Sha Ron

Chapter 13

Mrs Smith walked to the bed again. Ever since Justin stirred, she refused to leave. Now she is sure he will wake up. Even though her legs hurt, she kept on standing there. Occasionally sitting down to pat his hair or rub his cheeks lightly, though he is in deep sleep again.

When she walked to him to do what she has been doing since, which is patting his hair and rubbing his cheeks, she saw that he was mumbling something.

She bent down and moved her ears closer to his mouth. That was when she heard his incoherent words,“So… Sophie… Sophie… I’m sorry, Sophie”

She was confused and didn’t know what to do. Who is Sophie? Is she a past lover or his current girlfriend? Maybe someone he cares deeply about.

Justin has been living with his father and she was too busy running her organization here so she doesn’t know much about him.

Right then, she felt ashamed of herself. She was able to build a big organization like ‘The Assassinators’ and trained so many other troubled kids but failed at the main duty which is motherhood.

Heck! She doesn’t even know his favourite colour. She blinked back the tears threatening to fall as she stroked his hair. He didn’t even complain for once.

Has he ever asked about her? Has he ever wondered why his mother doesn’t come to visit him? He wouldn’t have, he would probably think she doesn’t care

Didn’t he feel neglected? How did he cope? She sighed and sat beside him. He suddenly looked like he was struggling. He called out that same name over and over again till the point that tears started rolling down from the corners of his eyes.

She panicked then. It’s too late to summon the doctor but, just then she thought of someone and immediately asked a guard to call her.

Sophia was already sleeping when someone came to call her but she didn’t complain. Who does she complain to when her boss calls her? She just followed the guard obediently as they walked to the room.

When they got there, Mrs Smith looked haggard. When Sophia walked forward and saw the way Justin was crying on the bed with his eyes tightly closed, she doesn’t know why but her heart suddenly hurt at that moment.

“What’s wrong with him?” She asked. She wanted to hold his hand but she was too scared because of his mother’s presence and her stupid avoidance of feeling sorry for her enemy.

Mrs Smith didn’t even say anything, the woman looked terrible and was struggling not to let a tear drop off her eyes in front of her.

She gaped at him until she heard Justin whisper, “Sophie.”

She furrowed her brows in thought. Why is he calling that name? She can’t remember the last time someone said that name. It’s always Sophia or Pretty goddess for her fans who must’ve already forgotten she ever existed.

Only her mother ever called her name in short form whenever she wanted to drag her a$s to church. Sophie. Why is Justin now calling this name?

She ignored Mrs Smith’s prying eyes and reached out to hold his hand gently unable to resist the urge anymore.

She hated the nagging pity she felt for him at that moment, but she was deeply touched and devastated. Why can’t she just hate this dumba$s?

He is a bea$t! He is from the family of bI.ood sckers! His mother’s foundation must not have been an innocent bI.ood scking organization, but it is a dmn eliminating group!

Tears trickled down from Sophia’s eye’s on seeing Justin in that state. She felt really sad and unhappy as she held Justin’s hands close to her chest. He is her enemy for crying out loud!

Mrs Smith couldn’t help it but to break down in tears, the pain of seeing Justin like this hurt her like h’ll.

“Sophie…” he kept on calling out her name and Sophia hugged him.

“I’m here now, Justin. I’m here by your side and I won’t leave you” she whispered close to his ear. What she should be saying is go to hell and not encourage him to stay alive!

Justin falls asleep again holding Sophia’s hand tightly.

“Sophia, I’m really sorry for calling you up by this time of the night. As you can see, my son has been calling this name for a while now, I had no option than to have you come here since the doctor already went home” Mrs Smith apologized to her.

“It’s okay. I can manage to stay by his side if it helps calm him down until he wakes up. You have also helped me too, so I’m just returning your favor” Sophia forced a smile. Does she have a choice?

