Tags: Love, betrayal, lies,

Locations: America, Korea.

Characters: (Amazing characters, just find out yourself ??)

Writer: Mary ShaRon

Coming back from her birthday party with regret and bitterness, she found her parents lying d.ead in a pool of bI.ood. Sophia met a lot of hindrances that mellowed her when she was seeking for revenge.


It got worse and more complicated when she fell in love with the son of the man who mvrdered her parents and the same guy who rapped her on her birthday night.

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Sha Ron

Chapter 1

“Sleeping beauty, wake up!”

“Oh, Daddy stop!” Sophia said sleepily.

“It’s morning sweetie, get up and prepare for school”

“Good morning, Daddy? I know, please just get out already” She woke up fully as Mr. Williams smiled.

“Okay, I’ll let you be, but promise to be done with your preparation within thirty minutes so you won’t be late to school”

“Okay, fine, I promise so…bye!” She shrugged and he left her alone.

“Oh great! My dad has to know that I’m no longer a child, I’m Eighteen years old for Christ’s sake, he should stop treating me like a five years old child”

She mumbled as she lumbered to the bathroom and within a minute she was done bathing.

After rubbing some lotion on her body, she put on her panties, wore her school uniform and carried her expensive school bag which was bought for her by her mother on her last trip to Dubai.

She sprayed her perfume and exited the room, ambling into the parlour.

“Morning, Mommy” she greeted her mother, Mrs Jenny Williams, she planted ksses on her cheeks.

“How was your night, princess?” Mrs Williams replied.

“It was fine” She uttered as she sat down to eat the sumptuous meal at the dining table.

It was a toasted bread, baked cookies, sardine, corn beef, butter, and fried chicken which was placed on the table and so much more.

Sofia ate to her satisfaction as her mother gave her a lunchbox which contained fried rice and veggies.

She doesn’t like eating in her school’s canteen as she believes the food isn’t hygienic and sweet like her mother’s food.

She hopped inside her Ferrari car, and the driver drove her to school.

Mr And Mrs Williams are a successful business couple who owns the biggest company known as W/R in the city of Korea.

Mr. William is an American man, but he was born in Korea, he grew up and owns a company there though he now decided to reside/settle in New York City. His company deals in technology.

While Mrs. Williams owns a fashion opera and organizes shows for international models and artists.

This made anybody want to be friends with them, but they had no time for friendship.

Mr Williams trusts only one man who manages his business as his personal assistant.

Sophia came into their life after ten years of marriage. This situation almost led to their breakdown before she came into their lives, she was their miracle.

Since then, they vowed to give her anything she wants and best out of life for coming unexpectedly to wipe their tears.

Immediately Sophia stepped out of her car, her fellow students ran towards her to take pictures of her and begged her to take a selfie with them.

She’s the school goddess, brilliant, smart and a diva, but she’s rude and bossy, she doesn’t mind stepping on people because she believes they are worthless.

She was respected by the students because her father is the owner of the school and they want to be friends with her even though she doesn’t waste time to spat on them.

With all that, no one dares insult her because you’ll be expelled from the school immediately or fired if you are a teacher.

“Sofia, please, I want to take a picture with you, just a second!” A female voice called her attention.

“I’ll be very happy if you accept my gift. I really like you” Another person said, bringing something wrapped in a plastic bag to her, but she ignored her.

Her friends immediately showed up and proudly walked with her to the classroom. They knew that so many other students who wished to be in their shoes, to be seen around, touching and talking with the school queen, were already dying with jealousy and envy.

“Hi bebes, you look amazing” Rebecca praised her, admiring her new hair style and dress.

“Oh yes, I do! You guys look cool too, but next time, try wearing another shoe, I don’t like this particular shoe you’re putting on, she scolded Ivy with a disgusting look.

“Okay, whatever” Ivy murmured.

They went inside their class and found their new mathematics teacher already teaching, they sat down and got many envious glances from their other classmates.

Sophia brought out a chewing gum from her bag and started chewing noisily without minding the teacher.

