Sha Ron

Chapter 18

Mr Smith signaled one of his men to press the doorbell. He did and the door was opened immediately.

“Oh, you must be Mr Mc Millan, my boss has been expecting you” A pretty lady said.

“Yeah, can I go in?” Mr Smith took advantage of the situation.

“Yes, please, come in. This way, I will take you to him, he’s studying in his library” she led him inside.

His guards waited outside. The lady showed Mr Smith to the library and left. When the lawyer turned expectantly to see Mr Mc Millan, a dangerous face greeted him.

“Hello, how may I help you?” He asked.

“Disappointed? Oh, don’t be, you’re waiting for Mr. Mc Millan while I am looking for you, who knows, all of us will iron things out right here” Mr Smith smirked.

“Well…I…I don’t know who you are. What do you want?” The lawyer stuttered.

“What do I want? I want a lot of things”

The lawyer’s phone rang, he stood up to take the call, his eyes fixed on the man tapping his feet on his rug.

“What?! How did that happen?!!” The lawyer shreaked. He dropped the call and tried to make another call to the police for his safety, but it was too late.

Mr Smith knew exactly what the man had in mind, so he went closer to him and st.abbed him with his knlfe.

“You will never get away with this, I…I…I pro…mise you” The lawyer breathed his last.

“I have already gotten away, there’s just one more bug to remove and I will enjoy my life to the fullest. I have already built a legacy for my son” Mr Smith said coherently and left.

He sh.ot the lady that took him inside on his way out, she grunted and d!ed instantly. He felt fulfilled for the day and knew klling Mr Mc Millan isn’t going to be easy, but he has always won.

Losing is not something he takes lightly. He left with his men and asked the driver to take them to Mr Mc Millan’s house.

When they got there, he saw that other people had caused a ruckus in the place. He sent his men to find out what the flurry was all about, they brought back news that the man was kidnapped minutes ago by unknown a$sassins.

Mr Smith didn’t need a second person to tell him that Ivy Smith is the leader of a troop of a$sassinators, that woman is really something. Isn’t that what made him want her?

The only issue is that she can’t just give him a chance after all he has done to her, she destroyed the good life she would have had, and he’s determined to make it up to her if even for the sake of his son.

He has worked hard to find their secret condo, all to no avail. “We mustn’t let a group of premature a$sassinators get ahead of us, I want you guys to look into this!” He scolded his men.

If they were competent enough, they would have klled or kidnapped the man before the a$sassins. And they would have found their secret base.

“Yes, sir!” They chorused and the driver did his job.



Mrs Smith brought out a picture taken many years ago when she thought Steff would be the right person for her after everything that happened and when she gave birth to Justin.

She had kept it hidden in a secret safe underground. She simply buried it there and believed Steff was gone for good, but he always showed up. After all, they have something that bound them together, Justin.

He recently wants to shoulder his responsibility as a father and she can’t ignore her roles as a mother in Justin’s life, so that’s more like being tied together. Yep! Justin is the rope that is tying them together.

She took it to Justin’s room and gave it to him with the belief that it will go a long way in helping him regain his memory if he sees himself when he was younger.

“Beautiful family,” Justin commented. “But who are they?” He asked further.

“This is you, son,” she pointed at the younger Justin seated on her laps. “I am the one carrying you, and that man is your father, don’t you remember? You have been living with him for a while now” She explained.

“Oh, well… Nice” he mumbled.

That ripped her heart apart, she was drawn to tears watching her son struggle to remember who he is.

“Justin, what is your favorite food?” She tried.

“Justin? Oh, Justin Bieber, I read him on the news yesterday, he’s an American popular artist. I could Google his favorite things…”

“That’s not who I am talking about! Your name is Justin Smith and I am your mother!!” She howled and leapt to her feet.

“Wow,” was all he said.

A knock at the door calmed her down, she hoped the man that put her son in this condition would have been gvnned down.

“Come in!” She invited the person inside.

Alex entered and announced their successful arrival. “Sophia suggested that we bring him to you alive” He finished.

“Great! I have always known that girl will make me proud, she knows I will want to torture that man for attempting to murder my only son!! Where’s he now?!” Mrs Smith smiled for the first time after the day she got the message that Justin was involved in the plane crash.

“At the underground storage room” he answered.

“Let’s go there now. I think it’s time I teach you guys how to use code words and names, a reward for not disappointing me” she commented following him.

“Am I not allowed to follow?” Justin called after them.

