Sha Ron

Chapter 11.

A murmur erupted from the a$sassins, both newbies and special agents were enthralled by the handsome dude who was said to be their boss’s son who survived the plane crash and still obviously in coma as the men carried him inside.

“Quiet!” Mrs. Smith said in a commanding tone as usual. The training ground became as silent as a graveyard.

“All of you know the story. He is my son, Justin. The doctor will take care of him here, I need you guys to help him and see him the same way you see me. I hope am very well understood?” She said curtly.

“Yes, ma’am!” They chorused. But when she turned to leave, the murmurs became uncontrollable.


Sophia didn’t get to see the face of the guy she talked about, but her heart sank at the mention of that name. Her heart became heavy with grieve again.

Could it be the same Justin she knows? “H’ll no! He isn’t the only guy that answers Justin!” She was walking and talking at the same time and she bumped into Alex. He is a very good looking young man, and she was enchanted by his boyish looks ever since she saw him earlier that morning.

“Watch where you are going” he uttered.

“Oh… sorry. Hi, my name is Sophia…” she wanted to add her surname, but no one will be proud of a name that is as good as destruction itself.

“I see” he shrugged and left.

“What was that? He should be happy I even spoke to him first! What is even wrong with me? I hate this dumbass Sophia, I have to go back to the old me!” She muttered and went to look for Stella.

She prayed Mrs Smith won’t change her mind about letting her join the organization.

She met Stella in the lunchroom. “You are lucky. Mrs Smith said you can stay and train with the other newbies” Stella told her happily when she sat down beside her.

“Really? I’m so happy! Thank you so much, Stella. Can I call you sister?” Sophia was very happy.

“Just call me Stella. Stop being so nice, I don’t need that, be a good girl and don’t put me in trouble.

The way we operate here is different from the way the outside world operates. One slight mistake and you are dead, and whoever introduced you to the organization is going down with you. So be careful” Stella adviced.

“I won’t disappoint you. It’s fine if you want me to just call you by your name. Lunch and dinner is on me!” Sophia grimaced.

“Aish! Food is free here. Do you know how much we make in every mission? Just becareful, especially with the way you look at that dude!” Stella said and laughed when she noticed how Sophia’s face glowed when Alex came in to join his friends on their table.

“What are you insinuating? Hey, I’m not crushing on him and he’s definitely not my type of guy, he just looks cool, that’s all!” Sophia denied.

“I wasn’t saying that. You just exposed yourself, babe!” Stella laughed at her reaction.



Mr Smith paced around in his room lost in thought. Mr Mc Millan, the man he trusts wants to use the documents he found against him.

The same way he klled Mr William’s and his wife and made away with their wealth, that’s the exact same thing that he is planning to do to him. Well, he doesn’t know that a swordmaster never allows a sword go behind him even by mistake.

If that man manages to get the documents to court, then he is doomed. He will lose everything he has managed to get. He only hired him to do a simple task and get paid. He even told him to disappear forever, but he showed up again to destroy him.

“Sir! What should we do to that guy?” Lee asked after watching his boss pace restlessly for somewhile.

“I have gotten what I want from him, kll him if you are sure he has confessed everything!” Mr Smith ordered.

Lee bowed and left. He brought out his phone and called Cynthia to come entertain him tonight.



“Sophia, are you sure you don’t like Alex?” Stella mused. She has been looking at the table that is a few steps away from them while eating her lunch absentmindedly.

Sophia finally looked away from the table and trained her gaze on Stella who was watching her curiously. “Why? Why do you say so? I already told you that I don’t like him,” she said.

Stella smirked and gave her an unconvinced gaze which shows that she clearly doesn’t believe what Sophia is saying.

“Even if you don’t like him, you must have a crush on him cause you have been distractedly glancing at him. I will tell you this again, Gena won’t like it when she finds out you are crushing on her boyfriend” Stella pointed out.

Sophia groaned and dug into her lunch. She pouted at what Stella said suddenly feeling sad. Is it so bad to have a crush on someone? Even a tiny little crush. That was unlike her. She sure doesn’t like him in the way Stella thinks, there’s just something special about him.

She can’t trust men. The last time she tried that, she lost her pride and her whole life became a mess.


The cute pout of her lips already captured the hearts of many guys in the cafeteria.

Even though she is new there, most of the guys there are already entranced by her beauty. Even if she looks too young… Too beautiful… Too innocent that she doesn’t belong here.

Stella noticed the intent stares the guys were giving her and of course she noticed the hateful glares from the girls. She smiled and looked at Sophia who was still pouting sadly about Alex.

The culprit doesn’t even know what is going on around her. She is not even aware of the way guys were devouring her with their eyes or the way the girls were st.abbing her with their hateful glare.

