Sha Ron

Chapter 4

Justin went out to fetch her friends, but met Greg and Franko instead.

“Are you nuts? This is what you have always wanted, God gave it to you on a platter of gold man… go grab your copy now!” Greg advised against his going to get her friends for her.

“I totally agree with Greg, Justin, you are even aroused… stop being a softie and get back at her for rejecting you so openly” Franko said.

Justin rushed back into the room and locked the door. He shouldn’t listen to his friends, right? But his thing is tearing his navy blue jeans. Does red wine make men hrny and women dizzy? He wondered.

His friends could be right, this is fate for him. He undressed quickly and joined her on the be.d. He dropped ksses on her thighs and she stirred.

“What are you doing?” She murmured when her eyelids, which were as heavy as if rocks were placed on it, lifted slightly. She looked at his face and wanted to fight, but she was too weak to do just that.

Gradually, he undressed her….


He was very weak, so he lay down beside her. Guess what he found out? He noticed the bI.ood stains on the white bedsheet and knew at that moment that she was a vrgn and he just defIowered her so ruthlessly.

Justin gaped at her for some seconds and a wave of guilt washed over him. He shouldn’t have done that, his head cleared from whatever got into him.

She opened her eyes and forced a few words out, “I…ha…te…y…you. You mu…st pay for this, even if it is the last thing I wo…uld do” tears filled her eyes and her hands curled into a fist.

He sprang up from the b.ed, cleaned himself up and got dressed quickly. He covered her body with the bedsheets and ran out of the room.



Sophia woke up the next morning and found herself in a strange bed and she couldn’t remember how she got there.

She stood up and found the bed to be stained with bI.ood, and the waist pain was too much.

“What happened to me?!” She gasped. Then everything started returning to her. She dropped her head in her palms and wept.

As everything reflected back and replayed in her mind, flood of tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Darn it! How can he do this to me? That bea$t, I must tell my parents about this and he should get ready to rot in jail! I will never forgive him for taking away my pride so cruelly, something I have been able to preserve for years!!”

She muttered and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. “How did I let this happen to me? My parents will be so angry with me for getting myself into this mess!”

She grabbed her phone and walked out of the hotel room after dressing up. The hotel cleaners were already cleaning the party scene. She was devastated to see that this party actually ruined her life for good.

“God, that guy surely didn’t use protection, what if… Oh no!” She ran into her car and her driver took her home.

She remained mute on the drive home even when the concerned driver asked what was wrong.

She was surprised when she stepped down at her father’s compound and everywhere was silent. “Where the h’ll did all the guards and servants go?!” She muttered angry at herself.

She became more terrified when she didn’t hear anything until she got into the sitting room.

“Mom! Dad!!” she called, scared to de.ath by the silence and the echoe of her own voice.

She frantically ran into her parents bedroom and got the shock of her life. Her father lay limbless on the bed with bI.ood gushing out of his mouth and nose.

Her mother sat upright beside their wardrobe and held her neck. Obviously, Mr Williams was shot and his wife was st.rangIed to de.ath.

“No! This is not true, Sophia wake up!! You are having one of those bad dreams!” She went to the bed and pushed her father and ran instantly at the same time to push her mother.

“Mom, please, don’t leave me! Who did this to you? No!!” She cried and no one came to her aid.

“You promised to stay with me till I grow old! Mother, remember you told me that you will be my chiefbridesmaid no matter how many friends I have! Dad, why? What about the tour to Paris?” She wailed.

She scrambled to her feet and called emergency number. She spoke to the cops and ambulance too, then slumped down to cry her eyes out.

Sophia found something beside her mother. Her mother always had a recorder with her. She once told her that she always had it with her during business agreement with people and when signing contracts to record whatever they talked about because people go back to their words.

She took it fervently and pressed the play button. There was silent for somewhile, then a scream erupted and her father’s voice came in;

“Mr Smith, how can you do this to us? I trusted everything to you and took you as my own son, so it has been you all these while?”

“Enough of the rubbish! Sign these documents now or you two dies!!”

Sophia did not recognize the voice, but hearing Mr Smith, she knew it is her father’s right hand man. She has seen up to five pictures they took together.

“Please, spare us, you can take everything, but please don’t kll us. We have to be there for our only child!” Her mother’s voice cried.

“Yes, about that… I have been meaning to meet your precious daughter, I hope to see her dusting my shoes some day. Goodbye!” The voice laughed.

“No! Don’t hurt my child!!”

A gvn shot followed, struggling came afterwards, footsteps and silent.

Sophia was still weeping when a woman came in with some cops, she said the house belongs to her, that the original owner sold it to her and the cops should take the criminals away.

She couldn’t believe it, her own parents? Criminals? She can’t just understand. She wanted to protest, but no one cared to listen to her.

Recently, she has noticed that something wasn’t right around the house. But she has chosen to keep quite because her parents don’t always tell her about their business whether good or bad.

They once told her not to mind any other thing except her studies and shouldn’t bother or interfer because they will always be there for her. Now, see the results of her ignorance.

If only she had known. Where would she go now? Her parents doesn’t have close relatives that she has heard of; her father told her that he was an orphan and her mother said her parents died in prison for a crime they never committed.

She went outside and didn’t even see the driver that brought her there and her car or that of her parents are in sight.

She broke to tears and looked down at her hands to see the only things she has now, her phone, the voice recording device and the clothes and jewelries she had won to her birthday party. She wasn’t even allowed to take any of her belongings.

Her phone rang, when she saw her friends name, she felt relieved and thought she would ask her to know if she would talk to her parents to let her stay with them for somewhile to figure out what to do.

“Where were you last night?” Rebecca’s voice said immediately she picked the call.

“Why are you asking me that, Rebecca, I was with you girls last night for my birthday party, have you forgotten?” She sobbed.

“Sofia, please, tell me the truth, where did you sleep last night?” Rebecca pressed.

“Well, I went home early because I had an upset stomach so…”

“Liar! So this is true? I’m so ashamed of you, I can’t believe you’re just a $Ivt the whole time who sleep with men for money, that explains how you got those money to buy your luxurious clothes and your parents too are criminals who has been claiming people’s properties illegally!”

“What did you just say? How could you say those words to me and my family?” Sofia rasped as she was pained by Rebecca’s utterances. Her tears was uncontrollable.

“If you think that I’m lying… go online,” With that, Rebecca cut the call and Sophia’s heart sank at what her very best friend just said.


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