Sha Ron

Chapter 16

Very early the next morning, Stella woke up, boiled hot water, made tea and took it to Justin’s room.

She found him still sleeping, he crouched down beside him and admired the handsome dude. She had cooked up a very heart twisting story and posted last night about Justin and Sonia.

No one will know it’s her when they wake up and see it this morning. Stella is a good girl and will remain that in their eyes until she gets what she wants and gets back at all of them that looked down on her especially Mrs Smith and Sonia.

They don’t know the stuff she’s made of, it’s just the bch in her that has awakened, when the bea$t in her finally awakes, it’s going to be payback time.

Justin woke up slowly, fighting in his dream to recall a thing about himself and turned around in his bed.

Stella stood up and watched him for a while before she figured out what she was supposed to do. She helped him wake up by pinching his face and arm until his eyes fully opened.

“Who are you? What do you want here?” Was the first question that Justin asked looking dazedly at her, he furrows his brow in deep thought before he recalled her face, “oh, you were one of the girls that stood here yesterday… what is your name?”

“Oh my prince charming, my name is Stella Mantegna. I am the only one that has been taking care of you and helping you recover quickly ever since you had this accident” she lied.

“Oh well, thank you for your kindness” Justin appreciated and tapped her cheek fondly.

Stella smiled knowing that her plans are working and he’s buying her lies. She isn’t bad at all… “I brought tea for you, hot tea helps to heal wounds faster. Take it and get energized by it so you can drink your medicine”

She gave it to him and thought inwardly, who even taught me that?! Well, people can reach any extent just to achieve their evil goals.

Justin took the tea and thanked her before drinking it. She found his medicine and handed it to him, he drank it too and told her to sit down beside him so they can talk for a while because he would feel lonely if she leaves.

Stella wasn’t good at conversations or long talks, she isn’t a great conversation starter and that she hates because it made Justin feel as if he’s still alone and bored talking all by himself and she’s only good at listening and nodding.

Sophia came in with a bucket of warm water. She was surprised to see Stella in Justin’s room and beside him on his bed. Why would their ma’am assign her to take care of Justin while she has already told Stella to do so?

“Good morning, dearies. How was your night?” She greeted, smiling at them.

“How are you, beautiful?” Justin replied, that shifted Stella’s bvtt.

“I had a splendid night, Sophy” Stella forced a smile to her face.

“I am very fine, thank you. How are you feeling today, Justin? The pains and all, how are you taking it?” Sophia went on.

“I am getting better, thanks to your beautiful smile” Justin said, flexing his muscles and grinning.

Stella was stung by the appraisal for Sophia and his open confession, right now, she doesn’t even exist in his eyes. What charm is Sophia using to enchant him? She must find out because this is not ordinary.

“Awwwn, that’s a relief! If my smile is going to heal you, I won’t stop smiling and I can even laugh if that works too” Sophia said as pink crispies rose to her cheeks.

“Did you just blush? I caught that, tell me, what your name is, sweetheart” Justin chuckled at Sophia.

Sweetheart?! Who does that? So this guy actually forgot her after she wasted all her time and energy to make something for him? Stella can’t take this insult!

She can’t believe she’s seated so close to him and he totally forgot about her and focused all his attention on Sophia.

“My name is…” Sophia started

“Sophia! She’s an orphan, I picked her up at a hotel from one of my jobs” Stella cut her off. Sophia should be grateful she didn’t tell him about her being in the slvts Foundation.

Sophia was hurt by the way Stella introduced her, but does it matter? That is the simple truth and why didn’t she add that she was fked by an unknown guy and the videos went viral? Justin disgusted her at that moment.

“Oh my goodness, honey, I am so sorry. Please, forgive me for opening your old wounds. I hope you aren’t angry with me?” Justin said and stood up from the bed to go hold Sophia.

Stella was more amazed by his reaction, she expected her words to ring a bad bell about Sophia to him and now what? This is unbelievable! He hasn’t glanced at her ever since Sophia came into the room.

“No, why would I be? It’s the truth and I have accepted my fate” Sophia said and almost added that she hasn’t accepted the fate of him rapping her and having the guts to post it and she’s more than angry with him.

“Thanks, what have you come here to do?” Justin asked, looking at the bucket of water.

“Oh, your mother told me to come and massage you with this warm water for pain relief, but since Stella is here, she will do that” Sophia said and turned to leave.

“Wait, please, stay with me. She can go”

What? Stella’s eyes widened, it’s a good thing none of them were looking at her and eyes aren’t bvllet, if not, they would be by now. So this guy is indirectly asking her out!

“I’m sorry, I have other things to do. Since she’s here, she can do it. I will see you later, bye” Sophia left before he got a chance to stop her.



Mr Smith stood looking out the window of his brand new home. Yes, he has acquired yet another house that’s to his taste and he wishes to make it a home.

But this home of his won’t be complete without Justin and his mother. He thought he had fought all his battles when he klled Sophia’s parents, but Mr Mc Millan appeared from nowhere and started another battle, he should have known better than to trust him.

He had made wealth by all means to make sure he gets his woman’s attention again, though as a lying sack, he wouldn’t say it’s because he wants her back, but because he wants to show her what he’s capable of doing. Like acquiring wealth and taking care of their only child and thereby showing her that he’s more than responsible.

Now all that plan is gradually heading for the rocks, and Miss Lola after all he pays her is playing tricks with him, he wanted to meet Sophia, fk her and then spat at her face and tell her that he took her parents lives and there’s nothing she can do about it because she will be his puppet.

Sophia is nowhere to be found, his son has been taken away by his mother because he was almost klled by his enemy. How did he come to this? Why did he trust Millan?

Same goes to Mr and Mrs Williams, they trusted him and he was their end. And nemesis seems to be catching up fast with him for sending him the same fate if not that he’s wiser than the man.

He walked swiftly to the counter and took the bottle of whiskey he left there and drank a mouthful, he carried it to the spot he was.

He thought about a lot of things, how to catch his enemy and make a real family. He had cursed the doctor when he told him that his wife took Justin.

He called a few of his men to keep a close watch on her and his son. He can’t watch her take him away again, he’s doing everything for him.

He inserted his left hand into his side pocket and brought out his mobile phone and dialled Harlot’s (Mrs Smith’s) number. He needs to make a real family and answer his real name.

She didn’t pick up immediately, he knew she would ignore his calls as always and pick it when she deems fit.

She finally received the call on the fourth trial. “Yes? What do you want?” Her voice vibrated his phone.

“Well, I just want to know how Justin is doing?” He said thoughtfully.

“He’s not getting any better and it’s all your fault, now my son doesn’t remember anything! The doctor said he has amnesia and I hate you for making only enemies!!” She retorted.

“What? Are you saying he won’t remember who I am if he sees me?” His voice grew cold.

“You are crazy to think I will repeat myself! I dug out the person who did that and it’s one of those people you keep offending. Jeff, when will you stop?!!”

Mr Smith didn’t reply, he cut the call and glared at the howling wind outside the building.

Just as he twirled around and smashed the bottle of whiskey on the floor, the door opened and one of his security men came inside.

“Sir, this is a letter sent from the court” the guy said showing it to him.

“What? Court? No way! So this man thinks he’s fast right?” Mr Smith barked and snatched the letter from him.

He tore the envelope and opened the letter with shaking hands, he read it silently and tore it into shreds.

“This can’t be happening to me! Get my car ready and let’s leave, I know the lawyer he must’ve hired to do this job” he ordered.

The guy nodded and ran out to do exactly what he was told.


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