Sha Ron

Chapter 8

“Stella, get ready, you have a job to do this night” Mrs Smith said to one of the female special a$sassins.

“Yes, ma’am!” Stella bowed her head.

“I need you to clear the mess Hannah left behind. Someone just confirmed that Meng is taking another thirteen years old girl to a hotel to defile as usual. He is a bea$t! I will write down the details for you and I trust you always do clean jobs, don’t disappoint me this time” Mrs Smith confided.

“I will never disappoint you, ma’am!”

Stella got ready and left when the time was due. When she reached the front of the hotel, her eyes wandered around in search of where to go in through and where to escape through to avoid being caught.

When she was certain her escape route was no danger, she went through the first gate with a briefcase in hand.

“Who are you?” A guard crossed over to ask her.

“Oh, I’m here to deliver this to the manager, Mr Josh.” She repeated exactly what the voice in her earpiece said.

“What do you have in there?” The guard asked curiously pointing at the briefcase.

“The goods to be delivered!” She answered sharply.

“Can I take a look? What good, doesn’t it have a name?” The guard was a clever one.

“Are you saying I’m a liar? Alright, come see for yourself!” She opened it without hesitation.

“Alright. Second floor, use the elevator, turn left” the guard said when he saw the money in the briefcase.

What the man doesn’t know is that the money she is carrying is fake. And that there is a gun underneath. They make counterfeits to use in operations, it saves a lot. It is always hard for people to know that the money is not a bank note.

Stella went inside the hotel and met the receptionist. “I’m here to see Mr. Meng, he got a reservation here one minute ago and he is waiting for me” she hushed.

“Room 201” the receptionist said without hesitation. To her, Stella is the girl Meng is expecting. Before the little girl in question shows up, it will be too late. Meng must’ve been dead by then.

She didn’t find it hard to locate the room. She knocked and he opened the door immediately with the same thought that she is the girl he has been waiting for. Stella pushed through and pvnched him on the face.

“Fk it! Who the h’ll are you?!” The Korean man cvrsed.

“Your worst nightmare. Goodbye! Your death will save a lot of girls out there!!” Stella said and sh®t him. She had a silent gvn, so she wasn’t really alert ’cause she knows that she can escape before anyone notices anything.

“You…bch!” He grunted and joined his forefathers.

Stella spat at his face and jumped up, she grasped the ceiling fan with her left hand and used the right hand to push open the ceiling. The room is the last floor of the building, so it is close to the roof and makes it easy for her to escape without notice.

She crawled in the ceiling and was already on her way out when she heard noises in the room she is on top. She put her ear to the ceiling to hear what was going on inside there, her stupid impulse won’t let her go.

“I can’t do this… please, I beg of you. I can work for you, I can do anything, but not fu…fk you” a female voice cried.

“Why are you wasting my time, young girl? I already paid for you and no one will question me if I kll you here, you’re just a sIvt!” A deep coax voice threatened.

“Fine, just kll me because I can’t be alive and let you see my nkedness!” The female voice sobbed.

“This is going to be fun!” The deep voice said.

Stella wanted to mind her business and go her way, but when she heard footsteps and struggling noises, she broke into the room in a whiff.

“What the fk!” The man cvrsed and pushed the girl away. The girl fell and hurt her head against the wall, then broke into tears.

“How did you get in here? I will call the security on you…” the man was saying as he frantically took the telephone.

Stella didn’t waste time to pull the trlgger and he fell down and breathed his last. “Please, don’t kll me, I…” the girl begged, sniffing.

“You have to get out of here, now!” Stella dragged the girl up and shoved her through the ceiling. “If you fall down, you are answerable to the law for what happened to him!” She warned.

The girl held tight and climbed up the roof. Stella followed, she took her hand and they jumped down to the back of the hotel. Stella didn’t look back as she dragged the girl with her and ran.

When she was sure they were safe, she stopped and told the girl to go her way.

“I don’t have anywhere to go. And even if I do, those people will find me no matter what and…probably kll me” the girl wailed.

“Are you being serious? I wish I can help you, but I have to leave now!” Stella said and ducked into the darkness.

She ran farther away before she came out to the road again to get a cab to the nearest bus stop. When she looked back, she was surprised to see that the girl was still following her.

“Are you a stalker or something? Don’t make me regret saving you! If you don’t get going now, I will shoot you right here!” Stella threatened.

“I know you’re an assassinator, but you’re a good person. A bad person would never have saved me, but you did. I know you can’t hurt me. You’re afraid I will implicate things for you, and you think I’m a spy, but I’m not. Please,”

“What? What do you know about me? That man I shot right in front of you is the second person I’m klling today, what makes you think I can’t waste your life right now?!” She reeled.

“Well… it’s better to die than go back to the sluts foundation” the girl cried and went down on her knees.

“I’m also begging you, please just stop following me. How can I even trust you?” She shook her head and stalled away.

“I want to become an a$sassin too! Please!!” The girl held her leg.

“I’m sorry but I can’t, I will be in big trouble if my boss finds out that I saved someone, how much more taking the person into the organization? Just go away!”



“What? Oh my… how did that happen?” Miss Lola screamed when the hotel’s manager called her.

“Just a few minutes ago, the occupants of the next room told us there was a heated argument, struggling, then… a grunt and that’s all. The girl is nowhere to be found!” The man informed her.

“How was she able to do that? Who gave her a gun? Where could she have run off to? That $illy girl shouldn’t put me in trouble, I don’t want to die by Mr Smith’s blade!” She wailed.

“An a$sassin broke into the hotel and klled one of our customers. I guess she has something to do with whoever the person was and they worked hand in hand to murder the man. Well, I have to go now, the cops are here questioning some of my workers” the manager dropped the call.

“I heard you scream! What happened?” Cynthia asked, standing on the doorway.

“Sophia… she escaped from the hotel and that man was shot too!” Miss Lola shook her head.

“How did that happen? Wait, was she the one that klled him? Does she even have a gvn? I didn’t see this coming!” Cynthia’s hand flew to her mouth. “Oh my God! And Mr Smith called me just three seconds ago”

“I’m dead! What will I tell Mr Smith? We have to go look for her, I don’t want to face that grim man!” Miss Lola sank into a chair and pondered about what to do. “What did he say to you, anyway?”

“He wants her Saturday night. He might watch it in the news, let’s tell him before he finds out from another source” Cynthia advised sadly.

“No! Don’t… we can’t! I have an idea. He doesn’t know Sophia in person, I will send another girl over to him and she will pretend to be Sophia” Miss Lola said thoughtfully.

“Are you okay at all? That would be playing with fire and I can’t be a part of it. I will go to him, I know how to handle him” Cynthia shrugged and bit her lower lip.

“You promised me Saturday night…” Miss Lola’s face became more shadowed with gloom.

“We don’t have a choice here. I can’t stand that man interrogating us and threatening us… I will make due with the sèx maniac plunging into me all night while I scream my eyes out than the grim man staring into my soul and punching me with his threats!” Cynthia blew out a breath.

“Yeah. What excuses are we gonna give for her absence?” Miss Lola asked curiously.

“Leave that to me, just make sure you find her before dawn on Saturday night” Cynthia accepted the burden of keeping Mr Smith from being suspicious of them till Saturday morning.

“And what if two days later, we don’t find her?”

“We would get ready to d!e”


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