Sha Ron

Chapter 2

Mr. Smith sat down in his room and enjoyed an alcoholic beverage and smiled at the call he just got, he felt happy that the operation was successful.

“Wow, at least everything is going well and very soon, I’ll be the talk of the town” He murmured in contentment and imagined the good and luxurious life he will start to live soon.

“Dad, I’ve chosen the school I want to go to,” Justin, his only son said, simpering. He showed him a picture of the beautiful school building and a name under it; W/R INTERNATIONAL.

“It’s okay for me, if you like it, is your choice, but the school is too extroverted.
You don’t have to worry about the expenses, just forward their account details and everything that needs to be paid for” Mr Smith said, he eyed the name of the school that he will soon take over.

“You really mean it, dad?” Justin was overwhelmed with joy.

“Yeah, enjoy yourself, son” Mr Smith answered.

Justin beamed at that and happily went downstairs to call his friends who are students in the international school to tell them that he is coming. He can’t wait to get to the school tomorrow and have the school goddess as his girlfriend.

“Pretty Goddess, here I come!” He jumped up and down.

He can’t wait to meet his school friends and…


*Next Morning*

His lips curved in a sly smile as he watched himself in the mirror. He can’t just stop admiring himself as he knew the girls will drool over him at school.

Carrying his bag, he slid out of his room and went straight to the parking lot to pick a car of his choice.

Hopping into a yellow buggati, the driver started the ignition and they zoom off, heading to his new school.



Sofia was overjoyed after her father has promised to buy her the wrist watch.

Coming out of the car, her two best friends rapidly sighted her and ran to her.

“How was your night girls?” She asked them and ignored the usual chaos the other students cause at the sight of her, she has gotten used to it and totally ignoring them is her only response.

“Good, yours?” Her friends chorused.

“Not bad at all! My birthday is coming and guess what my father promised to buy for me?!” She beamed.

Everybody could be seen with their phones and cameras as they take pictures of her, some had selfie sticks just to make sure their faces appears.

They’re always amazed by her new clothes as they were luxurious and original.

The crowd blocking her path started pulling away and making a way for her like the red sea split for the children of Israel when she glared at them.

In a twinkle of an eye, all their attention turned to a beautiful car that pulled up beside hwrs at the school parking lot.

He was a new student, looked rich, tall, cute and has hazel eyes. He was more like a K-pop star and Sophia was dazzled by his easy strides towards her.

“He seems too childish for my liking, look at his shoes, shirt and trousers, they all seem fake and obviously cheap!” Sophia snorted and her friends laugh.

“I’m sure he’s trying to impress you, I wonder how he got your sense of dressing but one thing he fked up was the clothes, it looks too simple” Sunny indicated as Molly nodded her head in agreement.

“Totally right”

Just as she was about turning away, someone called her instagram name “Pretty goddess!!” She looked up and their eyes locked. He is just three steps away from her.

“How did you get to know that name?” She asked scornfully when her muddled brain started working again.

“I’m one of your fans, I follow you on every social media. I’m happy to finally meet you in person” he winked at her.

She looked him up and down, shrugged and turned to leave, but he pulled her back.

“Not so fast, sweetheart. I like you, and I want you” He confessed, he was too straight forward for her liking.

“Sweetheart!” The crowd oohed and aahed at the dominant and charming prince.

“Get your fking hands off me” Sophia cvrsed and he did just that. “Good for you!” She turned sharply and left.

“How can he just come out from nowhere and start talking nonsense?! Do I look like some goods that he will just meet the seller and price without much stress?!!” She muttered to herself and walk to her classroom.

Surprisely, the guy walked in with some of his gang.

“Holy crap! Don’t tell me that guy is stalking you? He can’t be in the same classroom with us!” Molly exclaimed.

“He can be anywhere he wants, let him not step on my toes and he will last in this school” She snorted.



“How do we get the money refunded? I wish I knew this was gonna happen, I couldn’t have started it, he ran away with our money and my daughter’s birthday is tomorrow for crying out loud” Mr Williams panicked.

“It’s gonna be okay, honey, at least we still have the school. We can still work something out and the police gave us their word that they must catch those fraudsters” His wife consoled him.

“It isn’t fine, honey, look at us, everything we have worked hard for is going down the drain, what happens to Sophia? The good life she is accustomed to, what will I tell her?” He lamented.

“What about Mr Smith, what did he say about this? I mean, this is his idea after all and he told you that he knew those men very well” She inquired curiously.

Could it actually be that Mr Smith is plotting eviI against them because they trusted him too well? Otherwise, he would have done something about it than sit back and watch.

This thought finally made sense to Mr Williams…



Sophia watched as so many people came to collect her birthday invitation card from her friends.

Finally, she will be eighteen years old tomorrow and will become an adult, at least, she can do adult things and have a boyfriend without her parents bugging her.

Actually, she fantasizes about having these men in que pleading to kiss her feet and she will find her prince charming and step on them.

She has heard enough about the word LOVE, isn’t it time she even crushed on someone? Who knows who this person will be!

“You shouldn’t just give anybody the card, I don’t want everywhere to be crowded by those gold diggers” Sofia whispered to Molly’s ears.

“I was thinking the same thing. I will let Sunny and Eve know” Molly went to inform her other friends who helped in sharing the card to mind who they invited.

“Sophy, don’t you think you are being overly rude?” Molly asked when she came to sit down beside her again.

“Rude? Wait, don’t talk to me like you are my mother ’cause you are not and will never be! This is the third time I am warning you about preaching to me, if you repeat this, you will cease to be my friend!” Sophia said furiously.

“I know I am not your mother, but I would rather tell you the truth and cease to be your friend than pretend I am enjoying your arrogant attitude towards people! You are just so blinded by wealth!” Molly said bravely.

They drew attention immediately. Everybody expected them to pick a fight, it will be a good gossip for their enemy for the whole of two weeks. But amongst all her friends, Molly was her childhood friend and they understand each other more than anything else.

If it were someone else, Sophia would have sI.apped the person, but Molly, nay! She knows she is right, but Sophia believes that if she is so good to people, they would step on you and hurt you.

“I don’t want to see you at my birthday party!” She thrusted a warning finger to her face.

“Okay, no problems. Have a happy belated birthday celebration! You can as well share your cards!!” Molly threw her hands up and walked away.

“Are you really being serious? Molly! Go to h’ll!!!” Sophia ran after her.

Molly noticed and started running… Their other friends who know them too well ignored them. This is not the first time they are quarreling and it only ends in a joke.


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