A month later, Jake and Chioma were happily married, she had moved into Jake’s house though still in his parents compound.
Cindy on the other hand was so happy that her brother married a woman like Chioma…

It was a Sunday afternoon they just returned from church, Chioma prepared food by herself and served it on the dinning while Jake and Cindy came to eat.

“My queen, this is one of the best food I have eaten”

“(smiles) thanks my king, Cindy hope you like the food?”

“more than like, aunty you can cook!!”

“haha.. Thanks, I have told you to stop calling me aunty just call me Chioma” she said. while Jake gave her a kind of look.

“what do you mean… Cindy if she doesn’t like the aunty call her sister, isn’t she your sister inlaw”

“OK bro….” Cindy said while Chioma smiled

“My queen, I don’t want you to stress yourself, so suspend coming to work in the clinic just rest till my child is out. You are free to come to the clinic but no more working and I will still be paying you your regular salary and allowance”

“That’s my darling” Chioma said and k!ssed Jake.

“Hmmmm someone is here ooo” Cindy said jokingly. They finished eating while the maid cleared the table. Jake was about carrying Chioma upstairs when one of the maids told him that his mum was calling him.

“Tell her I will meet her soon”
“Jake entered his parents’ building to the sitting room and saw his mum sitting with a young lady and his father at the other corner..

“mum you sent for me”

“you don’t know how to greet again??”

“am sorry mum… Good afternoon, good afternoon dad”

“didn’t you see someone beside me… Anyway sit down”

“Jake the young lady sitting beside your mum is Linda, the lady we want you to marry as your real wife” Chief Madu said.

“Exactly, Linda meet your husband, Jake”

“What? I don’t understand this, am a married man and I don’t need another wife what’s the meaning of this rubbish” Jake shouted in anger

“Hi, am Linda”

“Linda or whatever they call you get lost before I kill you!!!”

“How? I can’t get lost, am your rightfully married wife according to tradition”

“what!! Dad, mum you went to marry another wife for me at my back??… Cmon dad this is very stupid of you”

“hey young man shun those rubbish you are talking about, Linda here is your wife and we approved and bless your marriage with her. Linda here has all the best characteristics of a wife, she is hardworking, excellent in cooking, a senator’s daughter, a certified nurse from the United States, and also she would satisfy you in bed”

“oh my God, but dad my Chioma has all the characteristics you just mentioned… See am not ready for all this Linda if you know what’s good for you go back to your senator father’s house”

“Maxwell!! Maxwell!!” Jake father called out

“yes sir you sent for me”

“go to the Lexus outside and take all the luggage in it to the house at the back and summon all the maids in this compound to see me immediately””

“Oh my God… Dad why are you been this cruel”

“son let me tell you. I don’t know who is Chioma, who I know is Linda.. If you like run away I don’t care”.

Few minutes later, all the maids in the both building assembled in the main building…

“I want all of you to listen and listen good, The lady there is Linda my daughter inlaw, Jake’s rightful wife. I want you all to give her all the respect she deserves as my son’s wife. That useless personality called Chioma who is claiming to be the wife of my son should be deprived of all service, she should not be allowed to use any vehicle in this house, she must not eat any food cooked in this house.. Am I understood??”

“yes sir” they all shouted in unison

“Linda you can go to your husband’s house and don’t let that idiot oppress you” Mrs Madu said. Jake was dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to do. The most painful thing is that he had no money on him to get himself a house, all his money was used for his marriage. He held the tears forming in his eyes and walked away.

“Useless son” his father muttered
”Good afternoon..pls how may I help you?” chioma asked Linda who just walked into the house perusing the whole sitting room

“you are Chioma the impostor right??”

“Ermm am chioma but not an impostor”

“you have the guts to ask me who I am in my husband’s house” Linda said giving chioma a dirty slap when Jake entered the house

“what did I do to you, and you slapped me??”

“hey what’s happening here??” Jake shouted pushing Linda away

“(tears rolling) I didn’t do anything to her and she just slapped me” Chioma said

“what?? You must be stupid” Jake shouted giving her a thunderous slap

“Ahhhh” she shouted and fell down “help me, he wants to kill me, help!!! Help!! Help!!!

“what is that??” Cindy shouted from upstairs running down. Immediately Jake mother surfaced from nowhere into the house and immediately got angry on seeing Linda crying on the floor

“what did you do to her???”

“(crying) he slapped me because of this useless thing” Linda said pointing to Chioma while she cried aloud.

“How dare you this w!tch” Mrs Madu said angrily attacking chioma. She gave her two hot slaps before pushing her to the ground and started hitting her hard in all corners.

Jake and Cindy angrily pulled their mum away from her…

“mum!!!!! my wife is pregnant do you want her to lose my child??” Jake barked going to meet his crying wife.

“mum why are you this wicked, what has the girl done to you?… This is unfair I have been hearing all you have been doing to my brother and his wife but I kept quiet now I must talk mum you are heartless”

“hey bia Cindy spear me those rubbish. As for you w!tch this is my son’s wif, so you better pack and leave this house and for that cursed thing you are carrying, I will make sure you lose it. Linda follow me let me take you to your husband’s room”

“my queen it’s OK, everything will be fine” Jake said cuddling her

“sister chioma don’t mind my mom I will try my best to make that miserable thing leave this house”

Meanwhile in Jake’s room==

“this is your husband’s room park your things into the wardrobe. Before I forget, Linda you can’t be sharing your husband with that useless girl, what you will do for me is to make him love you and hate that then get pregnant for him if this is done you are in full position”.

“Trust me mum, I love Jake very much and I will do all my best to win him”.

“I trust you dear”.

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