Sha Ron

Chapter 20

Mr Smith hung up the call and smiled at the valid information he just received. He called his right hand man, Flying dragon and told him to cancel their mission.

“Come again, sir?” Flying dragon had wanted him to repeat his words, it’s a surprise to him because it is the first time his boss is canceling a mission and smiling.

“Wait, you want me to repeat myself? Bounce, big head!” He shunned.

“Oh, yes… sorry, sir!” He bowed and ran out.

“Well, it’s a good thing he hasn’t given all the documents to the barrister. Even if he kept it in a safe somewhere, he wouldn’t be alive to retrieve it. I know what Charlotte Smith can do, he must be by now” he said to himself.

He had hired a private investigator, an ex attorney from Philippines, Mr Salvador Hart to work for him as a spy in the police headquarters, he just called him and assured him that nothing had been leaked.

“There’s nothing money cannot do. Let me call Cynthia to come keep me company tonight” he said.


Forty six minutes later, Cynthia rapped at the door and came in almost at the same time.

“I want to have a taste of you tonight” Mr Smith said to her as if they were about to do the deed for the first time.

“Am all yours, sweetie” she winked at him.

She placed her bag on his table and moved closer to him, he stood up from the bed to meet her halfway to the bed.



Frederick Ray stared at the old newspapers he found in his new office. His assigned new secretary had wanted to dispose of it off, saying it’s no longer useful, he had stopped her from throwing that particular paper away.

Frederick is an American. He has worked as an investigator for seven years in Korea and finally got transferred back to his state. He was glad he didn’t have to stress himself looking for work when he moved with his family.

He’s married and has two amazing kids. The newspaper he’s looking at isn’t as old as the secretary made him believe. It hasn’t reached one year since these events took place and they just buried the case like that.

“Something is wrong somewhere! There must be a problem somewhere for the investigation of this case to be left hanging and totally forgotten without justice for the unfair de.ath of the victims!” He muttered.

He promised himself just then that the case must be revived and reviewed once again, he must work towards it and reopen the investigation of this case and see to the root of it all.

This is his third day at work in his new office. He loved the good treatment America gave him and the warm welcome from friends and family, but he doesn’t like the way some certain things were left undone and money must be the reason behind it all.

“May?” He called his secretary.

“Sir!” She came into his office immediately. May is a young woman of twenty four years, a beautiful blonde and California accents obvious in her voice.

“Do you know anything about this? Go ahead and read the headline” he coaxed.

She read it and looked at him in confusion. “Yes, this happened six months ago. Mr and Mrs Williams are multimillionaires and very famous. They owned W/R which fell a few months ago because of loans they took from the bank. I don’t know any other thing that happened, but I got the information that they are criminals and a new owner rose to revive the company” She explained.

“Does Mr and Mrs Williams have relatives? Do they have kids or…?” He asked further.

“Well, the thing is… I don’t really know much about their background, but they have a daughter whose sx video was released the day they were mvrdered” she said thoughtfully.

“Alright, thank you. I want you to help me do some research on how far this case went and make sure to get all the information that I may require in detail, okay?” Fred requested.

“Okay, sir. Though I would rather advise you to let the lying dog be, this case was closed and dismissed, I don’t know why, but that happened because the person behind the mask is a very powerful person” May said sincerely.

“Do you know what underground investigation is?” Fred questioned.

May blinked and stuttered, “I…don’t think so, haven’t heard of…that”

“Good, now go and don’t worry yourself, just do what I asked of you and don’t make mistakes. You can excuse me now” he said.

“Oh, sure” she bowed and left.

Fred sighed and thought of what to do next. He thought for a while and decided to see what the sex video looks like to see if he can find any clue on it.



“Who does that girl think she is? How can madam be so partial about giving out the awards? This is so unfair!” Gena, Alex’s girlfriend said sadly.

The girls sat down on Xena’s bed, they are in her room pouring out their hearts about what took place yesterday.

“Do you guys know, I am the unknown person that has been posting that bad stuff about her and it doesn’t even bother her at all!” Stella confessed.

“What? I thought you liked her, I mean, you too are close. You saved her and brought her here, I didn’t think you could do that, I was even surprised you came here today to team with us” Celina said.

“Not only surprise, dear. Is there another word for shocked, because I didn’t expect that from her. Anyway, that Sophia girl is just so lucky, sometimes, I do envy her” Xena added frankly.

“Nonsense! What’s there to envy about her? What does she have that we don’t have? She’s a nobody, I even found her sex video online and you guys need to see the bad comments she has been receiving” Stella uttered.

“Too bad for her. She has something that we actually don’t have, grace. I don’t think we have such a favour following us… Justin, Madam’s son has obviously fallen in love with her” Xena concluded.

“That’s not true. That guy lost his memory if you have forgotten, he must have had a girlfriend or someone he cares deeply about before the accident, then he wakes up and remembers only her name… then Sophia happens to bear the name and takes advantage of that fact, get it into your heads, that’s the truth!” Stella is good at telling lies, she will do good in the acting school too.

