Two nurses helped Cindy in bringing in Chioma into the hospital..

‘’get the doctor, doctor! Doctor!! Where is doctor Ben??’’ Cindy shouted

‘’the doctor is busy in the theatre’’

‘’don’t you have another doctor’’

‘’what happened to her??’’ a nurse asked

‘’she was kicked on her belly’’ Cindy replied

‘’a pregnant woman kicked on the belly who does that??’’

‘’oh doctor Ben is here already’’ another nurse said

‘’Cindy, whats the problem??’’

‘’its my brother again, he kicked her on the belly’’

‘’what?? Is your brother in sane??’’ the doctor shouted checking Chioma ‘’she has lost lot of blood and a transfusion is needed to be done beside some xray has to be conducted to know the status of the baby because he could be dead. Take her to the emergency ward quickly’’ the doctor said anxiously

‘’dead?? God forbid, Jake you have seen what you caused’’ Cindy lamented heading to the reception.

Cindy was waiting patiently in the reception with fear and at the same time praying. Her mobile phones were seriously buzzing with messages and calls from her work place and other clients. She attended to some of the important messages leaving the rest pending, about an hour and half minutes later the doctor showed up at the reception and ordered her to see him at his office immediately.


She entered the doctor’s office immediately after the doctor entered, with the look on his face no one needed to tell Cindy that everything wasn’t right at the moment.

‘’doctor hope all is well’’ she asked

‘’(sighed) cindy sit down’’ the doctor said before he continued ‘’the situation now is very critical for both the child and the mother. The child is in a bad position in the womb and if anything is not done to bring him out he would die in less than 24hours and for that reason I have decided to induce chioma so she can give birth today. Chioma on the other hand is too weak to push a child though she is on drip now and I believe in two hours time she would gain little energy to push but if that fails a CS is needed to be carried out today to bring out the child”. Doctor Ben narrated.

‘’CS?? Oh my God .. ok what about the blood transfusion??’’

‘’for now that is not needed but if the CS is carried out then the transfusion will be done’’

‘’ok doctor pls just take care of my sister let her deliver in peace, I will be on my way now to work but will be back in few hours time’’

‘’ok you have no problems but you have to deposit a sum of 150 thousand naira’’

‘’150?? Ok no problem let me see the receptionist’’

‘’no problems’’

Cindy left the doctor’s office immediately and went to make payment before rushing to work
‘’nawa ooo nkechi I no understand the things wey happen for this house ooo’’

‘’chizzy na only you??? Hmmm this madam Linda na big jazz woman’’

‘’no be say you talk ooo imagine who go ever think say oga Jake go dare touch aunty Chioma for this life’’

‘’Nobody oooo, oga Jake like her like say him life depend on her, immediately Linda enter, everything change, Jake come hate her over night’’

‘’serious hatred to the extend of turning her to a maid… no na that one no good’’

‘’the one wey pain me pass na that kick wey im kick am for belly this morning and she dey pregnant see blood’’

‘’I really pity her and my mind they tell me say that child go die’’

‘’abeg I no pray for such oo, thank God for Cindy wey dey beside am’’

‘’ahhh that one like Chioma oo I pray make the juju too no touch her oooo….. but why senior oga and madam hate Chioma’’

‘’you no know say they no dey in support of the marriage that’s why they marry linda for small oga Jake’’

‘’nawa ooo God help Chioma ooo but if I be her I for don run long time ago’’

‘’run ke for this house hahahaha you no sabi wetin dey happen sef’’


‘’try harder push, push!!!!!push!!!’’

Chioma was trying all her best to push but her strength was failing her seriously, she was crying while pushing because the hot injection given to her was really discomforting her. She kept on pushing with all her strength but everything was to no avail, life was going away from her gradually.

‘’doctor I don’t think this woman can carry on, CS should be the only option now’’ a nurse whispered to doctor Ben’s ear.

