Sha Ron

Chapter 10

“I’m taking my son with me and my decision is final!” Mrs. Smith said, hitting the doctor’s desk.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith sat at the doctor’s office. The doctor looked from the man to his divorced wife and knew there was no way the two could have been under the same roof and still have peace, their divorce was for a good cause.

But what the doctor doesn’t understand is how they ever ended up in bed or even settled in marriage that lasted enough to conceive and give birth to their son in the first place. They are like cat and dog.

“Well, let me just give you the grace of having him around until he is at least conscious since you haven’t spent much time with her. Remember, the doctor here said he might have amnesia, which means he has to stay in a familiar environment when he wakes up” Mr. Smith shrugged.

“Tell me, what good have you done for him as a father? I’m sure it is one of your rivals that almost ended my son’s life! Sometimes I wonder why God can’t just take your useless life, you are not of any good to people!” Mrs. Smith glared at him.

Mr. Smith laughed at her, “I have given him a good life, he can testify to that when he wakes up. You are the only person that hasn’t noticed the good side of me, even Satan himself has a good side. Don’t you know?”

“Whatever, just stay away from me and my son from now on. I will take full responsibility for him! I don’t want my son to end up like you, formidable creature!” She spat out.

“You this woman… Doctor, aren’t all of us struggling to survive? In this world, isn’t it survival of the fittest? Let’s say, this doctor prays for patients to come, what does it mean? He wants people to get hurt or fall sick so they will come to his hospital. Funeral undertakers or mortuary runners prays for customers to come, they actually mean for people to die so they can make their money! Who is a saint here?” Mr. Smith snorted.

Mrs. Smith sent him a spiteful look, “you are a bea$t!”

“I accept wholeheartedly! Doctor, let her take him to wherever she wishes, when I need my son back, I know where and how to get him. Excuse me” Mr. Smith cleared his throat, stood up and left.

“Where you two ever married?” The doctor asked curiously.

“What insolence? Bring the documents let me sign and get going. I hope my son can be transported without complications?” She questioned.

“Yes, your personal doctor can treat him from the comfort of your home since you don’t want him to stay here” he replied and pointed out places for her to sign in the paper.

“The nurses should help take him outside, my men will take it from there. Have a good day, doctor” Mrs Smith said when she was done signing the papers and stood up to leave.

“Yeah, nice meeting you. Good luck with your son” He shook hands with her.

“My pleasure. Bye!” She left.



Miss Lola and Cynthia exchanged looks as they watched Mr Smith approach. “Am so nervous!” Miss Lola said.

“There’s no cause for alarm. He hasn’t met me before and we know he doesn’t know Sophia, let’s just pray he hasn’t watched her sèx video” Cynthia hushed.

“Hello, where’s my charge?” Mr Smith asked immediately he came close to them. They met him halfway to the stairs that led to numerous rooms.

“Good day, sir. I heard your son was involved in the plane crash, accept my condolences” Miss Lola managed.

“Oh, how news travel! He made it, we are fighters, so he fought his way back” he laughed. “I’m angry and happy at the same time and this is the best mood to take someone from behind and whip an à$s”

“I understand sir. I’m sorry for not making proper researches. Here is Sophia Williams on your disposal” Miss Lola said and tapped Cynthia’s arm.

“A little different from the girl I saw in the picture days ago” he mumbled and took a closer look at Cynthia. “Beautiful, let’s go. I hope they gave you the basic trainings”

Miss Lola released a deep breath when they entered his car and drove off. Cynthia is older than Sophia, but they are about the same height and shape. Sophia is more beautiful, but Cynthia doesn’t look bad either. They look alike in so many ways.

Cynthia is a saviour. Who could have taken that risk for her if not Cynthia? She has always stood by her against all odds. Miss Lola felt jealous watching her lover going to be with a man. Miss Lola always feels nauseous whenever she thinks about being a lez.bian who also fks men. She hates to even think about it, and she had tried talking Cynthia out of it, but she will never listen.

She joined the other sIvts in the hall and talked sense into those of them that misbehaved, then commended the ones that did well.

When she was done, she went inside and waited for Cynthia to call and give her feedback. She hopes nothing goes wrong there.

Linda and Becky are also lesbians. Miss Lola usued to spend a lot of time with them, but ever since Cynthia came into the picture, it has been a different case because she likes Cynthia more because she is an expert in the deed.

Miss Lola had no choice but to call for the two amateurs to keep her company and keep her mind off Sophia’s disappearance and Cynthia’s life which is being risked for her.

The two seemed to have improved lately, because they didn’t disappoint her as they usually did.

Linda kssed and caressed her while Becky fngered and sked her. Her soft mo.ans filled the room. When Linda settled for her bbs,

They were distracted by a sharp kick on the door. The door hung loose as Cynthia was thrown in. Miss Lola grabbed the sheets to cover up with the other girls as Mr. Smith and Flying dragon made entry.

“Am I a joke to you?!” He yelled at her.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to!” Miss Lola cried and knelt down to beg for forgiveness.

“She’s a wildcat in bed, but I didn’t tell you I wanted her. Why didn’t you tell me that Sophia escaped? How could you make such a mistake?!”

“It’s all my fault. She handed her over to me to train and watch her, but I was careless. I also invented the idea of pretending to be her, I’m sorry, I deserve to be punished” Cynthia begged.

“You are not bad. The two of you are lovers, lez.bian love I figured. It surprises me that you are also a lover of men. A lez that sks dks, amazing. I would have eliminated the two of you, but I still need your services” Mr. Smith said.

“I will do whatever you want, sir. I’m truly sorry for being so careless. I have sent people out there to look for her too. She can’t have gone too far” Miss Lola pointed out.

“No need for the stress. I would have loved to disfigure your faces, but I guess Cynthia will keep me company tonight.

And you, Miss Lola, the novices need you and that’s why you must be alive. I don’t want this foundation to crumble, therefore, the daily runnings are left to you as the manager”

“Thank you so much, sir” Miss Lola and Cynthia chorused.

“I will get my men to look for her, so don’t worry” he said as his phone buzzed in his pocket. He opened the text message one of his men sent to him and was shocked at what he’s seeing.

“How can this be? There’s no way this is going to be true!” He shook his head and scurried out of the room.

“Is there any problem, sir?” Flying dragon asked and followed him out.



Angelina hated her husband’s job. Her grandfather who raised her in a small town in North Dakota had died one year ago. It wasn’t easy for her to forget because he was her only parent, guardian, everything and more.

Frederick, her husband became the only person she got in the whole world. The most important person and their kids are her priceless jewels.

They love each other so much, but she hates the feeling she gets everytime Fred walks out the door to go fight crimes.

As a detective and private investigator, their lives are always on the line. They move almost every month and it is no longer fun to her.

She loved meeting new people, but not having to adjust to a new place, new work, new school for her kids and all the shits she holds inside.

Fred told her once that he can’t give up his work for her, and he can’t give her up for his job, which means that he loves his work just as much as he loves her. If she pushed it, he sure will give up that work, but she simply let’s it be the way he wants.


She was surprised when he announced that he wants them to begin again. They are moving and he got a new job.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you are saying no more detective and investigating works?” She asked curiously. He might be pulling her legs.


“Yeah, I want something stable for my family. I have thought about it and I know it is the right thing to do, I have been so selfish” he replied seriously.

“Thank you, sweetheart. I love you!” She jumped into his arms and kssed him deeply.





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