“I will be back, let me go and get him some food and hot water, in case he wakes up in the middle of the night”

Mrs Smith left the room to get the food, immediately she shut the door behind her, Sophia broke down in tears.

So many thoughts kept on running through her mind, why is he calling her name? Is she the same Sophia that he’s calling or another?

Is it right to tell his mother that she knows him and also explain to her everything he and his father did to her?

She stood up and went into the bathroom to ease herself when she was pressed. She was still inside the bathroom when she heard a loud scream.

She rushed out of the bathroom and was surprised to see Justin seated upright in the bed, his hands holding his head as he called out her name so loud that some of the a$sassins came in to see what was wrong.

She rushed to the bed as Mrs Smith hurriedly walked inside the room with a tray in her hands.

The oxygen mask wasn’t on his face and some of the wires connected to his arms were left on the bed as he struggled to survive.


Sophia took his hands away from his ears and squeezed tightly. His eyes were closed so tightly that she noticed how it must be hurting him. He wrapped his hands around her and calmed down again.

Mrs. Smith called the doctor and explained everything to him. “Yes, she was able to calm him down, I don’t know how she did it. It’s a miracle” she added with a sigh.

“I think he has amnesia. Anyway, I will come check up on him tomorrow. I think you should let the girl stay beside him tonight until I come. Have someone carefully connect the tubes back” The doctor said from the other end, he said goodnight wishes and cut the call.

Mrs Smith sighed and stared at Sophia…



Mr. Smith stared at the long written note that was sent to his office by Flying dragon. No one was able to trace the identity of the letter. But as he read it, there was no doubt that Mr. Mc Millan sent it.

He felt like his whole world had been crushed into tiny pieces as so many things roamed around his mind. The man he sent money to eliminate him is loyal to Mr Mc Millan and said he can’t change allegiance after pledging to him.

“Why did that addlepated nincompoop take my money!? If they work together, could it be he knew all along and they decided to get money from me? Mc Millan… I will crush you with my bare hands!” Mr. Smith threatened.

They even had the guts to write about how they bombed the plane to kll his son, Justin. He must not have time for his son, but he wouldn’t have forgiven himself if anything had happened to him.

“Since they almost klled him because he is my son, then I can’t even imagine what would happen to me if they ever lay their hands on me! Well I can’t let them get to me first!” He thought loudly.

He was still in deep thought when the light in his office went off. It became so dark that he was gripped by fear for the first time in his life.

Well, electricity sometimes fails… he shook the fear off, “Flying dragon?! Lee!! Someone come right away and check these fking lights! Fk it!!” He cvrsed.

He tried hard to calm himself down but it was impossible when he heard the door open and his eyes widened when he saw that the intruder wasn’t any of his men.

“Who the fûck are you? How the hell did you get here?! Where are these boys!?” He asked in great shock.

“Your life is in my hands Mr. Jefferson Smith. If you comply, you are free, but if you prove stubborn, I know you will love it if I st.rangle you to de.ath the same way you squeezed life out of the Williams”

“What do you want?” Mr. Smith sank into his office chair.

“Very easy work… We have proof that you acquired your wealth illegally. So I just want you to give me the original documents of just this company. I’m not greedy… you can have the others. Do we have a deal?”

“Fûck! What about the school? I can give you a hundred million dollars…”

The man kicked his desk and grabbed Mr. Smith’s shirt. “Do I look like a beggar? Well then, see you in court! I will give you a disgraceful and slow death if you don’t send me positive replies in two days!” The man finalized and left.

As he heard the door close, the lights came on and he heard footsteps of his men coming.

He stood up and angrily pushed his desktop computer down… “Who does he think he is to threaten me?! He thinks I don’t know who he is? You have drawn the battle line, Millan, get ready for war!”

“I heard you shouting, sir. Is there any… gosh, what happened here?” Jane, his secretary, froze. His men stood on the doorway and exchanged troubled looks.

“All of you, go to h’ll!!!!!”


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