and vomited almost everything in her stomach…..

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