“That must be true, Gena, you are still here, she will soon take your Alex away from you. If I were you, I would deal with her mercilessly so she will stay away from my man” Celina retorted.

Gena smiled wickedly, “maybe she doesn’t know me yet, you guys know I don’t take shit from anybody, not even Mrs Smith. Anyway, I don’t bark, I bite. I’m still thinking of what to do to her that will make hurt her greatly”

“What’s there to think about girls? Just treat her fk up the same way you have always done it even in high school, I don’t give a damn if she is given all the ranks in the whole world, I will stand by you and bring her down!” Ivy, a newbie introduced to the a$sassins by Gena said.

“Mmm, that’s so smart of you! Girls, come let me tell you all what I plan to do to her” they brought their heads together and she whispered to them what her intention to make Sophia suffer was.

“Wow! Great!! How come I never thought of that?!” Stella beamed.



“I am sorry, ma. It was all my fault, I shouldn’t have pressured him to try and remember his past” Sophia apologized to the sorrowful Charlotte Smith.

“Don’t worry, Sophia, I understand. You are the only one he needs right now, please, stay by his side always and take care of him. He’s all I have got, my only source of happiness after all I have been through and even though his father is a worthless man” Mrs Smith begged the younger woman.

“I will do that, I won’t leave his side again and I won’t make this mistake again!” Sophia promised.

“Thank you, Sophia. Let me leave you to massage him with the hot water, I will go call the doctor again” Mrs Smith left.

Sophia went closer to Justin’s bed, she sat down beside him and placed a hand on his cheek. She didn’t know she was crying until tears streamed down her face.

“I’m sorry, Justin. I contributed to your pain, maybe you deserve it, but I am also at fault for whatever happened to me that night. Just wake up and I promise to be right by your side” She made promises just to see if a miracle will happen.

She took the hot water, dipped a piece of cloth inside it and massaged his bare chest and stomach.

He twisted his body in pain and called her name, “Sophia… So…phia… So…phia, please, Sophia!”

“Don’t fight it, Justin. Wake up” she mumbled not knowing what else to do.

He sprang up immediately and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He stared at space for a while before his eyes focused on her. He took the piece of cloth away from her gently and bent slowly towards her.

Sophia knew that he was going to kiss her just then, his right hand slid to her waist and pulled her closer to himself, she didn’t stand up and run as she had thought she would.

She helplessly plastered her palms on his broad and bare chest and closed her eyes, when his lips touched hers, she caught her breath and didn’t know just how to start breathing again.

It was sweet from the start, his lips tasted like cherry, her favorite fruit. His hands were all over her, she loved the way she shivered in his arms and it almost drove her crazy.

Then the memories flew in, his image calling her Instagram name, his hand offering her a drink from his glass, and her mind twirling and tumbling from the after effects, his leading her inside and blank…

“No! Leave me alone! I hate you!” She screamed pushing him away, she took to her heels.

Justin was surprised, he had woken up and was happy she was right beside him giving him the strength he needed to survive the pain within. She mesmerizes him and there was nothing else he could do other than kss her.

Now what did she just say? I hate you! That rang a bell in his head, he stood up immediately to chase after her, but his mother and some of her workers ran into his room.

“What happened, Justin?” Mrs Smith asked, holding him. “Thank God you are awake!” She added happily.

“She can’t hate me, I love her, she must not hate me! I really love her, she’s my heartbeat. I want to talk to her!” He wanted to walk past his mother, but she drew him back.

“You love her? What happened right here that scared her so much?” Mrs Smith asked in surprise.

“I don’t know, I shouldn’t have kssed her like that, I just couldn’t control myself, I was…”

“Take it easy, Justin. Take a deep breath and relax, I will talk to her and she’s all yours” She had to promise him, she could do anything for her son’s happiness.

“Tell her that I am sorry, that I didn’t mean to hurt her… that I… I need her, please” he said.

“I will” Mrs Smith assured him. She led him back to his bed and went in search of Sophia.

The other members of the secretive organization that ran in to see what the problem was exchanged looks, and mumbled amongst themselves surprised by the unfolding events.

“That’s a lie, she must have flung herself at him, you know how desperate girls can be, desperate times, desperate measures, have you forgotten?” Celina said.

“Wait, are you saying our boss’s son is lying? Didn’t you hear what he just said? He is in love with that girl and she’s the one running, isn’t that grace that can only come from the Almighty?” Xena hushed.


“That’s all nonsense! He’s just saying that rubbish to fuck her and then the love won’t be there again, it’s infatuation, I tell you guys” Alex said and all eyes went to him, if eyes has bullet, he would have died that moment.


“You never cease to amaze me lover boy. You have no chance at all if Justin claims he wants her, your chance of getting closer to her is very slim, coupled with the fact that Gena got her eyes fixed on you. So I would advise you to retrace your steps, dude!” Helen, one of the girls said and everyone laughed at Alex.

They all found their way to their different dorms.





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