‘’But the childs head is out, lets give it a try’’ doctor Ben said ‘’push, push, push your childs head is already out’’

Chioma gathered all the strength in her and pushed heavily ‘’hmmmmmmmmmmmmm’’

‘’yes!! The child is out,’’ the doctor said while weak cry of a baby was heard

‘’doctor she has passed out’’ a nurse yelled

Doctor ben quickly took his stethoscope to check her heart beat and pulse. ‘’get the oxygen cylinder immediately she is dying’’ doctor ben instructed.

‘’doctor even the baby is not breathing again’’ another nurse said

‘’get another oxygen cylinder, get **********, ******** and a 5ml syringe the baby is lacking oxygen’’

Confusion was roaming about the labour room as everyone was running helter sketer. The new born child was taken to another room where he was administered some injection and oxygen fixed to him, gradually he started crying aloud. Chioma was still in the labour room as serious medication was offered to her….

About two hours later, chioma was back to life and her baby was also healthy but very hungry as he kept on crying. Doctor ben called cindy immediately to bring all the items on her maternal list and also that of the baby including food and clothes… chioma’s milk wasn’t coming out yet so the doctor had to use couples of oxytocin injection to make her milk start flowing, she had no strength in her but she managed to breas_t feed the baby and tears dropping profusely from her eyes as she cuddled the baby. In less than fifteen minutes, Cindy showed up with everything they needed and handed them to the nurses before going to see the doctor…

‘’doctor how is she???’’ cindy asked curiously

‘’hmmmmm… glory be to God after every ups and down she delivered a bouncing baby boy’’’

‘’woooooow yessss!!!! Thank God, can I go and see her now??’’

‘’sure the second room by your left’’ the doctor said smiling

Cindy rushed out immediately and entered into the second room by her left.

‘’congratulations sister, God has done it wow! look at my baby’’ cindy said in excitement

‘’(crying and cuddling her child) lord I thank you so much, thank you for making me to see the land of the living. Today I bless the day you came into this world, you will be a ruler and a great man, all the good things of life will be your portion. My sunshine, my only hope today I bear you Derek Chisom’’

‘’maduakonam’’ cindy completed ‘’sister its ok stop crying, am so happy you delivered safely, Jake is officially a father’’

‘’(sobbing) my son is fatherless, Jake hates him so much and never showed any care to him while he was in the womb, he is not suppose to come out today but Jake intended to kill him making him come out today after we battled for our lives’’

‘’(feeling sad) sister all is well, lets cerebrate our boy Derek, he is so cute’’

‘’am seriously weak and hungry, pls can you help me get tea to drink??’’

‘’that’s not a problem but are you sure you can eat now???’’

‘’yes but only light foods’’

‘’don’t worry I will go home now to bring enough hot water I already bought beverages its in the bag then I will prepare yam pepper soup for you. But what about my cute nephew’’

‘’(faint smiles) breas_t milk for now but hope his feeding kits are here??’’

‘’yes everything is here….. my nephew is so cute and he so much looks like his dad but very fair like an half cast’’

‘’haha thanks the fairness is from me oooo, he is so handsome’’

‘’just like his father’’

‘’cindy don’t start biko, pls go am famished here’’
Cindy got home and quickly prepared yam pepper soup, boiled water and introduced it into a big water flask before freshened up because she was going to sleep over in the hospital…..

‘’good evening bro’’Cindy greeted her brother on her way going out

‘’evening cindy, where is chioma??’’

‘’congratulations bro you are now a father, she delivered a bouncing baby boy your carbon copy today’’

‘’and what’s my business with that???, that’s Michael’s child and not mine pls I need chioma immediately to wash some clothes and tidy up my room is she upstairs???’’

‘’what??? Jake something is wrong with you so even if she was at home someone who just delivered your child today will wash clothes and tidy up your room…haba!!! You are a m0nster’’

‘’you can tell that to yourself, oh less i forget congratulations sis you will soon be an aunty because my angel and my one and only Linda is pregnant’’

‘’off course I am already an aunty …. Rubbish mtcheeew’’ she hissed and left the house.

‘’provide chioma for me today my clothes are dirty’’ J ake muttered.

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