Sha Ron

Chapter 5

Sophia’s jaw dropped at what she saw going viral as of three o’clock this morning and it has already circulated around the whole world.

Was it that she vaguely remembered what happened last night at the hotel room that she didn’t know exactly who rapped her? No, she was sure it was Justin Smith, she remembers vividly well the face of the boy that took away her vrgnity in the most sophisticated way.

If that was all, it would have been better and she would simply go to a calm place and end her miserable life, but the headline of some of the shared videos made her want to stay alive and take revenge.


If only the grounds will open and swallow her. An edited video of what happened last night. Now she knows it was all a setup for the guy to rape her, edit and share the sx video.

Her face and nkedness was unmistakable, but the face of the man she was certain rapped her last night wasn’t there, it was the face of a Catholic priest who was gossiped to be a pervert and was sent to prison, earlier that year, another rumor broke in that there was a prison break and he was among the few that escaped that she saw right there.

Her parents pictures were uploaded with the worst remarks and tags, she hated the fact that death never comes to take people when they simply wish to embrace it and leave this forbidden place called Earth, but only pays visit to people who never expected it.

The Almighty Sophia Williams has fallen just like the wall of Jericho. This should teach her that nothing good lasts forever.

She buried her face in her palms and poured her soul out. “So this was all a setup?” She kept blaming herself for accepting a drink from her enemy.

“It was all a trick! Who will I run to now? Who will help me? Why does life have to be so mean? I know I am a spoilt child but who did my parents offend? They were good to people and they sponsored a lot of children and gave many people employment!” She lamented.

“Hey! What are you doing in front of people’s house, get lost before I release the dogs on you!!” A gate keeper yelled.

She wandered off to the road with no destination in mind feeling so ashamed of herself at the disgusting look people gave her. She is a big disappointment to her parents!

“What am I gonna do? Where will I go from here?” She wailed as tears trickle down her cheeks.

Sophia Williams was so lost in thought that she didn’t know when a car was coming right before her eyes and almost hit her.

“Are you okay? Are you drunk?” The driver queried.

She looked up at the person and would have really talked some sense into the person if it was before, but she doesn’t have the morale again. Her wings have been broken and she can’t fly again, she is now afraid of heights.

Very surprising for a princess who has been skydiving. A classy lady came out of the backseat of the car and approached her.

The last was in brown suit, black heels and bag with long earrings that dangled on her ears at each step she takes.

“Oh dear, are you hurt?” She asked with sympathy all over her face. “Look dear, don’t mind my driver, he could be so reckless sometimes”

“You have nothing to worry about, I was the stupid one for not looking where I was going” she murmurs an apology and turned to walk away slowly, but the woman held her back.

“You look worried and downcast, what could be the problem, beauty? See, I know it is hard to trust strangers, but believe me, I can help you if you share your problems with me. Remember that a problem shared is a problem half solved” the woman said with a look of sympathy.

“Actually, I’m… sorry, but I don’t know you and I hate to be a burden to you, excuse me” She wanted to go again, but the woman was persistent.

“Oh dear, you are not being a burden. Remember that I asked you. Hop into my car and I promise to take you to a safe place. Don’t be afraid, okay?” The lady said with pity written all over her face and that touched Sophia so much to want to trust her.

“Really ma’am? I would appreciate it if you would help me with a place to rest my head on till tomorrow morning” Sophia said, seeing that this is the only way she can be safe, and not keep wandering till late in the night, so many danger is always lurking around in the dark.

“Yeah, don’t worry about that, I will help you. Let’s go” The lady assured her with a faint smile. Sophia hopped in and the car drove off.

The car stopped in front of a big gate and when the gates was opened, a beautiful and enormous building was revealed to her anxious eyes.

“This place looks like a hotel” She thought quietly to herself, “does she live in a hotel or is she traveling and thought of spending the night here?” She wondered as the lady was busy talking with another pretty lady.

They talked briefly before the lady told her to come down from the car. Sophia felt goosebumps all over her body as confused and fearful as she was when the car drove out leaving her there without another word.

The lady told Sophia to follow her inside. She walked behind her like an id!ot. “Excuse me, where are you taking me?” She finally asked as they walked past the receptionist desk and upstairs to a long hallway that led to many rooms, from one to wherever it the rooms ended.

“Don’t worry, you will get to know soon” the lady replied.

When they were passing the hallways, some girls could be seen flirting with some men that passed by while some girls practice lesbian and even made passes at her as the lady kssed one of the girls.

“Oh sht! What is this? Absolutely disgusting!!” Sofia muttered as the lady opened a door and told her to stay there for the meantime.

“Sleep here this night and tomorrow we shall get started” The lady said, threw a piece of paper at her and left.

Opening the piece of paper given to her, her eyes widened in shock as she sat upright on the bed and took another look at it.

She used her palm to clean her eyes just to make sure she wasn’t hallicunating about what was written on the paper.

Welcome to the Exclusive SIvts Foundation was boldly written on it.

“What? I’m actually in a sIvt hotel?” She tried to get a grip on what was happening before her eyes.

“Oh sht, so this was all a set up? That lady knows me and brought me here for this? Does she think I’m some kind of a slut or what?” She sat down on the bed and cried.

Sophia wetted her pillow with tears and dozed off crying.


*Next Morning*

Sophia Williams was awakened by a deafening sound that was clouding the room.

“Oh gosh! Turn it off, the noise is too loud” she rasped thinking someone was in the room with her, but opening her eyes, no one else was in the room.

Then a voice came in. “Aren’t you gonna stand up or you didn’t hear the alarm ring?”

“Hear the…alarm?” She stammered wondering where the voice was coming from.

Just then, the door opened, revealing a maid in uniform.

“Ma’am, please follow me,” The lady who seems to be on her twenties said. Sophia follows her.

She wondered where she was taking her to. They crossed the hallway and went to the back of the hotel. The place was decorated like an event center and that reminded her of the place she celebrated her birthday party.

She still can’t believe everything that happened to her in just seventy two hours or lesser than. It was just yesterday.


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