Sha Ron

Chapter 6

Sophia was dumbfounded by what her eyes were witnessing. Men seated and enjoying their wines while ladies all nvde entertained them.

The lady that had taken her to that room last night and handed her the paper stepped forward, she commanded attention and Sophia knew without doubt that she is in charge.

“Everybody, welcome Sophia Williams to the organization. She is officially a member of the sIvts Foundation!” The manager of the $lvts Foundation, Miss Lola, introduced.

“Is that not the girl in the sex video? Pathetic how her parents ended up!”

“That means she is not new to this kind of things, who knows, the girl might teach us how to make our men happier and get more rewards”

A murmur erupted from the other sluts, they all said all manner of nonsense about her and her parents, the sex video and her parents being badged as criminals were their main point of discussion.

“Quite! Cynthia will be in charge of training her and making her a sèx expert. And I don’t want to hear a word of whatever happened to her from any one of you, if I do, that person will have me to contend with! Have I made myself clear?” Miss Lola glared at them.

“Yes, ma’am!” They chorused and minded their business.

Sofia was dumbfounded at everything. No, she can’t do this! How did she get here? Why is the heavens pvnishing her so much? Hasn’t she had enough surprise in two days and a half?

She doesn’t even have the slightest idea that she was being taken to a sIvt foundation by the lady that pretended to be a good Samaritan! She is a fking bch!

She was still deep in thought when a lady walked to her with a sx doll and asked Sophia to strip herself nked right in front of the men just like the other girls.

“Men pay an awesome amount of money before sleeping with any girl here, we hate to disappoint them after paying and so you have to go through the training,” Cynthia, the lady appointed to train her, stated flatly.

“So I think you’re lucky, Some sluts want to work with us, but never got the opportunity and you have it on a platter of gold. Aren’t you lucky?” She continued pressing her.

“So I advise you to make use of the opportunity you have, you can make a huge sum of money here in every time you spend with a client. You can also get gifted if you do your job well by our boss” Cynthia added with a shrug.

She can’t sleep with random men for money, never! What do these people take her for? How can life be so cruel?! This is unfair to her, is she the only arrogant girl out there?

“I want you to $trip yourself and fk this doll now!” Cynthia yelled at her when she saw that she wasn’t even listening, her mind kept drifting away.

“What?” Her eyes widened “I should $trip myself and fk the sx doll right in front of these men?” Sophia trembled. There is no way outta here, she is doomed. What sort of fate is this?

“$trip yourself so that I can help you. Maybe you’re scared of hurting yourself and shy, don’t worry, you will get used to it” Cynthia said

“Nked…” she repeated and rolled her tongue inside her mouth.

“Yes, you need to learn how to stand nked in front of a customer. You shouldn’t be shy showing them what you have beneath those under wears” Miss Lola stepped in.

She twirled Sophia around and tore loose her gown to reveal her lacy two strings brazier. Sophia wound her hands around body in shame, and hid her face at Cynthia’s back.

“Seriously, you need to learn a lot of things, Cynthia, work on her thoroughly. Get her ready for the show immediately!” Miss Lola ordered and turned to talk to the other girls.

Cynthia forced her out of the gown and found it hard to remove her b.ra and pnties as she refused to comply with her willingly. The older lady hissed and pushed her to the line with the other girls.

Miss Lola snapped her fingers and soft music filled the background, the lights swiftly switched to more beautiful, colourful and dimmy lights.

The show started. One after the other, the girls danced $eductively towards the men, they picked plastic cards that bear different numbers ranging from one to seventeen.

The first girl got to stage, she fngered herself and used the sx doll on herself too. The girl sat down and spread her Iegs wide in front of the men and showed them what she can do.

Sophia peeked at her from another girl’s shoulder and felt nauseous at once.

“Wow! She is becoming more perfect by day, I can’t wait to be in the front line just like her. She must be getting a nice paycheck, don’t you think?” A girl murmured.

“Yeah. Hey newbie, what do you think?” Another girl asked and looked at Sophia.

“Disgusting!” Sophia scoffed and shook her head in disarray at what the girls call nice. She didn’t notice that she was already crying in self-pity until the tears wetted her flawless cheeks.

Swinging her bbs, the girl on stage turned her backside and shook her a$s before walking out of the stage as another girl followed.

It went on till number sixteen, when the girl walked up to the stage, Sophia’s innocent face and half nked body was revealed. The men turned their attention to her instead of the girl on stage.

The men who were staring at her Ivstly, wondering why such a beautiful and sxy girl would be so shy, instead of showing herself proudly to them and stand a chance to get paid a huge sum of money, much more than the other girls could ever get.

When number sixteen left the stage sadly because of their withdrawn attention, the stage was left for her, but she hugged herself and prayed for the heavens to help her.

“Mum… Dad… Oh God, where are you?” She wailed as calmly as possible to avoid being heard.

“Number seventeen!” Miss Lola called angrily.

“Sophia, come on!” Cynthia urged.

Sophia stumblingly walked up to the stage, she stood like a statue for the best of fifteen seconds and ran back to stand behind the others in tears.

“The show has come to an end! I’m sorry about the last girl, she is a newbie. Please, bear with us. As we usually do, pick your numbers and she will be all yours for the time you paid for,” Miss Lola said apologetically, then cheerfully.

“Number seventeen!” Almost all the in the room chorused and that surprised Miss Lola and the other girls. Sophia felt devastated, what the heck is this?!

“Oh no! I’m sorry… but she will go with the first person that paid for the premium package. The others have to pick another number” Miss Lola said in good conduct.

“Premium package is worth two million dollars, I will pay four million dollars if you give her to me,” One of the men said.

“Five million… cash!” another man said, lifting his briefcase to show her that she came fully prepared.

“Seven million dollars!” another man muttered bringing out bundles of money.

“Ten million dollars, right here!” Another man said and lifted a written check of the money.

Miss Lola was totally confused as she didn’t know what to do, like seriously, this hasn’t happened in the history of the organization. She opened her mouth to talk to the men and was distracted by Sophia’s scream.

“Aaaaaaahhhh! My tummy hurts,” Sophia winced as she suddenly fell on the ground. She figured out that she is the only person that can save herself for the time being.

They immediately took her out of the scene. The men who had chosen Sophia got angry as some went out while some chose other ladies.

The man that paid for the premium package gave a check of eight million dollars to Miss Lola and said, “that makes it ten million dollars when you add it to the premium fee, I will send my men to get her later, she will spend three nights with me”

Miss Lola could only nod and went to see Sophia in the room she was told to accommodate for the meantime.

“You aren’t sick, right?” Miss lola asked as she noticed the girl was pretending.

“No… yes… the thing is, everything out there makes me sick and I feel like throwing up!” Sophia muttered.

“I figured. I was also glad that you did that… But get ready because one of the men has paid an awesome amount of money for you and you will spend three nights with him,” Miss Lola smiled at the money she will soon start enjoying.

Sophia watched her leave. She fell on the bed and got buried in her thoughts. She saved herself this once, what would she do now to get herself out of this God forsaken place?!

She can’t let herself get engaged into such a filthy job at her young age! She will be exactly what the whole world thinks she is right now. She gotta find a way out!

But what exactly is she supposed to do?!


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