ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH : Episode 11 – 20

Enemies of the Church!

Composed and written by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 13.

Leo had slept off before Rachael returned. He had a dream and he was playing with three beautiful children. A girl and two boys, and the kids called him daddy. They were running around in a garden. Suddenly a woman came in and the kids ran to her shouting mummy! Mummy! Mummy!, Leo was trying to see the woman’s face when he suddenly started hearing his name.

Rachael: Wake up, wake up Leo.

He opened his eyes to see a long-faced Rachael looking at him.

Leo: Oh sweet Jesus! So this was all a dream. (Excitedly he jumps up and held Rachael by the hand) Honey, God has shown me, God has revealed it to me. I saw our children in my dream. A girl and two boys. I told you honey, I told you the time was near and God would soon answer us and just now He in His infinite wisdom revealed it to me.

Rachael: You are just talking nonsense. Do I look like a fool to you? Leo listen to me, you can’t back out of this. We are in this together. We are doing this together do you understand?

Leo: Doing what together.

Rachael: you can act naive for all I care. All I know is that we are in this boat to-ge-ther. Get that straight into your thick skull. We will get this done over and for all and we will move out of this place together. The plan is still intact and nothing you do can change it. Do you understand?

Leo: What is wrong with you? Here I am telling you of the wonderful vision that God has shown me and here you are talking nonsense.i thought I told you about the Lord’s warning through sister Alex, why are you acting like you didn’t hear when I told you the deal was off.

Rachael: You lie Leo, the deal is no off, infact the deal is perfectly on. And if you must know then know now that Alfred will be here anytime soon and plans will kick off. So I came to tell you that if you know you cannot stand me with another man then you should step out of the house for a while. But if you know you can be a man then stay and let’s get this over and done with.

Leo: I can see you are stupid. Alfred is coming to which house? I don’t think it’s this my house.

Rachael: it’s this house and he is already on his way. So make your decision fast. You stay or you leave.

Leo: (laughing) look at you, I will never give you that cheque. You will never be able to get that money. Infact let me show you something.

Leo rushes to his bag and searched for the cheque. He wants to tear it before her but he was surprised that the cheque was gone. He started contemplating if he had brought the cheque home or forgotten it at the office.

Rachael suddenly burst out laughing.

Rachael: listen Leo, I am always one step ahead of you and you can never catch up. Are you looking for the cheque you have signed already? Please don’t bother because I already caught the money and delivered it to Alfred.

My side of our deal is delivered .It’s left for Mr Alfred’s.

Leo: Rachael u can’t do that, you have to return that cheque, I want to return it.

Rachael: ooooch! So sorry Leo, is too late. You will not be returning anything. Cos the deal has been signed sealed and about to be delivered.

Leo: Rachael you can’t do this I will report you to the church and to your family.

Rachael: Go ahead Leo, go ahead and report me and watch what will happen to you. I already went to the police to complain that church funds is missing and we may decide to open the case or forget it but we want to give benefits of doubts to whoever took it for the time being. So if you dare do anything contrary to our plans I will not only make sure you suffer I will make sure you spend the rest of your life as a prisoner.

Leo: What? So now it has come to blackmail?

Rachael: Even the bible clearly stated that the violent takes it by force. I am only trying to take my children by force and anyone who would try to stop me would suffer deeply for it.so dont dare me please.

Just then the door bell rings and Alfred comes in. Rachael welcomes him with a big smile before turning and looking at her husband.

Alfred: Good evening mama, good evening papa are we ready please?

Rachael looks at her husband before talking.

Rachael: What is it going to be? Are you staying or you are leaving.

Leo who was utterly confused couldn’t say anything. He just picked up his phone and walked out of the house. While Rachael leads Alfred into thier bedroom.

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