Sha Ron

Chapter 7

“Good day, sir,” A lady said over the phone to Mr. Smith. “I’ve introduced her to the sIvts hotel, I left her with Miss Lola and Cynthia” she added.

“Oh that’s good. You are free to go now. This is just the beginning of her suffering. I’ll make sure she suffers and if possible, I’ll have a taste of her, this is fking good! I haven’t seen her before, I hope she is the Almighty Sophia Williams?” Mr. Smith asked.

“Yes sir, her video went viral and she is like a prnstar all over the internet now, so it was easy for me to recognize her. She was still around her parents’ estate,” she explained curtly.

“That is very nice of you. I have sent you the money, goodbye!” Mr. Smith said and ended the call with a sly smile playing on his lips. “Mr. Williams, I will soon fuck your precious daughter!” He laughed loudly.



“Good morning, ma’am” Ivy greeted Mrs. Smith like a saint.

“How did you find this place?” Has always been Mrs. Smith’s first question whenever a new member shows up at the secret base of her organization.

“Someone brought me here. Gena is her name. Mine is Ivy,” she replied most humbly.

“Gena…yes, one of the female members, I remember. So what do you want from this organization?” Mrs. Smith asked curiously.

“Ma’am, I’ll be very happy if I can join your organization. Please, I promise to be of good conduct and abide by the rules and regulations that governs this association,” Ivy vowed with a bow.

“Are you sure you want to be an a$sassinator? I understand Gena must have told you everything about it, but I don’t advise you to venture into it without a second thought” Mrs. Smith said thoughtfully.

“Yes ma’am, I know how risky it is to be an a$sassin, but it is what I want. I have thought about it and I know that I am ready to do anything to be a special a$sassin just like Gena very soon”

“Why did you make such a haste decision?” Mrs. Smith inquired.

“I want to execute the person that murdered my sister. She was shot on the eve of her wedding and I was framed for doing that and it made my parents hate me,” Ivy said, blinking her tears back.

“So, do you know the person behind the mask?” Mrs Smith asked.

“Yes, I can still recognize him. I see him almost everyday, but there is nothing I can do about it, that is why I am here so I can be able to defend myself and get revenge for her d.eath” she answered bravely.

“Okay. I see the courage in your eyes. To be here, you must learn how to keep a secret because this is a secret organization set up for people to fight against corruption.

So you gotta keep it a secret and see everyone here as your sibling” Mrs Smith accepted her.

“I’ll ma’am, thank you very much” Ivy said happily.

“Go tell Gena to show you to your room. Remember to keep clean and discreet”



“What?!” Miss Lola was on the phone.

Cynthia paused what she was doing and sat down across her to know what the problem was.

“I’m sorry, sir. Send her back, I will caution her to avoid that nonsense from repeating itself. I will send another girl over before nine o’clock in the evening” Miss Lola said and dropped the call.

“What was that about?” Cynthia asked and bent over to caress her bbs.

“Ember was seeing her menstruation and she didn’t say it. Now the man that paid for her is threatening to tell the boss” Miss Lola explained curtly.

“Eeew! That’s so disgusting. She wouldn’t have missed to notice in time. Anyway, maybe she didn’t want any other girl to have the man, the man smells money!” Cynthia scoffed.

“That’s true, but not to that extent. She went to an extreme this time and I will reprimand her harshly to avoid getting all of us into Mr Smith’s problem” Miss Lola said thoughtfully.

“Forget about that for now. Let us finish what we started, honey!” Cynthia teased and dropped ksses on her thighs.

“Bad girl!”

Miss Lola is a lez.bian. Cynthia has been her partner for quite some time now. Cynthia also does the opposite sx and still enjoys and cherishes her time with Miss Lola.

They got back to business and their mo.ans could be heard from the hallway.

Sophia peeked into the room to know what the sound was about, her eyes widened and her hands flew to cover her mouth to subdue the scream that threatened to elapse.

She can’t believe they are lez.bians too. She shouldn’t mind them, right? She should make use of this opportunity and flee.

She sneaked out through the hallway to the back of the hotel. She made sure no one was watching her before ducking out to the parking lot.

No, she can’t give up yet, she has to try her best and escape from this badland no matter what. She must survive, for herself, for her parents…

She rapidly walked towards the back of a car to hide and bumped into a man and woman making out at the back of the car. “Oh… sorry!” She mumbled, but they probably didn’t hear her or chose to ignore her menace because they were so engrossed in whatever they were doing.

That was the exact spot she was planning to pass, but seeing the situation, there’s no way she could escape through that path, they will surely notice her.

She turned to another direction and darm it, she bumped into her two girls that knew her well. They must’ve been watching her all the while as she made a fool of herself all in the name of escaping.

“Sophia, what are you doing outside? You should be training and not sneaking around like a mouse” one of the girls said when they walked up to her.

“No, actually… I lost my way. I accidentally threw down my necklace which my dad gave to me and I came down to search for it” She wasn’t good at lying but she will start learning.

“You lost your way… then you accidentally fell something and… how sweet!” The second girl mimicked.

“If you are trying to escape, get the thought off your mind because this place is tightly secured by CCTV cameras and guards. If you want to die, try it” The first girl snorted and walked away.

“I have planned to escape before and almost lost my life, I advise you to go inside and be a good girl. There is no way out once you step into here” the second girl said and left.

Sophia was in dilemma at that moment. She turned slowly and was sadly going back seeing that there is no hope for her, when Miss Lola came out and she was obviously in search of her.

“I have been looking all over for you! What are you doing walking around? Anyway, the man that paid for you just called to tell me that his driver is waiting for you, dress up immediately and don’t keep him waiting!” Miss Lola said.

Sophia only nodded and went inside to dress up. Clothes were already kept for her plus all the things she would need and someone to make her up.

“Is it necessary to do all that?!” She scoffed when the lady applied the make up on her face.

“You are naturally beautiful, but this will make you look so hot and sxy! First impression makes all the difference!” The lady told her cheerfully.

Sophia shook her head and hurried the lady until she accepted to let her go. She went outside, the driver waved at her when he spotted her. She went inside gloomily and sat quietly at the backseat.


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