Sha Ron

Chapter 17

Miss Lola watched as her girls were all paid for, she didn’t want Cynthia to be booked that day, so she had told her to wait for her in her room.

Some of the men had been insistent that they want Cynthia and Sophia. She had found one or two excuses to give, she went extra miles to tell them that someone booked them for some months.

She bade her girls bye and went into her room to have a good time with Cynthia. She’s the only one that knows how to handle her.

When she got into the room, she is ready and was waiting for her. Miss Lola undressed quickly and joined her in the bed.

Cynthia set to work, she started with her bbs.

When they became exhausted, they lay beside each other and grasped air into their lungs.

“You are so amazing!” Miss Lola panted.

“You are cool too” Cynthia smiled.

“Anyway, I don’t know what to do about that girl called Sophia, I am still wondering how she was able to murder that rich man and disappear into thin air in that popular and secure hotel” Miss Lola started.

“I have been thinking hard about that too. Well, I saw her sex tape online when I was wandering around Instagram last night, I felt for her though” Cynthia said.

“I also heard Mr Smith murdered her parents, I’m sure he set her up too. Anyway, let’s not bother ourselves with such matters, that man is a dreadful fellow and I don’t want to fall into his trap” Miss Lola shrugged.

“True, dear. I don’t want to ever fail him, he’s also very rich, so I will do anything to get the cash” Cynthia sucked in a breath.

“Rich… stinky rich, who knows how he came about such wealth” Miss Lola said thoughtfully.

“But babes, does he have family? I mean, I can’t see anyone wanting to live under the same roof with that man” Cynthia asked.

“Yeah, he has. Just his son who was involved in the plane crash and survived, and his mother who was said to have left him a long time ago” Miss Lola explained curtly.

“Wow! Anyway, he has this house girl or assistant of his… I don’t know, she’s a lezbian too and she knows how to do the bad girl thing, you know?” Cynthia winked at her.

“Then you can introduce her to me and the three of us will have a secret chamber for our very benefit”

“That will be too much enjoyment, I will do just that. I haven’t because I thought you would be jealous”

“Maybe I am, but three can play” Miss Lola chuckled.



Sophia didn’t understand the look the other as$assinators gave her when she entered the training ground. She wondered if she was wearing the back of her clothes or her hair was messy.

Maybe there’s a straw on her hair or something like that… she joined a line and all eyes were on her, she shrugged and chose to ignore them.

After few minutes of training, Mrs Smith came to address everybody, both newly assigned as$assinators and special ones (old members)

“Good morning, everyone!”

“Good morning, ma’am!” They replied bowing down.

“Without wasting much of our time, I will go straight to the point. My son, Justin, of which all of you know had an accident and is suffering amnesia now will be staying here. He had little memory of this place and so it isn’t a familiar environment to him especially in his condition right now. So I took it upon myself to come here and inform you all personally to treat him well and respect him… have I made myself clear?!” She said sharply.

“Yes, ma’am!” They all chorused.

“Good. Sophia, Stella and Xena, follow me!” She commanded and turned to leave.

The trio ran out of their different lines and fell into step behind her. She took them to her private office to talk to them.

She brought out a picture from her desk drawer and put it on the table for them to see. They gazed curiously at the newly taken pictures of a man in his mid fifties, he has a mustache and a rumpled face that looks as though he hasn’t smiled all through his life.

“That’s the man that sent the guys who installed the bomb that crashed the plane which almost took my son’s life” she retrieved a piece of paper and gave it to Sophia, “this is the first time I’m sending you on an important mission, don’t disappoint me, Sophia. This is his home address, and be careful, he has a tight security” she finalized and left them gawking after her.

“I can’t believe she’s really entrusting this newbie to lead us in an important mission like this, it’s unfair!” Xena muttered.

“This is not the time for that, Xena. Go get Alex and the others ready because we leave in five minutes” Stella uttered glaring at her.

“Why do they hate me so much? I couldn’t even fathom the prying looks they were giving me at the training ground” Sophia confided in Stella, not knowing that she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“Comrade, don’t mind them, will you not? And about earlier, I don’t know who is spreading fake news about you on the chat group, haven’t you been online since?” Stella informed her.

“Fake news? What sort of news could that be that… Well, I don’t own a phone for now. Tell me about it, you know…”

“I think we should go now, destroy the enemy, bring back good news to Mrs Smith before we talk about this” Stella cut her off and walked away.

How would Sophia know that this same friend of hers who risked her life to save her, has turned against her, has been blinded by jealousy, so much that she now hates her enough to be a green snake in a green grass?

Sophia moped at the door for some while before she caught herself and joined the others outside. She shoved the low spirit that hovered around her aside and decided to take Stella’s words. Embark on this journey first, ensure its success before thinking about other things.

“Let’s go!” She said in a commanding tone when she got to their meeting place. They all exchanged looks before obeying.

When they got close to Mr Mc Millan’s mansion. They waited for her to issue out the next moves to them at a dark part before the fences that separated the house from an abandoned property nearby.

They waited for her to stutter and fail, so they would scorn her and take news to Mrs Smith of how worthless and a big disappointment she is, but she surprised them all.

“Alex and Xena, take the back of the building and climb in through the fence, beware of security wires as it could be connected to the fence. Celina and Stella, distract the security men at the front gates” she said fearlessly.

“O…k” they stammered and did as she said. She took the next building with a lower roof and sneaked over to the roof of the mansion.

When she jumped down into the main building, she came to stand right in front of a police dog. She got scared that very moment when she thought the dog would bark and alert the guards.

Fortunately, the dog didn’t make any noise, especially when she squatted down before it to massage its fur.

The tense dog calmed down and licked her shoes which showed her that she had won the dog’s heart, and they are now friends.

She watched the dog lie down comfortably beside her before she retreated quietly. If all dogs were like this, then thieves breaking into a compound wouldn’t be always so hard, Sophia thought.

She took the back stairs that led to Mr Mc Millan’s bedroom. She got a glimpse of two security men guarding the entryway.

She flipped her hair and sent pins to them, it caught the guy at the left side, he groaned and the other one turned to see her. Before he could lift his gvn or make any further noise, she threw a six-stars weapon at him and he fell down too with a grunt.

“Who is there? Jack?!” A voice asked from inside the room.

Sophia hid at a corner, when the door opened, Mr Mc Millan gaped at the corpse of his guards. He turned sharply to run inside.

“Don’t move!” Sophia commanded. She moved closer to him, she was a step away from him when the dog started barking and she heard footsteps running towards her.

She thrust her fingers into his ribs and he fainted. Xena and Alex ran in immediately. “The security men are coming, Stella and Celina couldn’t hold them anymore!” Alex said, alarmed.

“Should we take him alive or waste him?” Sophia asked.

“Taking him alive will be a lot of trouble but, Mrs Smith will be happier if we do that, common let’s carry him!” Xena hushed.

Alex lifted the huge man onto his shoulder and they covered him as the guards ran up the stairs, Sophia and Xena shot at them.

Before they got to the back gate, Stella and Celina were already there, they helped carry the man into their car. They sat down too and the driver hit the road at high speed.

Mc Millan’s guards gave them a hot chase, but they didn’t get a chance. They ran back and got their car, but they’d already lost.


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