Sophia looked at Stella and sighed. “I don’t know if I like him. He’s handsome and all but he practically ignored me when I tried to talk to him so… I don’t know if I like him.”

Stella’s eyes twinkled in amusement as she glanced over at Alex. She was a little bit suprised when she saw Alex quickly looking away. Hmm… Was Alex just peeking at Sophia?

Stella was now very amused. Seems like their lives is going to get better from now on now that Sophia is here. Stella looked back at Sophia who was still whining about not knowing if she likes Alex or not.

“You don’t know… he likes you too,” Stella teased even if she had a feeling that what she is saying is actually true. Well, she just caught Alex looking away which means he must have been staring at Sophia and was trying to hide the fact that he was staring at her.

Sophia gasped and shook her head sideways like she was trying to wave off a thought in her head. She giggled and told Stella,“I know you are teasing me. It’s seriously not funny, so stop.”

She concentrated on her food. Stella wanted to say something but just then the emergency bell in the cafeteria rang and a voice announced through the speakers,“Special a$sassinators are requested to be in the office right away. Ma’am wants to see you all.”

Stella was suprised. They only use this method to call special a$sassinators if they have a very important mission to accomplish. Stella stood up wondering why their boss have requested for them.
She looked back at Sophia and pats her soft hair like an elder sister patting the hair of her younger sister. That feels and sounds weird but that is how she feels right now.

“Stay here and wait for me,” she told Sophia who nodded obediently. “And if you get too bored, just go back to the room okay? Don’t fight with anyone,” Stella quickly added the last statement.

She knows some of these girls glaring at Sophia hatefully will try to pick up a fight with her so she wants to ensure that she won’t get into any trouble and be on Mrs. Smith’s black book.

Mrs. Smith might look nice and act nice, but whenever she is furious, she is never easily appeased.

“Go on and stop worrying like I am a little child,” Sophia said lowly and tried to hide the tears in her eyes. She suddenly remembered that this is how her father used to behave when he was still alive.

He always worried over her like she was a little child which is very funny cause Stella is acting the same way. It’s strange but she feels loved. This means that in this strange place, there is at least someone that cares about her.

Stella walked away and Sophia stared at her departing figure silently. She also saw Alex walking away with the lady he was sitting with the first time she saw him this morning and she sighed. Is that Gena his said girlfriend? Is she a special as$assinator too?

“If that’s the case, then I have no chance at all! I just want him to be my friend. Not that I trust men or need any lover! Men are s¢um!”



Stella came back to her room and met Sophia already waiting anxiously for her.

“What’s up with the alarm?” Sophia queried.

“The plane crash was someone’s doing. They tried to kll Justin and so, bombed the plane” Stella replied.

“People are so heartless! Okay, because of one person, they wasted many souls?! This is wickedness! S¢rew whoever was responsible for that!” Sophia spat out.

“We have a mission to find and kll the man that plotted that evil against humanity. We have a price for that, too expensive that she said it will be a secret” Stella said.

“Tell me more about it, please? I want to go too” Sophia stated.

Stella bursted into laughter at her remark. Even in her weirdest dreams, she can’t even imagine a trained member embarking on a mission without a tangible reason, talk more of a newbie that joined by miracle.

How many hours has she spent in the organization that she’s talking about going with them. Winning Mrs. Smith’s heart so she would favour you like that is another miracle on it’s own.

“Stella, come on! Tell me, is there anyway I can be able to go with you guys? What exactly is the reward for going with you guys?” Sophia whined.

“Don’t push it girl, you can’t just go! And for the reward, I think special recognition is one of them, but I don’t really know for now, the reward is not yet known” Stella replied.

Sophia buried her head between her thighs and thought about it. If she was able to go with Stella’s team to the mission, her rank will be upgraded and she would gain more respect and special treatment.

But there’s no way she would go with them since she was accepted out of pity just yesterday night and she hasn’t really trained for a full day.

“I want to go with you guys. I went to self defense classes in school, I learnt a lot and I will be able to help…” She mumbled and Stella dropped the gun that she was holding on the floor.

“Like what the fuck, Sophia! Don’t say that again, this is very risky. You haven’t gotten all the training and skills required to be a part of this dangerous journey. Get that into your dmn head!!” Stella muttered.

She has made up her mind to embark on that mission no matter what it takes. Her parents and God Almighty will grant her wish, she trusts them.

She watches as Stella picks her gvn and adds bvllets to it. She made up her mind to go with them no matter what it takes.

All through that night, she stood at the rooftop and prayed to God for divine intervention.

“Dad, Mom… you guys can hear me, right? Please, help me out. I want that woman to trust me, she is the only person that can help me take revenge for your unfair d.eath. That man must pay for what he did!”


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