“Who amongst you here is making that $illy noise?” He asked and there was no response. Everybody was too scared to point their finger at her.

Getting no reply, he continued solving what he was writing and waited for the culprit to expose him or herself. He heard another sound of the gum and turned sharply to see Sophia bubbling the gum.

“Come outside now!” He commanded and fixed his angry eyes on Sofia and her crew who were busy operating their phones.

Her friends fearfully turned their attention to the teacher and nudged her to stop too, but she glared at them and continued what she was doing.

The class was silent as everyone watched the whole event displaying in front of them quietly.

He angrily walked to her and sI.apped her left cheek and snatched her phone from her.

“Are you mad?” She cvrsed as she returned the sI.ap.

“You sI.apped me? Do you know who I am?” The man rasped in as everyone laughed at him.

“You are a nobody!” She snarled.

While some people who saw the whole thing Sofia did as a disrespect kept muttering as they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“You dared sI.ap me, your own teacher! As from today henceforth, I won’t have you in my class and you’re suspended.

“Suspended?” She laughed at the perplexed teacher.

“You don’t know that you’re as good as fired? You better start picking your bits and pieces to leave the school premises before I have the guards arrest you!” She barked and stormed out of the classroom.

Sophia didn’t go back to the classroom, she got into her car and ordered the driver to take her home.

“He must be pvnished and I’ll make sure that he learnt his lesson!” She muttered on the drive home, the driver asked what was wrong and she shunned him.

She indignantly came down from her car and met her parents already prepared to leave for work.

“What’s with the poker face? Why did you come home early?” Her dad asked, noticing the sad expression she had on her face.

“It was one stupid teacher blathering like an addlepated nincompoop who had the guts to raise his filthy hands on me!” She said in a provoked manner.

“A teacher? Did what?!” her mother asked.

“He sI.apped me, mom!” She mumbled.

“What?” Her mother looked at Mr Williams angrily. “Honey, did you hear that?”

“You can handle that, sweetheart. I have some business transactions to take care of” Mr Williams said and left first.

Mrs Williams called the school manager and authorized him to fire the new teacher immediately.

“Don’t worry, honey, he has been taken care of. Go back to your room and relax, no one dares lay a finger on my princess. Does he want to leave a scar on your face?” Her mother tapped her cheeks fondly.

“He wouldn’t dare, I’m sure I left some on his own face. I will be inside Mom, have a good day at the office” Sophia chuckled and happily went upstairs to her room.



“Dad, there’s this new wristwatch that I just saw online. Please, can you buy it for me?” Sofia whined holding her father’s hand.

“Where’s the sample of the watch?” he sighed.

“Wait a second, Dad, let me check my phone” She brought out the already saved photos of the wristwatch and she showed it to him.

“Daddy, please promise me that you’ll buy it for me, I want to wear it on my birthday” She said goaded when she saw the disinterested look on her father’s face.

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do” he had to accept, she noticed his sad expression.

Recently, their business has been going down. Mrs Smith whom they trusted their business unto said he invested millions of dollars in a partnering company and claimed they ran away with the money.



A man in his forties, tall, white skinned, dressed in suit could be seen taking down the elevator as he exited the entrance aibling outside.

Glancing left and right, he picked his buzzle phone as he cleared his throat before responding to the caller.

“I hope you’ve done the needful?” The caller on the phone asked and he replied “yes sir”

“Good, I want you to leave Seoul Korea immediately and come back to America to meet Your girlfriend,” the caller ordered.

“Sir, you really mean it? He asked in a happy tone as the caller groaned over the phone.

“I really meant what I said, once you get to the airport, you wouldn’t need to do some unnecessary things because I’ve planned everything already. You should go and enjoy your life, you’ve done enough. Thank you for your time and services”

“No sir, I should be thanking you for giving me this job though it’s risky. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me” He uttered as the conversation came to an end.

Immediately he hopped into a taxi, he heard the siren of the police car and was gripped by fear at first, until the cops passed by the taxi and went to take care of the traffic, he released a deep breath and lit his ¢igarette.

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