“You haven’t fully recovered, Miss Paula will take care of you” Mrs Smith said inviting her housekeeper to see to his needs.

When they got to the storage room underground, she saw that Alex told her the truth and the girls were right there surrounding the unconscious man.

“Sophia, you did a great job for a start and you have passed your first test. You didn’t disappoint me and I commend you for this wonderful deed” Mrs Smith showered praises on her.

“No, Mrs Smith. I couldn’t have done anything alone, my friends deserve more than just praises for their support, and for allowing me to guide them even though they are my superior. And it’s all thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to show you how dedicated I am” she said and bowed three times to her boss and colleagues.

“This shows you are a good girl, aren’t we lucky to have you as one of us? No wonder my son is so over you, beautiful and brave” Mrs Smith said again.

“I’m happy to have her as my friend” Stella faked a smile and tapped Sophia’s shoulder in feigned fondness. The innocent Sophia returned the smile broadly.

“Alright, back to business! Pour the id!ot a chilled water to shock him all the way from lala land to reality and finally to heIIfire!!” Mrs Smith mused.

Xena poured a full bucket of cold water on Mr Mc Millan’s face, he sprang up immediately, first surprise registered in his eyes, then fear.

“Are you afraid? Of course you should be, because it’s by sheer luck that you are still alive. Well, I’m glad to meet you in person to have the benefit of interrogating you!” Mrs Smith muttered.

“Please, who are you?!” He cried.

“Who am I? I am your worst nightmare, honey! You had the audacity to plant a bomb in the plane and had it crashed! You wasted so many innocent bI.ood and almost mvrdered my only son!!” She scolded angrily.

“Please, I don’t know what you are talking about! Who is your son? I…I…I don’t know anything about a plane crash” he stammered frantically.

Mrs Smith smashed him across the face. “You have to tell me about everything you have been doing and planning against Mr Smith and what led you to want to kll my son, else, you will have yourself to blame for whatever that will happen to you!” She pointed an angry finger at his face.

“Mr Smith? That heartless man! He is the one you should be fighting against and not me, he klled people that trusted him and took over their property, including their company!” Mr Mc Millan said, wincing in pain.

“What do you mean by that? Do you know the implications of what you are saying? Don’t let my wrath fall on you because you won’t take it and I won’t go easy on you if you say nonsense again!” She fumed.

She knew that Mr Smith is very wicked, a deceitful fellow and someone who always wants to reap where he did not sow, but not to the extent of klling others to take over their empire, especially ones who trust him.

“I am telling the truth. He worked for Mr Williams of the W/R company. He extorted money from him and almost milked the man dry, when Mr Williams started having money issues, he entrusted fund raiser for the company’s uplift to him as his most trusted worker, he scammed him and led the man into signing out his company to him after drugging him.” He paused to look up at their faces before he continued.

“When he found out the man was smart enough to use the fake documents instead of the original copies of the company, and that he would soon be discovered. He hired me and my men, together with himself, we klled the man and his wife and that is after forcing him to sign the original copies out including all his other assets.”

Sophia broke down. Her heart shattered into a thousand pieces, she wanted to cry, scream at the man, tell her boss that they must kll Mr Smith… but she reminded herself that she won’t approve of that because he is the father of Justin, her only son, the reason why this man is here today awaiting d.eath if a fair judgement is not passed.

Who deserves to d!e? Mr Smith and his son, right? She questioned herself. She would not let them see her tears, or tell them about it, that she is the stupid daughter of Mr Williams.

How would she tell them that she had foolishly accepted a drink from her enemy and was being rapped when her parents needed her the most? What would she tell them? She must accept her fate until she’s able to defend herself against that eviI man. He must d!e by her hands.

“Tell me you are lying! Are you cooking up stories so that I will spare you? What do you take me for?!” Mrs Smith barked.

“I am telling the truth. He’s looking for me now to kll me because I wanted to give out the information that I saw. I called a lawyer to help me out and I already gave him part of the proof to submit to court” He confirmed.

“If I find out that what you have just said is true, I guarantee you your safety, but if it’s a fake news, I will make sure you die twice”

“I don’t care if you kll me or not, I just want the truth to be known. I was greedy at a point when I wanted to take over everything, but I reflected on it and thought justice for Mr and Mrs Williams is far better than stolen wealth” Mr Mc Millan admitted.

Justice? That is far fetched, Sophia thought sadly.

“Alex, keep watch of him. Girls, let’s go!” Mrs Smith issued an order and left, her girls followed her.


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